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  1. MrMungo

    King's Lynn Stars 2017

    Palm Toft's average is incorrect, Scranny.
  2. MrMungo

    Ipswich 2017

    4.57 according to SpeedwayGB - their averages, in fairness, are kept quite up to date
  3. Tungate had moments of being dreadful for Swindon last year, but ultimately he came good for the most part when given patience. He's just one of those riders that looks awesome when everything is going right. But if not, he can look totally lost - putting it as diplomatically as I can! Congrats to KL; it's a sign of a good side when they can win despite not everyone pulling their weight.
  4. MrMungo

    Poole V Swindon Ela 1/5/17 6pm

    Never seen a Speedway track with half a dozen diversions before!
  5. MrMungo

    Ipswich 2017

    Scunthorpe new averages (Column C) comes to 39.76. Sarj needs some more meetings to get a new average. When that happens, he will drop to a high 3.XX average, or low 4.xx, which would enable a redeclaration to be made, if they decided to go down that route.
  6. MrMungo

    Ipswich 2017

    After increasing his average considerably you mean? Or did something else happen?
  7. MrMungo

    Ipswich 2017

    I was thinking the same re: Jacobs + Sarj. Would give the side a better all round feel, although clearly not as strong as the one that started the season. Hopefully Hume makes a swift & full recovery, it sounds like a really nasty injury
  8. Only potential complication I could see is regarding Etheridge, and how he got a visa so quickly. They are normally not straight forward, and can be a bit time consuming.
  9. MrMungo

    Berwick 2017 50th Year

    Hopefully they will give Jacobs a go when the new averages come out. Although Sarj is probably looking for a new team spot too.
  10. MrMungo

    Berwick 2017 50th Year

    It appears there was a conflict of personalities between him and Havelock!
  11. With BSPA, every day is the 1st!
  12. Must admit the very same crossed my mind. Poor from BSPA.
  13. So Schlein is included but Kyle Newman isn't... Is this due to his injury?
  14. Reckon Clegg will be really up for this one, so could prove to be an astute guest choice. Has the makings of a great match.
  15. MrMungo

    Sheffield 2017

    Welcome to British Speedway!
  16. Spot on. IIRC, we said the exact same thing last year!
  17. MrMungo

    Ipswich 2017

    Was told on Wednesday night Newman was having a spin on Friday (today).
  18. http://speedwayupdates.proboards.com/thread/13367/kings-lynn-poole-2014-30pm Against your side, too! Iversen was for the large part very consistent for Lynn especially since his resurgence, but just like anyone he had his off days.
  19. MrMungo

    Wolves V Belle Vue 18/4/17

    Judging by Bewley's score tonight, I am not sure how "weak" the Belle Vue reserves are!
  20. Really? I seem to recall King's Lynn leaving Stuart Robson and Stefan Nielsen well and truly in the sh*t last year cancelling their guest bookings when they had already take time off work/were en route.
  21. MrMungo

    Swindon V Belle Vue. 06/04/17.

    Sedgmen 1, Bellego 0.
  22. The Aussies were trying to get rid of Wright for most of last year.
  23. MrMungo

    Rye House Vs Swindon 08.04.17

    He's also had meetings there at PL level where he scored 1 point.
  24. MrMungo

    Rye House Vs Swindon 08.04.17

    Ellis has had some stinkers at Rye in the past, so Swindon do look very vulnerable @ 3 and 4. It's the one track that Grondal nearly always scores well on, so Swindon will be relying on those points to keep it somewhat close. I think Rye have a cracking side though, and half expect them to go unbeaten at Hoddesdon this year.

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