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  1. FromBendThree

    Championship Streaming Channel

    One suspects the price of a match will be near to the cost of stadium admission. That would make sense. You still save on travel, cost of programme and cost of warm beer and cold chips.
  2. FromBendThree

    Speedway Apprenticeships

    Yes you are right about what the course covered. It is a pity that someone called it an apprenticeship when it wasn't. It gave people totally the wrong impression. Don't get me wrong, I think what Poultec did was excellent and very valuable for the riders but it was never intended as an entry-point for young speedway riders; more a way of teaching the lads business, fitness etc. But it was never - and wasn't intended to be - an apprenticeship. Eastbourne wrote about Tom Brennan and Jason Edwards at Poultec in one of their flying high magazines last winter.
  3. FromBendThree

    Speedway Apprenticeships

    They were widely called apprenticeships but they were not apprenticeships in the official use of the word. You won't find a speedway apprenticeship on the government website, for example. They were really diplomas in speedway business skills. Yes, they learned a bit on track but the whole purpose was to help the youngsters with running their own business - not how to ride a speedway bike fast.
  4. FromBendThree


    It appears to be a Ltd which makes it a private limited company. That doesn't make it a PLC A PLC designates a company that has offered shares of stock to the general public. The buyers of those shares have limited liability. Meaning, they cannot be held responsible for any business losses in excess of the amount they paid for the shares.
  5. FromBendThree


    Which shows the ending is Ltd not plc
  6. FromBendThree

    Glasgow 2022

    SpeedwayGB website shows last Glasgow home match on August 5. Leaves room for cup progress and play offs. One imagines Glasgow will challenge for honours in all competitions.
  7. FromBendThree

    Kent 2022

    Told the new promotion ditched the club's long-serving programme editor and press officer. Is that true? Why?
  8. FromBendThree

    Edinburgh 2022

    OK, let me know of one great bit of creativity and innovation in 2021 from your volunteers which reached people who had never heard of speedway before. AND, most importantly, how successful was it? That means, in plain language, how many new fans did it bring into the stadium and what was the retention rate?
  9. FromBendThree

    Edinburgh 2022

    That's a fair point. I will watch with interest to see what these volunteers come up with to reach a new audience. At the moment they are only reaching the current (dying) audience. Perhaps you will enlighten us to what their plans are to reach all the people who have never heard of speedway and persuade them to give it a go.
  10. FromBendThree

    Edinburgh 2022

    Team reveal doesn't need a great deal of creativity when your are talking to your own fans. Just tell 'em what the team is. Reserve the creativity/skill for reaching a new audience. What Edinburgh did and others is the wrong focus.
  11. FromBendThree

    Edinburgh 2022

    They didn't get it on SPOTY but they did get it on BBC Breakfast and quite a lengthy piece to. Team GB got their message across.
  12. FromBendThree

    Edinburgh 2022

    Yes, well received by Edinburgh fans but the message did not reach the hundreds of thousands of non-speedway fans who live within easy reach of the track. They need to think about growing their business.
  13. FromBendThree

    Edinburgh 2022

    Exactly my point, if you look through the thread. A team reveal can be straightforward. Be creative, inventive, innovative and come up with content which will get a buy-in from non speedway fans. It was not time well spent by Edinburgh and all the other teams who have done similar things.
  14. FromBendThree

    Edinburgh 2022

    In my original post, in which I criticised Edinburgh, my ire was directed at the club for not addressing the key issue of reaching potential new fans. All they were doing was talking to existing fans where, in fact, "a wee article on their website would have sufficed", as long as social media was used to support. In effect, they have not moved forward and nor has any club, as far as I can see, in addressing the issue.
  15. FromBendThree

    Edinburgh 2022

    There's too much 'amateur hour' about British speedway which is supposed to be a professional sport. Sends totally the wrong message; or, in fact, any message at all to those it needs to reach. Monarchs are not alone in all this self-praise of their 'innovative thinking' when all it shows is a weak and poor marketing strategy.

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