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  1. Hazzman

    Football 2020/21

    Alexa, show me Football
  2. Hazzman

    Football 2020/21

    I don’t think we will make the top 4 sadly. Couldn’t have asked for worst opposition on Tuesday and then it’s out of our hands on the last day failing a Liverpool loss to Burnley. Domestically the lot ! Takes some major effort to go well in the CL with the artificial seeding of coefficients and we got done by Prague in February through know-how of the two legged tie (as we did by Atletico in 2017 - we will beat them some time that’s written).
  3. Hazzman

    Football 2020/21

    Chilwell has made some comments which weren’t particularly wise in the lead up to the match. This lad famously refused to take a throw in at Millwall in a Cup tie. Kante however is a remarkably humble bloke who won us a league title and apparently when we play in London still pops into the team hotel to say hello. Anyway, what a day. What a honour to be there. What a winner. The emotions were raw - people in floods of tears. We’ve done the lot now, might as well fold the club.
  4. Hazzman

    Football 2020/21

    Be cheering on Man U tonight like my own club
  5. Hazzman

    Leicester Lions 2021

    Understand the closure of tickets at a certain time but utterly mad about keeping you the same area. Non League in September/October you were allowed to wander - Beaumont Park is 85% open air.
  6. Hazzman

    Football 2020/21

    Subject to a negative test in a weeks time, I will be one of the Leicester supporting Guinea pigs at the Cup Final!
  7. Hazzman

    Football 2020/21

    They have an approx £250 million financial gap. Largely it’s unfortunate because they’d have hosted Anthony Joshua, NFL, Saracens and other events. Personally I think they’ve made some really poor decisions in regards to their playing staff.
  8. Hazzman

    Football 2020/21

    The latter part of that l bunch once provided four players for the England team. McLintock is a sore point - when he became manager he was a disaster.
  9. Hazzman

    Football 2020/21

    The Times seems to think they will put Mourinho on gardening leave, so they just put his wages in the same manner as the norm and hope he finds a new employer. Nagelsmann to take the role. Really Spurs should be taking more stick - they furloughed a number of staff and then took out a loan with the Bank of England. All whilst signing Bale on a ridiculous loan agreement and now appearing they want to rid of their manager. Financially they appear a basket case
  10. Hazzman

    Football 2020/21

    The Leicester team in the 70s saw our longest spell in the top flight. Big reputation as entertainers
  11. Hazzman

    Football 2020/21

    Yep, we are lack the energy right now with pretty much no attacking craft left. Under completely flattering to deceive. Feel for Tielemans, I don’t think he’s had a rest all season
  12. Hazzman

    Football 2020/21

    Maddison next on the injury list for us. That's Justin, Morgan, Fofana, Maddison, Praet and Perez now out with N'Didi, Pereira, Castagne and Vardy all at different stages of recovery.
  13. Hazzman

    Football 2020/21

    I don’t know we are keeping this up at the moment. Legs and injuries gotta start to tell at some point but the reality is that everyone is similar and we got benefitted from that today with Grealish out
  14. Hazzman

    Football 2020/21

    Quite happily take that - tactics of damage limitation for 75 minutes until the equaliser. We did keep their chances to a minimum. Some performance by NDidi today - I think if he didn’t already feel it, he made Thiago feel very old
  15. Hazzman

    Football 2020/21

    Absolute heartbreaking news at Leicester. James Justin tore his ACL on Wednesday night. No England call up for the lad. Season over.

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