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  1. Ellis was flying on a Godden on Friday, maybe, they are only good for slick tracks.
  2. Was the food and drinks any better this week?
  3. It's hard to say. What one club may call a good crowd maybe another would call not so good, I guess it depends what a clubs average crowd is. I would imagine a few clubs have double what others get.
  4. Wow, is that really classed as a good decent crowd? And I dare not mention what I thought of the racing, even the sweet shop was closed before I got there on the way out, which is when I wanted some for journey home. Lakeside have a very handy team, and Ellis was in a different class to anything ipswich had to offer.
  5. Ipswich 2018

    Conner was pretty good last season away from foxhall, he does seem to prefer a slicker track, and totally opposite to that we have riders that look totally clueless on a slicker track.
  6. Well done lakeside and conner, some riders were shocking, don't deserve a mention.
  7. You put this in the wrong section? You used to be a witches fan
  8. It's always freezing with a chilly wind, even at the height of summer. I can see there being plenty of bend 2 crashes into the air fence tonight.
  9. Beerhut, you should let your chauffeur worry about the route
  10. Sheffield v Peterborough 12-4

    Can't see any team getting a single point at sheffield this season.
  11. What about the thousands of rabbit holes and droppings? Is that classed as a facility. Can normally get a decent cup of coffee from the back straight kiosk, if that's still there.
  12. I predict a good spanking for the witches, between 12 and 20. Can't see this being a very good track for a few of the witches riders, unless they have suddenly learnt how to trap, which I doubt. I'm undecided on going, I really hate the place, apart from the sweetie stall. do they still have that?
  13. Peterborough Panthers 2018

    Can't argue with that. Well played. Although they probably will race the white line at your place when that's not the place to be.
  14. Hope stainless enjoyed himself, he has gone very quiet
  15. I'm sure even stevie will watch that and retract his statement about the other rider.
  16. No one is pushing panic buttons, it's just same old same old ipswich. And do riders like heeps and Nico not have enough race craft to ride the curb?
  17. We certainly did, it's like no one was watching or taking any notice of what was going on.
  18. I would have Rory at 5, but then you have a paring of Nico and Heeps, both can't gate and both ride wide, so that would probably be a complete disaster. Lasts nights problem was down to 2 things, no advantage in riding wide and the wide riders not capable of riding round the inside. To me the aim last night should have been set bike up to get out of start and pin it round kerb, something the panthers worked out that our riders didn't do, or not capable/skillfull enough to do.
  19. Obviously I'm not a track man and all that, but was there not a chance to rip it up a bit and add a few sprinkles of water to the outside? Also riders need to adapt to track conditions, I love watching Nico when the track is there for him, but when it isn't, he really needs to try something else, same could be said of Heeps also, and Danyon, but he is still learning I guess. We need a miracle already after one meeting to stay in the shield. On to the positives from tonight, the new sound system was really good, for the few races it was working, and looks like the young German will be okay.
  20. Well done panthers, some poor riding choices from some of the ipswich lads, poor gating and what looked like a one line only track.
  21. You did, you wanna watch that taps.
  22. Hope these is a big panthers following tonight, especially the dude with the big flag, he is funny.
  23. So looking forward to freezing my wotsits off tonight and having a blow on my new horn.
  24. That track pic is exactly how Paulco and Willie see it towards the end of the evening
  25. Ipswich 2018

    I shall be up at workington again when the witches visit, only once this season though, although I dare say I will be in whitehaven more than once, so will will be at the park more than once.