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  1. AndyM

    Tai Woffinden's Outburst

    Wasn't gettinng at you, TO. It was about those who were upbraiding him, plus the hint that he should be more subservient. Agree totally with you.
  2. AndyM

    Tai Woffinden's Outburst

    Do we really live in an age where riders should bite their tongues for fear of reprisals? Tai's comments go to the heart of the debate about the place of British speedway in the world and our support of young riders. They should be discussed openly, not shouted down.
  3. AndyM

    Tai Woffinden's Outburst

    While the comments might be seen as tactless and biting the hand that has fed him to date, he's telling the truth. Uncomfortable reading for many within British speedway, for sure, but there's absolutely no doubt that British speedway has not developed riders to break through to the top ranks and that fostering the careers we do have should be top priority, not least to encourage all other young & talented riders to come here. The big question is why our authorities still choose to stick their heads in the sand and ignore the fact that we develop riders from other countries in preference to our own.
  4. AndyM

    Speedway On The Bbc

    Sent a lengthy comment. Hope it makes its way past the pre-moderation stage!
  5. AndyM

    Dave Robinson

    Not having seen this match I can't comment on those decisions, but while an individual decision can be appealed, is there any option for clubs or riders or fans to feed back to the SCB to have a ref put on observation in the light of consistently bad decisions?
  6. AndyM

    Paul Hurry

    Ah yes. I mentioned the demise of the pub trade (most of them already do food, remember, and barely survive as it is.) Should also have mentioned the end of independent brewery and distillery businesses as we know them. Amen.
  7. AndyM

    Paul Hurry

    No, I'm saying a lot of libertarians will quote that argument. Ask Sir Humph as a demonstration of that point. I'm merely playing devil's advocate. Somewhat surprised nobody has commented on this really key point. It's easy to be puritannical about alcohol, but this economic argument would defeat any such proposal at a stroke in reality, even before the tax revenue were taken into account. Can you imagine the impact if pubs ceased to exist?
  8. AndyM

    Paul Hurry

    Think the most substantial opposition to a total could come from the pub industry, since coming on top of the smoking ban it would just about kill off country pubs altogether if people having to drive to them were not allowed to drink any alcohol. It simply would not happen - would be suicidal for any government.
  9. AndyM

    Paul Hurry

    I suspect the majority of British drivers may disagree with you and some may even flout the law to demonstrate their opposition to any zero tolerance policy on the grounds of personal freedom - at least in the short-term (cultural behaviours take time to change.)
  10. AndyM

    Paul Hurry

    In 2002 it seems 89% of drink driving offenders were male. http://www.brake.org.uk/facts/drink-driving
  11. AndyM

    Paul Hurry

    Were the trend not being towards keeping non-violent offenders out of prison, you would not have been surprised if Hurry had not been jailed for being three times over the limit. Wonder if he had any mitigating circumstances that caused the judge to reduce his sentence?
  12. AndyM

    Paul Hurry

    There was a proposal that may or may not resurface after the election to reduce the drink drive limit by more than half. That is, for most people less than a pint of beer would be the most you could drink before you got caught. Not sure if there would be any crackdown with additional testing etc., but how would you feel about the prospect of being prosecuted after just one drink?
  13. AndyM

    Track Lengths

    Although i never went to Wimbledon, I do recall the start and finish lines being in different places, though why that would make it the only legal speedway track i can't imagine. Getting back to the question, we now have far too many tiny tracks and not enough of the big, wide open spaces. A couple of tracks the length and width of Hyde Road with multiple riding lines would improve speedway dramatically IMO!
  14. An idle thought: if Hyde Road, Manchester, was still home to speedway (I still dream of it to this day!) what might the track record now be, given that machinery is considerably faster? As I recall the final record was 66.4, shared by Chris Morton and Erik Gundersen, though when I started going it was still held by Ivan Mauger at 69.6. Still remember fondly the great day in July, 1976 when PC knocked 2.4 seonds off the record in one go - I was trembling for the whole evening after that!!
  15. You would get bored in no time, and so would the new fans turning up for the first time, more to the point. Good racing, a close finish and everyone goes home happy, and comes back for more.
  16. We've had this debate before on several occasions. It's relative, isn't it? Depends what entertainment is on offer and what the alternatives are. The more value it adds, the more a proportion of people will be willing to pay to see an evening out at the speedway. When I think back to the days when I watched speedway at Hyde Road, we might have seen 22 races of the very highest quality, frequently finished off with fireworks. Arguably the relative value of a match in those days is £25 in today's money!!
  17. AndyM

    Barbara Horley

    That's good, surely? There was a programme of novice racing in the second half too...
  18. AndyM

    Barbara Horley

    It was the much-maligned Margaret Vardy in charge for the Panthers-Pirates clash last Friday. Actually she did a pretty decent job - no mistakes and she kept the meeting moving at a brisk pace.
  19. Quality of racing every time.
  20. AndyM

    Kelly Moran

    Does anyone know exactly what Kelly died of? I've seen it said he had an "illness" but no more detail than that.
  21. AndyM

    Paul Fry

    I'm shocked and saddened at Paul Fry's sudden death. This will unite speedway fans, riders, managers and promoters in grief. Thoughts with his family. RIP
  22. If you were looking for the BSPA and found this, you might just think it not inappropriate
  23. AndyM

    Bspa Website

    Sorry, Badge, didn't realise you were into horses!
  24. AndyM

    Postive News For Brummies

    The planning permission for a sporting venue is never granted in perpetuity - there will always be reviews built in. Where there is a break in use of the facilities the club would have to re-apply anyway, but then the planning committee at the council are free to levy whatever terms and conditions they like. The same applies whenever there is any significant change in the facilities (eg. building a new stand, pits etc.)
  25. AndyM


    You could still have lots of youngsters from Dagenham wanting to enter the sport, even if there was no Dagenham speedway for them to learn at!!

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