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  1. Surely, even Chapman couldn't be so vindictive as to bring in a rule that would stop a former British Champion and long time servant to British Speedway riding in the Championship... Could he ??
  2. If everybody had the same attitude and commitment to Speedway as Bomber, we wouldn't be in the sorry mess we are in now. Good luck to him where ever he rides and congratulations to the team that signs him.
  3. The statement relating to hearing on November 7th was on that link, I read it. Now it has been removed, how strange. Edited....now copied to forum, thought I had dreamt it four a minute.
  4. Buster

    I don't condone Holdergate, but Buster needs to look at his own actions. This is only my opinion, but the awful team he took to Leicester thus cheating the fans, was caused by his spite sackings of his team after the dead line, so it is also bringing the sport into disrepute. I do not know enough about the situation that caused the sackings,as I wasn't there that night,but he handled the situation appallingly.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XPEu1sPzsBI&sns=fb Interview with Jack 50 seconds in...
  6. Redcar V Peterborough

    Great place to visit,very friendly bunch,cracking view from the stand,will definitely go again!
  7. Redcar V Peterborough

    Many thanks for your quick reply.
  8. Redcar V Peterborough

    We are coming up for this, is there a stand to sit in, or failing that somewhere I can park my own chair? I have arthritis in my foot and standing still is painful.
  9. Went as a neutral,thought we would see good racing, it was dire,couldn't believe we were charged to have a seat,in an open freezing cold, cramped dirty stand! There also seemed no atmosphere at all. What a waste of money!
  10. Peterborough Panthers 2016

    I really don't know if these averages are correct,I just pinched them from other peoples contributions,but thought I would join in with my effort. Porsing. 7.68 Ulrich. 7.78 Barker. 7.56 Grondal. 5.12 M.P.T. 5.96 Lambert. 5.19 . 3.00 42.29
  11. Peterborough Panthers 2015

    It's a good few years since I bought a season ticket,but I would love to help the club,I can't afford thousands but feel if I can afford a season ticket it might help them and I get some fun out of it too.
  12. Chris Harris

    Well done Bomber !! Had the biggest lump in my throat last night...what a fine and proud young man he is !!
  13. Inexcusable Behaviour...

    I too was in the press conference room, I shall not forget the look on a Danish fans face when that lout started whistling and singing our national anthem during the Danish Anthem being played...and he was so proud of himself, and kept looking round to see if everybody was watching him, he was also shouting Danish cheats during the presentation......I think he should have been taken out by the stewards........there should be no room for that behaviour in our beloved sport!!
  14. If this is the case, we shall definately be applying for a refund, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Management and Promotion at Poole, for their very respectful and considerate offer. I had almost been put off travelling any distance in the future to watch Speedway,but this has restored my faith. Also thankyou to the Poole fans we were sitting with, who made us feel welcome on Sunday,hopefully we will meet you all again under better circumstances
  15. I am Stilton Panthers better half, and wanted to add my bit, he forgot to add the cost of the petrol to get down there which was considerable....we love our speedway, but i agree with Steve totally, what we witnessed was a disgrace. I would never ever wish to see any rider fall or get hurt because of track conditions, but they looked fair from where we were sitting in the stand, and as we were saying goodbye to our friends(feeling very embarrassed i might add) in the car park, there was not a drop of rain to be seen. The riders involved, seemed to have no respect or regard at all, for the fans, many of whom like us had travelled a long way and at some expense to watch this event. To salvage something from the weekend, we stopped at Ryehouse on the way home, paid £15.00 and watched TWO matches, we were warmly welcomed,had some fantastic fish and chips and were treated to some fine speedway, with no prima donnas.....now doesn't that make you stop and think. I await with interest any reply from a rider....as Stilton Panther said, as yet we have not had time to read all the posts...but I suspect there is not one on the thread that I have missed!