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  1. I find netweather.tv to be the most accurate, go to rain radar, click animation on, and you'll see exactly where the weather is coming from. It updates every five minutes.
  2. Really pleased that Lindsey won it, he's really progressed over the last two seasons and things are looking up for the Aussies with Max making his mark on the GP series as well.
  3. It's called nous and stamina FT
  4. Certainly looks good on a 500 for a fifteen year old, it'll be good to follow his progress over the next couple of years.
  5. jrs

    E Winner league div 1 2020

    Correct decision , Lyager just went from gate 1 straight to the boards.
  6. jrs

    E Winner league div 1 2020

    Don't tell me Poole have signed Jeppesen please
  7. jrs

    Polish Extraleague 2020

    Steve see R&R post at top of page 255 But no mention of it not being on Premier tonight
  8. The only reason Laguta was so far in front was that the other three kept messing each other up.
  9. Heaven forbid it might be a Poole one two
  10. Give me the Polish commentators any day, and I can't understand a word they say except for surnames
  11. I assume it's for protection in the pits and changing rooms where they mingle closely. They are supposed to be in a bubble I assume to protect the series and Polish League speedway
  12. Best wishes to Adam and a speedy recovery Jonny.
  13. At the moment it looks a cert, as I don't get room service I'd better take a break for tea and hope things are better when I come back !
  14. Thanks DG, looks a good stream
  15. Broc Nicol to win the challenge
  16. At least we can still watch the Lodz match while there messing about in Gorican. I must say I prefer the Polish starting rules, everybody knows exactly where they stand
  17. Getting the best pic on dutch grasstracks Russian link , thanks dutch
  18. I'm getting a better quality pic on freestreams, but I can't get that or maniak to display in full screen, is it the same for everyone else ?
  19. jrs


    You're right Bobbath that short film evokes many memories, I'm a couple of years older but my first memory of speedway was being taken to Brandon in 55 as a treat for passing a scholarship exam and because a lad who rode for the Bees worked with my old man, and I met a few of the riders before and after the match. I haven't got a clue as to who the match was against, but it was an introduction to a mad world of bikes, noise and intoxicating fumes, and then endeavouring to save enough pocket money to get to Brandon as often as possible. One thing I've never forgotten on match nights is dashing to Pool Meadow to catch one of a steady stream of buses that seemed to leave every few minutes and when we left Brandon they would all be lined up in the car park to get us home. I think that definitely Gemini will be the current forumlander who actually started going to speedway the earliest in the forties I believe over seventy years ago. I suppose as kids then we never realised how skint our families were, we never had a car in the family then. My dads transport was a pushbike to get to work, which eventually became a James 98 succeeded by a Lambretta. Our first TV was 1953 for the Cup Final. That was a real day to remember. But the clothing really brought back how hard up we were and how my older brothers clothes were saved for me after he grew out of them and then they were reincarnated for me, plus socks that had been darned so much there was hardly any of the original sock left. But we got by and never knew anything better and accepted what we got. Where I grew up we were surrounded by bombsites until way into the sixties. Many days for breakfast when I was a kid it was a plate of hot melted dripping and big chunks of bread to soak up the fat and tomato ketchup or HP to add some flavour. It was cheap and filling and kept me going till I got back from school when delicious dripping on toast would plonked hot and fresh in front of me, it's a snack I have tried many times to replicate but never managed to get it right, its got to be matured dripping for flavour. Every kitchen in our family always seemed to have a bowl of dripping at the ready. Like these days where we have become educated again to queue for everything outside shops and the doctors and the chemists, you took what you got and never grumbled because we knew nothing better. My dad was a racing fan and occasionally we'd go to the races if he'd had a good win, and on my first visit to Glorious Goodwood in I think 56 I came to realise how real the class structure was in horse racing and in this country when my old man explained to me that we could only go in the cheapest enclosure well away from the best viewing area because the toffs were in the stands. Time I got some breakfast and stopped rambling, now it's fruit and cereals, not bread and fat. Mind as the Chancellor wants to reduce our pensions maybe we'll have to go back to fatted bred for breakfast.
  20. jrs


    Superb, last time I was at Meadowbank was in 1965 I think. I thought it was a fabulous track, but was lost not long after for the Commonwealth games I believe. Wonder if King Jamie was in the crowd that day
  21. jrs

    Corona virus

    Too much time spent in lockdown incarceration in your Viking dungeon I suspect. Even old Gustix is using it as his catch phrase now Whatever happened to the pleasant humourus place that this forum used to be.
  22. Steve I'm sure you must have fond memories of the 2010 play-off final
  23. jrs

    Polish Extraleague 2020

    Despite what Shovvy says
  24. jrs

    Polish Extraleague 2020

    You forgot Whitehall
  25. jrs


    Thanks for that BL, now we know the connection.

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