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  1. Looks like the North /Kennett saga
  2. Rules should be changed so these stunts are not pulled. Guess that's too easy.
  3. I'm sure they will keep him out Gav, as I'm sure he will now need to have said injury operated on, and wouldn't want to cause any more damage. You know how it goes and you know who will be endorsing it.
  4. Baldyman

    Favourite Rider of All Time

    Apart from a few girls, he was the only other reason I went to speedway for a few years whilst a teenager.
  5. Baldyman

    Favourite Rider of All Time

    John Cook, proper entertainer.
  6. Baldyman

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    It's on bt planner
  7. Baldyman

    Big decisions in November.

    Maybe a scoring system can be invented where all races are meaningful holding people's interest for the whole meeting. So maybe something like a point for a 3 3, 2 for a 4 2 and 3 for a 5 1. Prob rubbish idea but hey ho.
  8. Baldyman

    Ipswich v Swindon 5/9/19

    So he did, 1972, for one meeting, anyone know why only one?
  9. Baldyman

    Ipswich v Swindon 5/9/19

    Phil Crump raced for the Witches? Didn't know that, must have been before I started going.
  10. Maybe she doesn't eat pizza,,, she may prefer sausage or chipolata
  11. Garlic bread with cheese
  12. Swindon will win overall, Belle Vue will just about win home leg.
  13. Shame about the surface Buster is still using,,, one of the best tracks in the world when at its best
  14. Poole looking very weak at reserve with Wells form, but if there may be a track THJ goes well on, this could be it. Cook has been having bike issues/other issues, so might not be all over for Pooles chances of something. Still fancying a home win though
  15. Think there will only be one winner here, Swindon. Hopefully the track is back to the track of old and the racing is back to its best.
  16. So you are basically saying it's okay. wowsers
  17. So if someone says go kill yourself that's okay, and if people say that comment is out of order that's bullying???? Seriously. As my man Dizzy would say, BONKERS
  18. Where did I say that, I said he isn't the only one with issues, meaning no one else with issues says things like that, no excuse for him to do. he obviously has mental issues Not even sure Gavan lives near the a14, for some reason I thought he lived in Essex.
  19. I'm sure he isn't the only one with medical issues, yeah we know some have serious mental issues.
  20. Thing is Gavan is a cany lad and sets all the Poole threads up using stats and stuff so whatever Poole do it's a dig or wind Poole fans up. If they win, then they were meant to, and if they lose, then they should have won. And let's be honest it's only mainly on Poole threads, cos there are few not so bright.
  21. Baldyman

    Ipswich v Swindon 5/9/19

    If you watched tonight's meeting you wouldnt be saying that, there was some extremely close racing with plenty of contact,, you can't see that from behind your bedroom curtains, for any of your teams
  22. Tracks always bad when you lose, but good when you win.
  23. Baldyman

    Peterborough v Belle Vue 5/9/2019

    Fruitcake alert, fruitcake alert

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