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  1. Considering the play-offs are scheduled for the very end of October, I don't see what choice the promotion had. Either stage it before the POs or not at all. One of the better individual meets I've seen in a while. Can see Calamity Jane being back at the NA a few more times this year..
  2. Confirmed line-up: 7 lynn riders David Howe Davey Watt Chris Holder Paul Lee Theo Pijper Shaun Tacey Mark Jones Tai Woffinden Jason King Posted by Jonathan Chapman over on the KL forum.
  3. MrMungo

    Bydgoszcz Gp Chat Thread

    Hans Andersen of course BP
  4. MrMungo

    Bydgoszcz Gp Chat Thread

    Crikey! That race was a bit special too
  5. MrMungo

    Bydgoszcz Gp Chat Thread

    What's this about Gollob retiring? News to me! Terrible shame if it's the case
  6. Theo Pijper was definitely also mentioned.
  7. Hey Spook, are you calling me crap? Have signed up on the forum. Saw stuff about "dangling foreskins" though. Am I on the correct forum?
  8. Thank God I'm not the only one! I did manage to get high 29's after a while. 29.515 is a best so far, but have a tendency to spend most of my time on the center green
  9. Both riders were at fault as I saw it. To a varying degree. Andersen could've rode it differently. He's an aggressive defensive rider. He defends his lead (or second place, whatever) until it's gone which is why he's so great to watch (IMO). The crash was caused by Nicholls trying to barge himself through. (Andersen was narrowily leading all the way down the straight) Both riders were giving elbows left, right and center. Had they been concentrating on their own races it may never had happened, but if did. Such is life. The Andersen/Nicholls stuff is great to watch. Fantastic entertainment. I do sometimes wonder how much longer it'll stay "on-track" though!
  10. But Baggy...blinkered is my middle name! I saw that (what a relief my TV isn't on the blink after all) but the incident didn't happen on the start/finish straight. It happened going into the first bend (and Andersen was riding his own bike at that point, not Nicholls'.). Sure it may have "riled" Nicholls up, hence the incident which followed. At the end of the day, the track was wet. Very, very wet. It must've been difficult enough to stay on the bike at the best of times, nevermind when you're being "nudged" going into a bend.
  11. Nicholls was excluded because he nudged Andersen going into the bend. He even admitted so himself. And given the track conditions, it's hardly a surprise that Andersen fell is it? Nicholls caused Andersen to fell. End of. What's this? Andersen Vs Nicholls part 4, 5, 6?
  12. MrMungo

    Hans Andersen

    Indeed it is. You can get 2 supporters standing right next to each other and they'll see the same incident completly differently! Fascinating isn't it? Hans Andersen - World champion next year. Missing out on the GP is the best thing that could have happened to him. Much in the same way Loram missed out on year in the 90s, and came back a much, much better rider. The guy's brilliant. When a rider is coming through from the back, I'd agree. Never like it when a rider comes out of either 2nd/4th bend and cuts right across the opponent (who was leading). This one was fair though. Andersen was leading, and chose his racing lines. Let's face it, the racing line 'round most tracks is right by the boards isn't it? Nicholls was surely expecting it, wasn't he? I know I was! Sorry Mum! They actually gave me Mon - Thu off, so I could sit back and enjoy (most of) the World Cup 3 weeks off in August too. Don't think they like me too much!
  13. MrMungo

    Hans Andersen

    Spot on LW. Nothing wrong with the moves. All hard, but fair. Hans was out in front and could choose his line. He did. Childish by Nicholls after the race, but we're starting to get used to that by now aren't we? Good race though!
  14. Didn't quite have the closeness of Sunday's meeting, but still a good 'un I thought after a slooooooooooow start. Iversen looked very disappointing though, and at the moment looks like a weak link. Not that they have anyone else to call on.. Ref had a bad meeting. The Danes should be a bit pissed off, but at the end of the day the Swedes were awesome and deserving winners. Don't think Reading will suit the Swedes too much though. Denmark, on the other hand, will be very tough if Iversen can up his game a little. Had to feel sorry for the Czechs. Great touch by Hancock at the end of the meeting when interviewed As for the commentators...jeez, where to start? Tony Millard...the guy is a legend! I always enjoy the Sky meetings far more when he's on. Yes, he makes mistakes, but he adds sooooo much to the general entertainment value. Bit like Nicki and his "y'knows". Always fun to sit at home with a pen and paper(s) and tally up the mistakes Do miss the pairing of Millard and PC. Where has PC got to? Haven't heard much from him in ages. There was one rather annoying aspect of last night though. Step forward Steve Johnston! Could he be any more biased? Does he want to have Hamill's babies or what? Lindgren better than Lindback? Ha! Get a grip, man! Hopefully they'll be able to find someone better for the race-off. Ideal pairing of Millard (who doesn't seem to have the urge to shout every other word!) and Tatum (well spoken, knows his stuff, and nowhere as biased as others) please SKY.
  15. MrMungo

    World Title Pretenders

    If Crump retains his current form, no-one. It's a bit like Rickardsson in the late 90s. There just wasn't anyone consistently at the highest level to challenge. I can see Crump winning the next 3 titles (this year included) assuming he stays clear of those nasty injuries, which he has been quite fortunate with in recent years. There's some who aren't far off (Zagar, Lindback, et al) but at the moment lack that something. Their time will come. Crump's biggest challenge next year will be from Hans Andersen. Being left out of the GP was the best thing that could've happened to him. Hopefully he will now develop some of that unfilled potential. Remember a race in Denmark when he was a youngster. Led the race, fell, got up, passed the others and won it quite comfortably in the end. As for the Brits, oh dear. Nicholls is as good as he'll ever get. Scrap into the odd final, and numerous semi's but will never mount to anything extraordinary. Richardson is just poor at this level. If he wasn't a Brit, he wouldn't be in it. The sooner an up and coming Brit (read: Bridger) can move up and take his place, the better.
  16. Does anyone know of the line-up for today's under-15 Championship Final at Mildenhall?

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