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  1. Phil

    How long are new members moderated

    5 post if I remember
  2. Phil

    Russia @ bet365

    Worth a bet on Russia @ bet365 for tonight to win ?
  3. Phil

    Speedway Museum Online

    Duplicate. Topic lockec
  4. Phil


    Test test
  5. Phil

    Forum update

    User / Display NamesUsernames and display names have been merged in Invision Community. Username will now be shown.
  6. Phil

    Forum update

    Hi, The forum will run slow for the next 24 hours while update are run in the background. Yes it very different but is needed to get latest security updates.
  7. Phil

    Poole 2018

    Time out to cool down Time out to cool down
  8. Please be careful what you post. The outcome will be decided in November
  9. Rubbish post removed. apologise if it included some genuine posts but you may have quoted the rubbish as well in your post. Gutted for TG. Had not realised he how bad and still in pain.
  10. Agree, but on the other hand it could be fixed up to be a cracking meeting! Invite all your sponsors and get them to invite all there sponsors and so on. Your local Councillors & lord mayor, press, keeley donovan can sort the weather out! etc.
  11. He isn't going to say in public if he wanted to loose is he! Sheffield were on Look North BBC news trying to promote the meeting. Lets hope there is big crowd and great racing! for the spectators who don't know what is going on.
  12. Hi the forum will be offline for up to an hour later today for urgent maintenance thank you
  13. Our BSF sponsors, Travelplus Tours have added an exciting Polish Speedway experience for the European Final and Polish League Play offs..... www.speedwaytours.co.uk http://speedwaytours.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/european-championship-final.pdf www.speedwaytours.co.uk
  14. A request from Skid Sprocket Do You Want Attendance Figures At Speedway Meetings Publicised?
  15. Phil

    Sky To Pull Out.

    Might have already been said but i think you can cancel sky but use the free sky sat card and still pay for BT sport on it. You won't get the sky + record facilty though.
  16. Phil

    Coventry 2017

    You can at least double that amount required if not triple it! It would be much more financially viable to start again in a different location.
  17. Phil

    New Registration

    New account registration have been suspended for the time being. Fed up and Tired.
  18. Phil

    Coventry 2017

    https://audioboom.com/posts/5337649-jeremy-heaver-interview-bbc-c-w?t=0 Interview with Jeremy heaver
  19. Phil

    Coventry 2017

    Press Release By Coventry Stox, Nov 29 2016 01:50PM We are disappointed that Mick Horton has decided to issue a statement that infers he is shocked and unaware of the current removal of our property from the Coventry Stadium site whilst on holiday. He knew as he has been in touch with us, with many others in speedway numerous times every day by text and e mail until 2.15pm yesterday when we received a e-mail from his lawyer that he would not be proceeding with the agreement. Mick has also told his riders that he would understand if they decided to race elsewhere and we have always known and now confirmed that he had no intention of racing next year. We will be making a full statement in due course. http://www.coventrystox.com/news/4588148117
  20. Hi, Direct Member registration has been disabled temporarily. Users can still register via facebook for the time being. Phil
  21. Any news on the track with all the rain we have had ? What are the rules are rain offs ? e.g do they have to get to 16 heats or just toss a coin!

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