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  1. And then they wonder why they lost money.....
  2. The only riders currently effected by Wednesdays are Danish riders, who don't ride every week anyway. If the Thursday night went ahead as planned with the ridiculous idea of Thursday Championship clubs riding and taking priority there would be an even bigger problem. As I've said before, a 2nd division should never take priority over the top division. It's absolute criminal that after last night Belle Vue winning at Somerset they now go to Swindon without Craig Cook who is riding for Glasgow.
  3. There has been loads of times when nobody has ridden though. Fixed race nights makes it much easy for planning as there is no need to check rider availability.
  4. All this talk next season of 'one big league' will be an embarresment when half the fixtures aren't run. I know the Easter period was a right off because of the snow and aftermath, but with the summer we have had there is no excuse at all. Fixed race nights should only have helped the cause for rider availability so it is an absolute joke to be scrambling to fit fixtures in right now before the cut off.
  5. It'd be within Poole's interest that Kings Lynn make the play offs I expect, seen as they've battered them recently at Wimborne Road. I always thought of you as being a decent poster until recently where you've posted some absolute nonsense to dig at Poole/Matt Ford.
  6. What's your twitter name then??
  7. There was an interesting quote from Tai Woffinden last night who said "if it's raining we can't race in that, but once it's stopped we can get on with it" or words to that effect. That seems totally logical and understandable so I wonder why it isn't adopted in league racing very often.
  8. Have a good'un mate - I hope the tide isn't in though!!
  9. You call it entertaining, I'd find it embarrassing.
  10. Najjer

    Premiership Most Improved Rider 2018

    Jack Holder for me. Gone from a run of the mill second string to an established top line heat leader. What a signing he's been.
  11. Najjer

    Somerset v Wolves 08/08/18

    Should be a relatively easy Rebels win this one. They should murder Wolves at reserve too. 52-38 for me.
  12. Najjer

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    Great signing.
  13. Najjer

    Poole 2018

    Not at Poole, no....
  14. Quite true - but there was confusion as to whether he would of joined on his PL average to date, his start of season PL average or a Championship conversion. Once that was finally established, he didn't fit.
  15. Najjer

    Swindon Robins 2019

    Dear god... please don't close Swindon....
  16. Najjer

    Race for the Top 4

    People can say what they like about Speedway about it dying on it's arse and poor standard of riders etc etc... but when was the last time the top division was so open? Who knows who will make the top 4 and in what order. Has to be the most open season for many a year. Somerset are the only team to remain unbeaten at home but even then have dropped points in a draw. The next few weeks of the season should be brilliant.
  17. People saying Batchelor just had a bad night. To me, he just looked like he couldn't be bothered half the time - especially when he was at the back. Pulled on the centre green before roaring off into the pits. Rosco was right the first time when he said about poor attitudes.
  18. Najjer

    Poole should be docked points and fined

    People crying that the environment agency should be imposing fines on Poole is just about the most stupid thing I've read on this forum I think. Have they not realised what sport they are following ffs? I dislike Poole as much as the next person but talk about desperate jibes....
  19. I wouldn't like to guess, but I got to the track about 7:15 and was queued back onto the main road as there was so many people going in. I don't think I can ever recall that happening before. The 2nd field was packed too which is always a good indicator of a good crowd. Genuine food for thought, I wonder what the crowd would of been like on a Friday? I would make a guess at smaller because I bet half the people wouldn't of travelled with the usual school holiday Friday night traffic headache on the M5.
  20. Absolutely. That was how Speedway should be last night. A massive crowd, without doubt the biggest of the season so far - so much so I ventured to the back straight to view as my usual spot was packed. Meeting ran through perfectly without needless delays. Even with an interval after heat 12 the meeting was Finished by 9 o'clock. As I've also said previously, that is the best I've seen the track prepared this season too. Great stuff.
  21. Please do. Bellego has to be on the Somerset wish list for 2019. He's mustard at the OTA as proven again tonight.
  22. ....and back to the top of the league we go, and still the only team undefeated at home in the league!
  23. It was watered but not 'wet' as such. It was the best condition I've seen the track in all season in fact.
  24. He was absolutely dire. No fight whatsoever. As soon as he went to the back he pulled up onto the centre green, waited for the race to finish and then sped back to the pits. Absolute pathetic and I'd of been livid if I was a Swindon supporter and travelled to watch him. Bellego, Musielak (in his final 3 rides) and Tungate were good for Swindon. The heat 15 ride from Tungate was right out of the top drawer to pass what looked like an undefeatable Jack Holder. Holder was in breathtaking form, ably backed up by just about all of the Rebels team, Covatti especially who is proving to be an inspired signing.
  25. Najjer

    Flying laps.

    Even most bog standard go-kart tracks have sensors now for recording lap times. They are cheap as chips to buy and install.

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