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  1. Gambo95

    berwick bandits 2021

    Seems to count at most tracks now unfortunately. Reading updates most passes listed are there or on back straight (Birmingham and Scunthorpe were the same last week when I last checked the updates site).
  2. We thought the same with Leon's exclusion (Nichol warned for moving at the start so surely Leon wasn't the cause of the stoppage). In the re-run he moved again just about sending Aaron through the tapes but the race continued with Aaron being warned. Various dodgy starts including Cook being ready to race about a minute after the 2minutes had elapsed in heat 13 (completely ignoring the start Marshall). Hopefully Berwick don't get allocated this referee much next season as I can remember him being the referee for 3 home defeats this season (possibly more?).
  3. Berwick had a challenge meeting a couple of weeks ago. Hopefully Jason carries on from his heat 15 form from a few weeks ago (agree he hasn't signed).
  4. Missed the announcement as I was waiting for food etc but others said that it would be his last match for Berwick (so possibly doing guest bookings?). Think the four or five Edinburgh fans in front of me did more celebrating than the Berwick fans with the win (didn't think they would cheer on Berwick until I was told it helps them with Berwick winning).
  5. Gambo95

    Edinburgh 2021

    Edinburgh didn't have their original team after replacing Lawson with Rowe? Was said somewhere that Edinburgh new team average would indicate a 2 star rising star due to the team change (someone who knows a lot more than me).
  6. Gambo95

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2020

    Sure Berwick had to use R/R for Leon at Newcastle. Possibly able to use a rising star? Cannot use average from what I remember.
  7. Gambo95

    Glasgow 2021

    Was Craig not racing for Glasgow in 2018 when in the GP's?
  8. Seems to have been a fairly competitive meeting (according to the updates) so hopefully there was a decent crowd (I was at a wedding). Well done Screm, updates team etc and the promotion for filling a fixture gap.
  9. Gambo95

    Eastbourne 2020

    That's more of a problem than the points lost I would say (due to clubs struggling). Poole have an extra away match to pay due to getting no home match against Eastbourne. On the other hand Redcar have had a home match and don't have an away meeting to pay.
  10. Gambo95

    berwick bandits 2021

    I think he was withdrawn with Ablitt (said on twitter). Says about a possible broken rib for Nathan. Hopefully Kyle is ok.
  11. Looks like you are correct according to the Berwick Twitter. Restaging 4th September on website.
  12. Gambo95

    berwick bandits 2021

    Good to see Kyle get a double figure score tonight. Hope he continues that form Saturday night.
  13. What would have happened if let's say the 3 teams each had taken 1 bonus point (from each other), after finishing level on points. Would it have been decided on points difference between the 3 teams or would it be on the overall league table (points difference)? Sorry for the questions.
  14. Gambo95

    berwick bandits 2021

    The last time I looked Miskowiak was 2nd in the Czestochowa averages but still riding at reserve. No thoughts either way about keeping riders at reserve all season.
  15. Is Emil still part of the team? Don't think he has raced for them yet (think I read his son was in for an operation or similar?).

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