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  1. DAVEK

    Sheffield 2018

    There are nearly enough blank Thursday's to ride home and way twice this season. Turning out to be a bit of a 'part time' season coming up ...
  2. DAVEK

    Sheffield 2018

    We need to keep Steady and let him' double up'
  3. DAVEK

    Sheffield 2018

    SHEFFIELD Tigers will have a third new face in the team next season after signing James Shanes
  4. Nice of the promotion to pre warn that season tickets weren't valid. Also how come other TV meetings offer £10 admission?
  5. DAVEK

    Sheffield 2017

    Josh G confirmed on Somerset website that he has chipped bone in his back
  6. Rode for Sheffield a few weeks ago
  7. Scott Nichols just announced as guest replacement for Josh G
  8. No Branford on Thursday night. According to Rye House, they have priority on his services......Great
  9. DAVEK

    Sheffield 2017

    Probably riding one of Jim Airey's old Jawa's
  10. DAVEK

    Sheffield 2017

    There is no way Sheffield will be picking up what's left to make a team. Wouldn't be at all surprised if the team is already sorted....
  11. DAVEK

    Sheffield 2017

    Check the BSPA final average listing. It states.. Sissis Arthur Sheffield 3.79 (5.00) along with other Europeans. Presumably for 2017 team building, he is classed as a 5.00
  12. DAVEK

    Sheffield 2017

    Could be no room for Sissis either. Looks like he's saddled with a 5 point average for 2017 according to BSPA listing
  13. Rather have Garrity than Boocock
  14. DAVEK

    Tigers Vs Panthers - 28/7/16

    Hope the forecasted rain holds off

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