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  1. I never thought I would agree about the club closing but there you have it, I do. This year I have said so many times , I am not going anymore, so if we close it will make it easier for me. It is past memories and friendships that, when it comes to match nights pull me back.As it stands, I would rather not have had this year , especially if it is to be our last. Looking at the fixtures left, I probably won't make any more this year anyway. Sobering thought , I might have seen my last Speedway meeting at the Showground!
  2. I have always thought there could be a better way to enter for season ticket holders, I am always a bit simplistic, but could they not walk through the entrance without having to go to a till, then show their ticket to the staff who are clipping tickets from paying fans, and said staff then give them a program they could carry on a shoulder bag or have on a table , it isn't as if we have to go through turnstiles.
  3. I do not consider I am boycotting, but everything that I loved at the showground has changed. 1. We were all involved together before and it felt like we were all part of the team, now it is my way or the highway. 2. For what ever reason, the team we expected to see was ripped apart leaving us a team well under the points limit, riders are being forced to ride out of position and are understandably struggling. In my opinion and I have always said this every year, all teams need a number one, we don't have one, but if we cannot find one ,the team needs changes for strength in depth as we don't have that either. 3. Ged and Neil who most of the fans admired and respected were out before even a wheel had turned, with no suitable explanation. 4. The track , it wasn't perfect before but mostly we enjoyed exciting speedway, it was a pleasure to watch, now it is just fast gate and go, appearing to be prepared for the opposition or simply speed most of the time, also we have to endure constant tractor circling. If I don't go to the Poole match I may regret it, I will still go if the stated options being looked at genuinely are, but I am not prepared to waste my money, sitting being aggravated by the situation., and not enjoying myself...indeed I will probably go to watch the juniors on Friday, as a rule I have always enjoyed my speedway and have travelled all over the country to watch my team through thick and thin...but....if the situation we have now at Panthers is the best we can ever hope for in the future, I hate to say it but yes Speedway could well be finished at the Showground.
  4. Speedway has been a part of our lives for so long it is hard for me to make the decision not to go, as I am sure it was for you, but next week I will be giving it a miss . I may regret it, I might even change my mind at the last minute, but it is a lot of money to waste every week to feel aggravated and not enjoy my night out .So as things stand unless things change that's it. Congratulations to Ipswich you looked superb last night, your fans are a credit to your team, go on and make the play offs now!!
  5. To be 'totally honest', I tried blocking someone before, but it didn't work, every time somebody quoted his drivel it appeared anyway...
  6. Over and over and over again...we are bored now of your opinion, once said it created mild interest...now it is mind numbing in its repetition,!
  7. I thought our track team retired after the last match of the season, we were certainly told that and they went round on the truck to receive the crowds appreciation for their hard work, mind you things could be different now Ged and Carl have returned.
  8. Correct ! Really looking forward now to the new season, especially on a Thursday night under spotlights, for me that has always been the way Speedway should be, it adds so much to the atmosphere.
  9. I actually hoped when it was announced we had got a new owner, it would be someone new, in it at least for two or three years if not for the long term, now we seem to have a cobbled together management team, that on the face of it in previous years didn't even appear to like each other....one of whom, also stated he didn't want to run the club because of travelling ,family and business commitments…... fair enough, we are saved yet again, we could have gone the way of many other tracks and closed. But it would be really nice to go into the winter, just once, able to look forward without all these doubts. I have spoken to a few fans this week, like me they seem to be losing their enthusiasm ...perhaps if we started announcing a couple of riders it might make peoples enthusiasm return....or not depending on who they are!
  10. Can we have Tom' Bacon' then?
  11. I was at the meeting as a neutral, we had been to the coast for the day and decided to catch the meeting on the way home. Firstly can I send my best wishes to both riders, it was obvious to all how serious it was .I am sure everybody expected a long delay, and most were accepting of this. We had a bit of a drive home and it was turning cold, also as we had been out all day, reluctantly at 9.30p.m we decided to start making our way out to the car, at roughly 9.45p.m, we heard the engines restart and the announcer say, the ambulance was on its way back and the meeting would restart shortly. Assuming the ambulance was only coming from Queen Elizabeth Hospital, we assumed by the time we had made our way back to the grandstand, it would have arrived and the meeting would continue, so we went back, only for the engines to stop again. So we waited, and eventually racing started again at 10.20 p.m, how I wish we had gone home. I think everybody had lost heart in the meeting even before the second accident, the track conditions had changed,and the riders must also have been cold, Speedway fans must be the most patient of any sports fans in the country but I personally think the decent thing to have done would have been to call the meeting off well before the restart. I don't condone the heckling at all but think Mr Chapman should have risen above it and continued with his explanation of circumstances to all the fans that had stopped. He had the microphone after all, so he had the upper hand. I sincerely hope both riders make speedy and full recoveries, if nothing else I am sure that is something we can all agree on!
  12. Surely, even Chapman couldn't be so vindictive as to bring in a rule that would stop a former British Champion and long time servant to British Speedway riding in the Championship... Could he ??
  13. If everybody had the same attitude and commitment to Speedway as Bomber, we wouldn't be in the sorry mess we are in now. Good luck to him where ever he rides and congratulations to the team that signs him.
  14. The statement relating to hearing on November 7th was on that link, I read it. Now it has been removed, how strange. Edited....now copied to forum, thought I had dreamt it four a minute.

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