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  1. Cheers pal, I got some standing ones when they were released the other week.
  2. Will Premier sports show this if it goes ahead tonight?
  3. Booyaa

    Premiership Play-Off Ties CONFIRMED

    http://www.wolverhampton-speedway.com/news.php?extend.3408 Announcement from Wolves. All very odd.
  4. Booyaa

    Playoff dates

    So MONDAY SEPT 27: Wolverhampton v Peterborough 1st LegTHURSDAY SEPT 30: Sheffield v Belle Vue 1st LegMONDAY OCTOBER 4: Peterborough v Wolverhampton 2nd LegTHURSDAY OCTOBER 7: Belle Vue v Sheffield 2nd Leg
  5. More tickets released for sale today. Standing tickets.
  6. Thanks PirateShip. Would appreciate two tickets for this also if anyone is looking to sell. My son would love to go now he is getting so much into speedway. Cheers
  7. Too true! Been going to Wolves recently as living down there but good to get to see Monarchs again.
  8. Looking forward to this, first Edinburgh meeting since they were at Powderhall for me and Les Collins was riding!
  9. Booyaa

    Welcome to the new forum.

    Evening all. Joined as interested to read more now I have returned to speedway after many years away. Been going to Wolverhampton and also been to Leicester. Will get to Edinburgh when up to see the old dear in summer. Good to be here.
  10. Looked a sore one from Tai, hopefully it won't affect him too much.

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