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  1. That might add up as I saw he was allegedly trying to sell his Peterborough race suit on Facebook too
  2. I thought Tungate was at Lodz too?
  3. As far as I can remember from a few years ago, he lived in Manchester for the duration of the speedway season and then returned home to Australia during our winter.
  4. So a Polish translation: PROFESSIONS INTERRUPTED! Speedway riders will not go today. PGE Ekstraliga will make further decisions.
  5. Jack Holder was one of my favourite riders ever to watch at Somerset, but he looks better than ever based on tonight’s showing. He could be a real trump card for Gorzow now they have picked him up, and Iversen comes back in for Wozniak.
  6. Michelson clattered into his handlebars, so pretty harsh on Miedzinski in my opinion. Lambert is going to be a busy boy I think
  7. Harsh on Miedzinski that - classic all 4 back that.
  8. Think you are a couple of weeks ahead of yourselves! ——— Last chance saloon for NKI tomorrow? With Gorzow signing Jack Holder he will be chomping at the bit to get into the side I’m sure.
  9. That's after signing on fees, sponsorship and endorsements too. Speedway riders do alright for themselves that's for sure.
  10. Football is multi billion-pound industry, that's why. Speedway isn't close to being a fraction of that.
  11. Najjer

    Poole Pirates 2020

    By the way, how good do the Poole racesuits look? Top job whoever designed them.
  12. Miedzinski is effectively “doubling up” with Rybnik. He has featured in their first match but scored 0. I think I’m right in saying Zengota is still ‘injured’ after a quite serious ankle injury and is ruled out for the whole of this season at the very least.
  13. Basically the same last week when Fricke and Bewley failed to score. Pretty sure the reserve did last week too. They’ve got a Chris Holder sized hole for sure in their team.
  14. He certainly stepped it up in the second half of the meeting, shame for Gorzow’s sakes that he had no back up. What a fantastic meeting. I’ve enjoyed nearly every meeting so far but this was right up there as being the pick of the bunch
  15. That’s correct - I’m glad he’s now got a Rybnik race suit as it would of been abit embarrassing wearing his Gorzow one he had on last week against Gorzow
  16. If ever you needed proof that you don’t need an overtake for it to be a great race, that was it. What a ride from the young Pole against his old club.
  17. Difficult one to call that - I actually think Woryna has got past him and Wozniak locks up mid turn meaning he then collides with Woryna. Could of gone either way but probably the right call to exclude Woryna.
  18. He’s still making hard work of it, hasn’t made a decent start yet. As he found out in the first two weeks, it’s a lot harder to come from the back against harder opposition.
  19. Lambert supreme! Stunning ride that after a few hard moves by Kasprzak
  20. Yep, especially as they are already without Lebedev. Can see Lambert taking 7 rides this afternoon, if the team manager isn’t as inept as he was in their last meeting.
  21. Batchelor dropped.... not been a good start to the season for him!
  22. Just for confirmation, the no.8 can replace any of the 1-5 at any point during during a match, but they can’t replace the reserves can they unless they are 6 points behind?
  23. ZG fans livid with Lindback. Who can blame them too. You have to wonder why teams continue to sign such enigmas like him and Kasprzak to name just two.
  24. Even more bizarre for not declaring Kurtz at 4 and Lidsey at 8 and just giving his rides to Lidsey or Kubera.
  25. Yes, on a delay at 6:30 before the Zielona Gora match which is being shown live at 7:30

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