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  1. chopper34

    Large Size/ Fat Boy Kevlars For Sale Brand New

    Hi, are these still for sale? Any chance of some pictures? Thanks Mike
  2. chopper34

    Nz Gp Streaming

    Please could someone send this link to me also? many thanks.
  3. chopper34

    World Under 21 Championship?

    Thanks Anders. Do you know where someone from the other side of the world can follow these results? Thanks alot.
  4. Hi, Can anyone give me info on 2006 world under 21 championship, qualifying rounds. When, where and who? Websites with info please? Many thanks.
  5. chopper34

    New Zealand 2005-06

    Jason Bunyan is once again NZ Champ!
  6. chopper34

    New Zealand 2005-06

    Phil is apparently not racing the rest of the tour. NZ champs are being held right now and I will be doing my best to provide current updates as the meeting progresses, one round is complete and details will be posted here http://speedwaybikes.co.nz/forum/viewtopic.php?p=636#636
  7. chopper34

    New Zealand 2005-06

    Quick results from Rosebank Rd, internationals golden helmet 15/01/06 here http://speedwaybikes.co.nz/forum/viewtopic.php?p=549#549
  8. chopper34

    New Zealand 2005-06

    Quick results from pairs meeting waikaraka 13/01/06 herehttp://speedwaybikes.co.nz/forum/viewtopic.php?t=154
  9. chopper34

    New Zealand 2005-06

    Results from Internationals at Waikaraka park can be found here: http://speedwaybikes.co.nz/forum/viewtopic.php?t=148 Overall points to date can be found here: http://speedwaybikes.co.nz/forum/viewtopic.php?t=150 And will have updates from the pairs meeting at Rosebank today directley after the meeting available here: http://speedwaybikes.co.nz/forum/viewtopic.php?t=151 Chopper
  10. chopper34

    New Zealand 2005-06

    Results from round 4 Nelson overall points. Overall standings on points was. 1st P Morris 26 Pts 2nd J Bunyan 24 Pts 3rd S Cox 14 Pts 4th F Sitera 12 Pts 5th D Heyward 12 Pts 6th D Tessari 11 Pts 7th A Bargh 8 Pts 8th M Carpenese 3 Pts 9th A Aldridge 2 Pts (reserve)
  11. chopper34

    New Zealand 2005-06

    Hi All, We will be keeping results as best possible on NZ Speedwaybikes website Most of the results will be found initially in the forum section until official results are made available for us to publish. Was a good night of racing in Nelson last night.
  12. chopper34

    NZ Speedway

    Waikaraka results Taken from http://aucklandspeedway.co.nz/xurl/PageID/...fo/content.html The Sunday News International Solo troupe raced for the Ssangyong Gold Cup Championship. Glen Phillips (England) was unbeaten on the night. The crowd were appreciative of the skills shown on the BullRing and were treated to a couple of great races. After the first three rounds of competition Glen Phillips had a maximum possible nine points. New Zealand Champion Jason Bunyon had seven points, Lukas Dryml (Czech Republic) scored six points, one more than Italian Simone Terenzani. Terenzani looked a far better rider than his 5 points suggested. Two New Zealand hot to trot for the future youngsters scored 3 points each in their first three rides. In such exalted company neither Andrew Bargh nor Dean Wallace could be considered make up the numbers material. They were genuine contenders in most races, although Bargh, from Palmerston North, had a couple of spins. Hungarian Atilla Steffani had a troubled time and failed to get to grips with the difficult BullRing running off the track in several races. Sam Taylor had a miserable points score of 1 point in three rides but he came right in the semi and qualified for the A-Final only to take a tumble in the big race. Jason Bunyon drew loud applause from the knowledgeable gallery when he took a tumble in one of the heats. El Capitaine, Captain Perfect, the natural leader of the Pack makes very few errors and to fall was such a rare occurrence the fans took great delight in giving the popular and entertaining Englishman the raspberry. Lucas Dryml won the B-Final from Bargh and Wallace. The Gisborne rider Dean Wallace had a fantastic semi when he battled hard for the lead but was eventually pressured back into third place, late in the race, by his more experienced International rivals. It will come as no surprise when one of the two Kiwis actually take a win against riders in the Troupe. 10_0010 Phillips won the A-Final from Jason Bunyon, who tried the whole way. Simone made one a mistake, and one is too many, and couldn't make up the ground on the leaders. He finished third. Quick time of the night for 4 laps of the BullRing was 52.62 secs.
  13. results from gisborne found herehttp://www.gisbornespeedway.co.nz/Review_04-07.htm
  14. chopper34

    NZ Speedway

    Wellington has been re-scheduled for the 28th Jan Quick results from Rosebank 09/01/05 best pairs 1st Glen Phillips and Andrew Aldridge 2nd Attila Stefani and Sean Cox 3rd Simone Terrenzani and Andrew Bargh http://www.speedwaybikes.co.nz/forum/viewtopic.php?p=79#79 Chopper34
  15. Wellington has been rescheduled for 28th Jan Those results are from Gisborne. Quick results from Rosebanke 09/01 Best Pairs 1st Glen Phillips and Andrew Aldridge 2nd Attila Stefani and Sean Cox 3rd Simone Terrenzani and Andrew Bargh results here http://www.speedwaybikes.co.nz/forum/viewtopic.php?p=79#79

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