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  1. SuperSpeed

    Plymouth speedway

    Good points. I'd overlooked the prospect of Poole moving down. The announcement of Newman returning was of course subject to the parent club's approval, and to us being in a different league to the parent club. If the clubs being in the same league is a sticking point in terms of him riding for Eastbourne though, then I'd suppose the same would apply to Plymouth, if they move up? The points limit issue applies to every signing that's being announced by any team at the moment, in fairness. During the open meeting after the Birmingham fixture, 41 points with a two point minimum and 43 points with a three point minimum were both mentioned as possibilities under discussion, in which case I wouldn't think that would be an issue, but of course what the reality is remains to be seen. Ian Jordan (Director, rather than Promoter) is indeed going to be working with Plymouth, my understanding (which may be entirely wrong!) is that while he'll be working with them it isn't going to be a wholesale move, as four days ago he said the following in a press release on the Eagles website: "...my financial investment in to the club will continue very much unabated as Director, both in financial terms and in the enormous number of man hours which are spent..." Anyhow, I'd certainly like to see Newman back with us next season. His attitude was first class from day one, and we saw some really good rides from him once he'd gotten used to Arlington.
  2. SuperSpeed

    Plymouth speedway

    Newman is already confirmed for Eastbourne next season.
  3. SuperSpeed

    Eastbourne 2019

    Not sure that's correct - it was originally scheduled to be run during the period he was banned, so he was never named in the line up for it.
  4. SuperSpeed

    Big decisions in November.

    That would leave the National League in a sorry state. If two teams move up, and with Cradley and Stoke not running next year, there'd only be four teams left, and two of those would be the 'junior' sides of Leicester and Belle Vue.
  5. Since he moved from reserve to no. 2, Wood has scored 0, 3, 1, 0, and 0 in away meetings. At home he's only ridden twice at 2, scoring 10+2 against Glasgow in the shield semi, and 5 against Redcar in the league. Arguably we're probably better off with R/R away, and given the circumstances of the Glasgow meeting I'm not convinced that it's representative of his ability at home.
  6. SuperSpeed

    Eastbourne 2019

    To be fair, I'd be a bit miffed if I supported a National League side and a Saturday track in the Championship had signed one of our heat leaders halfway through the season. Good to see Charlie Brooks get a go though, hopefully it'll be good experience for him.

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