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  1. Matousek

    Betting For Whole Season

    I cant see any bets on ladbrokes too?
  2. Matousek

    Betting For Whole Season

    I do 'matched betting', which is guaranteed profits whatever the outcome, generally on football or the horses. Can you do well betting on speedway results never done it on that. There is 'virtual speedway' you can bet at bookies ive seen lately!
  3. Good job lamberts not riding, id expect a defeat then!, and i suppose nelson will be riding which he should score a few, i think sheffield will be out myself, .
  4. Good rider, too track dependant, didnt expect much from him there, will get a max at owlerton. Counts for nowt when rest are crap, has proved v bears!
  5. Good god, how sheffield lose by that much against a tottaly weakend rye side i dont know, i wouldnt even be that confident they cant win by that much at owlerton has the reserves are terrible. Shocking performance except wells, who is much better away than at owlerton!
  6. Matousek

    Saving Speedway

    Tbh i dont think anything will save it. Theres big shops closing down due to the reccession, and i cannot see such a tiny majority thing like speedway surviving in this day and age. I havent been to any match since mid 2009 so cannot comment actual crowd levels, however from what you read and hear they sound poor. Would i return, never at £15 ive got more things to spend it on now so dont ever envisage going back, its totally unafordable so tinkering with rules will do nothing imo.
  7. Matousek

    Speedway In Crisis

    I dont really comment on here now has i dont attend but just read and look at the results. I havent been since june 2009 to any match and tbh i doubt i will be again, largely due to the cost. From seeing the matches on sky, speedway certainly in this country it seems its finished. I think with the financial crisis and things going up, well it looks like speedway is finished, its a shame but i cannot see it ever recovering now. Should have persued the honda engine in 1998, short sightedness has caught up eventually!
  8. Matousek

    Swc Final Line Ups

    Hmm was the big engines wheeled out when things wernt going to plan?
  9. Give me greg hancock and leigh adams (as 2 examples) anyday, instead of him. Would you see them behave like him?. Mind they are/ were just a bit better than him
  10. Tbh i cant stand people like him. Thinks hes better than he is, i dont mind a bit of cockyness from some and if they do what they say then fair enough. However he imo is overated, and with that attitude well wont go far, typical british!
  11. Fair comment then. Sorry thought you meant tonights track. Craig watson wasnt so slow that night though
  12. I rate grieves in gating situations, best gater in pl imo, and it showed in wet conditions. Knew parker wouldnt like wet, remeber 2004 plrc
  13. Well done glasgow, gonna do a 1994 league and cup?
  14. Matousek

    Riders' Fall-out

    Got that on dvd, 1993.
  15. Classic, wilson was just has bad then, used to hate him thought he was a dirty get had hammill off too. 2nutcases but 1993 nrc was when i remeber to the day

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