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  1. Poole to win by double figures
  2. We have peanuts and Barry
  3. Lynn have a number 1,,,, but tonight he was totally number 2
  4. What was up with bend 3 and 4 tonight,,, total graveyard.
  5. Wow,,,, it's gonna be close
  6. Blimey, how many more times
  7. Does he mean Poll and not Pole
  8. It's gonna be a cold one tonight
  9. I understand why they are doing it,, but they way they are doing it is a bit mickey mouse. A bit more thought may needed in future if it's to be kept
  10. Yes,,,, you can hold back riders for 15, but since no one would know what the score may be by then, unless already miles ahead by heat 10,,then that would be an extremely risky thing to do.
  11. If you are slightly behind you wold have to put your best 2 in 14 to give yourself a chance of winning. And if just ahead the same.
  12. So the TM can say to the voters we would like rider a and b in heat 14 please. So what's the point,,,, unless it's just to make the 50 odd kids feel involved
  13. In a close meeting that could still go either way,, it's actually important which riders the fans choose,,, on a one sided meeting it makes no difference. Is there anything stopping the TM telling its fans how to vote?
  14. Looking at the weather, you made need to be
  15. Baldyman

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    Kim Nilsen or however its spelt. He has ridden over here for the last few years,,, is he any use around the showground?
  16. But when you have six fingers and webbed feet it's easy to get those knickers twisted
  17. Is that better than last season or worse? Sounds pretty good for a Monday
  18. What was the crowd like?
  19. Shouldn't this jacket be in thirds??
  20. Tunnocks caramel wafers,, and sweets,, the massif diet.
  21. It was the track and the possibility of now making passes.
  22. I said I wouldn't attend any of these cup meetings,,, but after last week and the arrival of Kings Lynn,,, I've just gotta come.
  23. Baldyman

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    With Nicholls only doing a short stint at wolves,, could he possibly be the one to take over from Summers?
  24. Baldyman

    2019 Predictions

    We will defo get better as the season goes on,,,, but could be a bit ropey early season. Shame peanuts wasn't there last night, cos I heard he was pretty awful p and p day. Pleased to see cam fit and looking fast.
  25. Did anyone who went to p and p notice the positive camber working well? Or do we have to wait until Harris misses the gate to see its full effect?

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