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  1. Hazzman

    Coventry Stadium Sold

    Up for sell by the liquidator currently. 4 interested parties apparently. I don't think Cov football could play there - ground grading and such. Lack of seats etc.
  2. As much I see pitfalls, it's a good idea in principle if the riders are allocated via a draft and the meeting formats are altered. However, why do we need fast-tracks so quick. The aim should be to achieve this (NL reserves in EL spots) within 3 to 5 years. Why not initially use British riders with say no more than 7 years experience in the EL reserves spots and then British riders with say no more than 4 years experience in the PL. Then as you build towards the final objective.
  3. Going to create a false market as clubs pay sums to get the best of the crop.
  4. Hazzman

    Leicester 2014 . Elite

    Personally feel anyone willing to take the season ticket issue to scc would win very easy. Anywhere off to the Elite. This could be fun.
  5. I think most on here were all in agreement that the level of rider from no.1 to no.6/7 was simply too big in the EL. They have now made it bigger.
  6. Hazzman

    Sky 2014

    BT Sport getting the CL rights is arguably bad news; it leaves league Speedway with realistically one broadcaster to televise it. A broadcaster which can pick and choose it's price now. If Eurosport were interested, they'd have enquired by now but they simply don't have the kit to do it. It's further considering what else SKY can bid for to make the viewers up. They still have a good strangle of most sports at an international level. They can squeeze the lower leagues for more televised football matches. Rugby League is soon due a re-vamp with its structure. Can they hit BT with the market in reference to American Sports...they have NFL and NBA, they may want to increase that to MLB and NHL. There's lots of avenues they can take. Worth noting as well that as an overall company SKY have made massive leaps to monopolise other European sport markets.
  7. Hazzman

    Teams Making The Move Up

    As along there is only 2 main sports broadcasters, the issue will be the same. SKY know that could get Speedway on the cheap now, maybe even for nothing. If there was a serious third broadcaster, there would be a competitor against SKY.
  8. Hazzman

    Teams Making The Move Up

    Ultimately Speedway needs to forgot about Sky and it needs to probably forgot about being televised now. The British League system needs to package itself up better and become something interesting to watch. I always read this EL and PL debate but now it's largely irrelevant. The problems for me stemmed from that the difference between EL no.1 to EL no.6/7 was so much wider than PL no.1 to PL no.6/7. Now forgot about the Sky money, the clubs need to get themselves under financial order and I think as a result, you'd see an EL and a PL with a minimal difference in rider quality. Therefore you open up the possibility of inter-divisional cups and promotion/relegation. All clubs need to take a serious look at their outgoings etc and plan appropriately. If this means a license system with an overlooking body, I am all for it. Sometimes I feel Speedway causes it's self more damaging by trying to keep tracks open for the sake of keeping tracks open.
  9. Hazzman

    Wild Cards 2014

    We would be more likely having the same conversation over and over again actually
  10. Hazzman

    2014 Gp Calendar

    And Parken is used by FC Copenhague and Denmark national football team And Friends Arena is used by AIK Solna and Sweden national football team. Therefore if we are talking a roof, pretty much leaves Torun.
  11. Hazzman

    2014 Gp Calendar

    Good to see they are getting a lot done before the Winter. Would love to see a GP in Berlin. Might even give a meeting worth being excited for. The location of Fredrich-Jahn is superb. It's very near where the Berlin Wall stood, plenty of bars nearby and a massive public (if a little scruffy) park. Transport piece of cake too.
  12. Hazzman

    Fire At Glasgow

    In my experience, it's very common that. No Police action can be taken until the children are 11. Therefore it is very common that the group will be larger including older kids but it's only the young un's which take the rap.
  13. If Emil stayed fit, I think it would have been the best ever series.
  14. Two minor things; although I don't necessarily side with either party. Firstly a qualification system during the season the Championship takes place. Second, the SEC do appear less reliant on red tape (or sums of money) to give the likes of Russia a meeting.
  15. The planning permission and lease was agreed with Beaumont Sports Complex Ltd. They are three directors within that company include DH and two guys based in Bristol. They are essentially responsible. I doubt it. There's logical reasons for why the other parties dropped out.

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