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  1. ash

    Leicester Lions 2016

    Quick question, what average does Patrick Hougaard return on? Cheers
  2. ash

    Raiders 2016

    Locke bringing the tassels back to Rye? Picture would suggest he's been at the training schools http://www.hertfordshiremercury.co.uk/images/localworld/ugc-images/276464/Article/images/28509596/11948746-large.jpg
  3. ash

    Kent 2016

    Typical Len Silver, half the reason I don't go to Rye anymore (or rarely) is the price. He doesn't seem to understand that lower costs and more offers might entice more people to go regularly..
  4. ash

    Rye House 2016

    Our hopes of anything other than a wooden spoon this year kind of depended on if Klindt came good, but if a rider doesn't want to ride for you then Rye are right to open the door for him. Rasmus Jensen or Anton Rosen would be the best shouts to replace him but neither are strong enough heatleaders, that's what you get with four 5 point riders in the team.. Would have dropped Kasper and put Branford in at 6, but most fans new our mistake when Peterborough made their first signing! Certainly seems like an Aussie to me if they are just needing paperwork to be sorted before announcing, there are few untried in the Australian Championships but, as already stated Somerset have probably bagged the one with most potential. Hope it's not another Kurt Shields?
  5. What would Lewis Bridger's average be?
  6. ash

    Raiders 2016

    Branford has a PL average so doesn't qualify to be a Premier League number 7, so Ben doesn't have anything to worry about? Disappointed Hughes isn't back to be honest, yes the top 2 will dominate the latter heats but having 4 three point riders in the team instantly puts pressure on them, would have much preferred a more solid looking team.
  7. ash

    Buxton 2016

    Was exciting to watch from what I remember before? (Most Aussie are) Really hope this one works out for Buxton, if it does they could have atleast a 6 pointer on there hands!
  8. ash

    Kent 2016

    Opinions can soon change once a rider is wearing your colours, it's the same in Football!
  9. ash

    Rye House 2016

    It's no easier late at night either! Doesn't look anything major thus far, but it's a sign of change, pretty much what we was promised the first meeting of the season this year..
  10. ash

    Rye House 2016

    Have seen a couple of blurry videos on Facebook looks as if work has started on the home straight stands already, Shads go look over the fence!
  11. ash

    Cradley 2016

    Chessell could be an absolute bargain on that average, although the same thing has been said the past couple of seasons and it's not materialized yet. As Patchett put in his press release, capable of beating anyone on his day but often overdoes it and falls when in points scoring positions. So who is the fifth rider returning to the Sport?
  12. ash

    Coventry Storm 2016

    On an average of 5.44, didn't even realise he had started scoring solid points at any point from reserve!
  13. ash

    Raiders 2016

    From the SpeedwayGB Twitter "Belle Vue and the Isle of Wight join all existing NL teams from 2015 meaning we will have 12 clubs in the tier next season." Presume this means National League racing is back at Rye House, delighted!
  14. ash

    Sheffield 2016

    Polish riders are ineligible to ride Premier League, probably something to do with permits?
  15. ash

    Kent 2016

    Very true, but not all riders are in the sport to make money

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