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  1. spinkox

    Plan to save the Sport

    Strange that the most important subject has few sensible ideas how to deal with it. Just like saving the planet!
  2. spinkox

    Ronnie Moore

    Interviews here...
  3. spinkox

    Ronnie Moore

    Class act. Always great team riding with Cyril Maidment at Wimbledon.
  4. spinkox


    Film just showed on the Talking Pictures channel - but can be found on Youtube - called There is another Sun. Some speedway from Walthamstow - a complete 'race' near the end - 1951.
  5. spinkox


    Well - I trust your knowledge - but I think he RARELY used flash - especially at Wimbledon. Someone told me he used to over expose when taking the picture - then under develop when making the neg (or the other way round) - and he probably played around with the printing. I always noticed the use of flash photography when the Lions went to Australia. Nowadays with better cameras and computer programs - my guess is a better shot could be obtained without flash...
  6. spinkox


    Never like photos using flash - it stops the wheels - well the front anyway. Alf Weedon never used it...
  7. spinkox

    Bye bye Gate girls?

    It's about time the human race started worrying about more important things - like climate change, ice caps melting, sea levels rising, population growing, plastic in the sea and food chain, fossil fuel pollution. God knows what else - bloody ridiculous.
  8. spinkox

    Longest League Careers Post War

    Ken Vale or Reg Trott must have done quite a few??
  9. If you haven't made it to PL second string by 20 then you're never going to make it. Realistically you need to be heatleader by then. John Louis did alright - started speedway after 20 - someone else will know exactly...
  10. spinkox

    Riding Styles

    I have always thought the leg back riding style was to do with the lower centre of gravity of the lay down engine - so it is easier to balance. I reckon if you put them on an upright engine they wouldnt be able to do it. As for the early leg trailers - there was more dirt on the track - so they didnt get so sideways - so that made it easier to ride in that style. That is my theory...
  11. spinkox

    Liam Carr

    I think you can usually turn predictive text off - but people either dont know - or dont bother...
  12. spinkox

    Iwade/sittingbourne Crusaders

    Just happened to come across Eddie James in list of riders practicing after the meeting at Wimbledon on 1 April 1971 after the match with Wolverhampton.
  13. spinkox

    Iwade/sittingbourne Crusaders

    I dont always trust my memory - but I seem to recall not even knowing he had been on a bike!
  14. spinkox

    Iwade/sittingbourne Crusaders

    Yes - I should have remembered his full name. I used to travel up with one of the trainees - and we used to pick up Lionel on the route. The strange thing is I cant recall him talking about his riding days!
  15. spinkox

    Iwade/sittingbourne Crusaders

    There was a guy called Lionel who did timekeeping in the 70s - quite an old chap ...

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