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  1. MrMungo

    Riders Income - Other Needs?

    Tyres, fuel(methanol) & oil are usually paid by the club, although it's not a given. The club will always (to the best of my knowledge) make a contribution towards fuel (travel) expenses, although the amount per mile does vary. Things like kevlars vary a lot from club to club, and is often one of the stumbling blocks in contract discussions. A van is often provided for the year if the club has a relevant sponsor - Belle Vue, Ipswich, etc. Clubs sometimes provide money for a race day mechanic - this is often a cash payment. Some clubs have full time mechanics, too. In terms of general machinery, it is paid by the rider 99% of the time. Some international riders may be a different kettle of fish. Wealthier clubs (like Glasgow) have been known to provide riders with various necessary machinery. The clubs often provide accomodation + workshop to Australian (and other foreign riders too). Clearly stuff like engines or a bike (little bit harder as it has many different components) are the most beneficial for the rider, but there's a whole host of items that can be sponsored if someone prefers to pay for a specific item (rather than cash). Clutch plates, helmet, fork, frame, diamond, mudguards, numerous other bike parts, tear-offs, the list goes on.
  2. MrMungo

    King's Lynn Stars 2017

    Whilst, on paper, this is fine for the most part (proper interval is missing though). Some tracks even have a similar schedule (with exact times) in the pits, but they very, very rarely keep to them. Crashes, exclusions, James Sarjeant, track issues, SKY BT, injuries, R/R (2 on a trot), electrical/tape issues, and so on nearly always have an impact on the timings over the course of a meeting.
  3. I think this is BSPA's way of preventing people from printing their own scorecards. Not only do some press releases list the 2 sets of teams in alphabetical order, they are going to keep you guessing on the race format, too!
  4. MrMungo

    Swindon 2017

    You could argue that Doyle should have looked after his younger team mate in the final instead of passing him & riding off into the distance, which left Fricke somewhat exposed.
  5. MrMungo

    Sky To Pull Out.

    Oh dear. Can cancel Sky Sports now if nothing else.
  6. MrMungo

    Swindon 2017

    The sign.
  7. MrMungo

    Bspa Chairman - Keith Chapman

    The BSPA don't pay all outstanding monies, they do however pay some.
  8. MrMungo

    Swindon 2017

    With some very tough matches away aswell at home, they could well be pointless until end of May!
  9. MrMungo

    King's Lynn Stars 2017

    Likely excuse. Tut Tut, Mr
  10. MrMungo

    King's Lynn Stars 2017

    Sounds like a slow day in Dorset to me.
  11. MrMungo

    King's Lynn Stars 2017

    Don't think Danny will be impressed when he sees that line up.
  12. MrMungo

    King's Lynn Stars 2017

    Newman has been/was heat leader this season for Plymouth. You are comparing apples to oranges. Middlo and Hawkins are team managers, Louis is not team manager and hasn't been for a few seasons. You should know this since you're an Ipswich fan!!
  13. MrMungo

    King's Lynn Stars 2017

    Stop taking the Michael!
  14. MrMungo

    Sheffield 2017

    Riders are definitely still owed money. However, that money is to be paid by BSPA (when they get around to it). Kurtz and the rest of the Plymouth side were getting paid this season. It was merely happening slower and slower as the season went on, which is usually a bad sign.
  15. Are Holder and the rest of the visa chaps allowed to double up/down? I always thought that was what was preventing him from getting an EL spot last year. Has something changed?
  16. MrMungo

    Swindon 2017

    They original got the wrong average for Waj...Zach, so it wouldn't surprise me at all.
  17. MrMungo

    Somerset 2017

    Recently? That was sorted near the start of the season, wasn't it?
  18. MrMungo

    Redcar 2017

    Poole, as far as I know.
  19. MrMungo

    Leicester Lions 2017

    Wouldn't be at all surprised to see Buster at Leicester. Didn't Jonathan have a part to play in the return of the Lions? I seem to recall he was involved in the very early stages. I'm not a fan of some of the new rules I have to admit, but it's a good job Buster is at the helm this winter. I can't see any of the recent other leaders prepared to pull up their sleeves and get well and truly stuck in like he appears to have done.
  20. MrMungo

    Swindon 2017

    If his brother was given an assessed average for 7.00 at Redcar (with no World U21 Finals experience), you would have thought MBA would be given at least the same average, but seems logic is a foreign word in Speedway.
  21. MrMungo

    Swindon 2017

    Whilst British riders who have ridden in the World U21 Finals are saddled with ridiculous grades trying to get a ride in Denmark.
  22. MrMungo

    Swindon 2017

    It's unfair to fully judge until all of the sides have been released. But....... If the obvious 2 signings are made by Poole, they look very impressive. As do Rye House, who have the potential to build up quite a HTA if the side clicks. Obviously everything is up in air in Coventry (and I hope everything works out for them), but the side they built looked very solid to me. The reserves were strong, and they had enough all round improvement in them to well and truly be in the mix. But Swindon....it actually looks like Rosco wanted to have his best buds (Doyle and Morris) in the side, and gave minimal thought to the rest of the side. Weakest side by far to me, and will require at least one rider to have a special season and/or changes.
  23. MrMungo

    Swindon 2017

    With the way Rosco has built the side this year, wouldn't be surprised to see Peter Karger as the last signing
  24. MrMungo

    Swindon 2017

    I think Emil is a far more likely signing

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