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  1. davie10

    Glasgow 2022

    how much do you think is a fair price ? basically you are getting one meeting free
  2. davie10

    Glasgow 2022

    you recon glasgow dont pay ?
  3. davie10

    Glasgow 2022

    riders go where the money is thats the facts these days
  4. had his chance time to move on worst thing the did was loose stuart if they had let him run the team properly then he would have done what he did at Leicester when he was aloud to do his own thing . we all know who is the real team manager at glasgow not the puppet
  5. davie10

    King's Lynn v Ipswich 05/07/21

    half an hour to run one heat ffs no wonder people are getting fed up with it
  6. davie10

    Is anyone losing interest

    fed up with it long time ago same old rubbish getting served at inflated prices , i have still to was a match on telly all the way through without either turning over or falling asleep
  7. why is this not on tv are eurosport only doing a couple of meetings a month ?
  8. davie10

    Redcar v Glasgow 13th June

    need to bring in connor as they are carrying one reserve and you will never win anything with weak reserves
  9. davie10

    Redcar v Glasgow 13th June

    no doubt sedgeman will rattle in the points for his first team tonight
  10. davie10

    Redcar v Glasgow 13th June

    this type of match should be on eurosport to promote the sport so far the first two meetings i have yet to see all the way through as i fell asleep during both , the sound of bikes does that to me lol but if its good i will stay awake
  11. davie10

    Redcar v Glasgow 13th June

    he is starting to get back to form he will be better yet with a few more meetings
  12. davie10

    Redcar v Glasgow 13th June

    over the two legs glasgow showed they are the better team but need to get connor back in as he will score a lot better than smith
  13. davie10

    Connor Bailey

    glasgow would be crazy not to use him

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