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  1. mitchf

    Alcohol At Cardiff

    Pretty much like this thread
  2. mitchf

    Alcohol At Cardiff

    I live North of Hadrians Wall and I am still 60 miles south of the border I know that the North East Assembly have been talking to the Scottish Parliament about closer ties but I didnt think it had happened... yet!
  3. mitchf

    Alcohol At Cardiff

    I am English and support the Danes over the English every year. I support Nicki, Kenneth and Bjarne (when he was in the GP) as I was lucky enough to be able to watch and meet them many times when they rode for Newcastle. I was waving a Danish flag on Saturday and booing Scott Nicholls but never had a problem with anyone around me, got a few wry smiles from a number of people and evryone had a good laugh, that is how it is supposed to be. I cant ever remember watching Scott race other than in the GPs, has he ever been this far north?
  4. Rooms are available now at GBP 150 per night.
  5. My list so far: Belle Vue (Hyde Road) Belle Vue (Kirky Lane) Berwick (Berrington Lough) Berwick (Shielfield Park) Boston Bradford (Odsal) Buxton Canterbury Cardiff Coventry Cradley Heath Crayford Eastbourne Edinburgh (Armadale) Edinburgh (Powderhall) Ellesmere Port Exeter Glasgow (Blantyre 1) Glasgow (Blantyre 2) Hackney Halifax Isle of Wight Kings Lynn Long Eaton Middlesbrough (Cleveland Park) Mildenhall Milton Keynes (Groveway) Newcastle Newport (Queensway) Oxford Paisley Peterborough Poole Reading Rye House Scunthorpe (Ashby Ville) Sheffield Somerset Stoke Swindon Trelawney Wembley White City Wimbledon Wolverhampton Workington Foreign tracks: Katowice (Poland) Los Angeles Collosium (USA) Marketa (Czech) Norden (Germany Parken (Copenhagen) Ullevi (Sweden) Indoor: NEC Birmingam Telford Wembley Arena And the rest: Chasewater (Longtrack) Felton (Training Track)
  6. This was my 3rd trip to the GP in Prague and had the best time yet, still trying to recover from it! Arrived on Thursday afternoon with easyJet and took the bus/metro to our appartment near Namsti Republicky. It cost GBP 25 each per night and was ideally located, you can see it here: http://www.hotelsprague.cz/truhlarska. Lots of beer before, during and after the speedway but avoided Wenceslas Square and the Old Town Square. Favoutite bars are Double Trouble on the lane from the Old Town Square to Wenceslas Sq, The Bombay Cocktail Bar and El Mojitto on Drouha, cant remember any others! Did anyone notice the Danish flag with Newcastle written through the middle at the top of the flag pole nearest to the second bend? That was us! Had fun and loads of beer on Saturday night standing on the back straight with all of the Poles. Especially liked the game they played of pulling our flag down but it was soon back up again, until the police noticed what was happening and had a quiet word. Spoke fluent Polish by the end but can t remember a word now.

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