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  1. Totally agree, he makes Nigel sound like whispering Ted Lowe. My preferred viewing options are the shortened polish version, you just see the line up, watch the race, and if nothing much happens you then see the next one, if something decent does happen they show it again, perfect way to watch a very average sport.
  2. Sorry Phil, you'll need a better one than that. The only two day events in the olympics (that I can think of) don't end with a sudden death race off. If the best athlete is way ahead then he/she only has to do "ok" in the final event.
  3. Thanks for that. I'm scratching my head to try and come up with the same scenario in another sport. But surely only Speedway could come up with something as unfair as this. I know play offs are a bit unfair on the real champions in many sports, but it's not sudden death like this.
  4. Forgive me if this has been mentioned, I've looked at the majority of pages and haven't seen anything about the dreaded "J" word. With a two day final I suspect they'll want to keep it as close as possible. I haven't gone through this with a fine tooth comb, but I suppose the scores from the first day get added to the second, so if they continue to embarrass the sport by using this awful thing, will each team that falls behind be able to use it on both days?
  5. Fair comment. I can afford Sky but not being a BT customer the price for both is prohibitive. I know you can always find these meetings somewhere on you tube, but you might accidently stumble across the result whilst looking for them.
  6. Such a shame they've priced this the way they have. £35 for a seat is just too much for me and the wife. Would be worth it for the final with 7 competitive teams, but they'll be too many dud races at Belle Vue for my liking. So will watch the whole thing on the telly (HDMI lead from computer) once our friend racers and royals has posted his usual excellent links in the international section.
  7. spanner47

    Ipswich 2018

    Very pleased with that 7, or if I rotate my baseball cap (if I had one) 180 degrees, it's well sick innit.
  8. spanner47

    Ipswich 2018

    In some ways I'm glad its high as that should mean stronger teams. It's probably been set so high so clubs can have 5/6 riders doubling up, this will save on costs as riders will ride for less if they're contracted to a 1st division club as well as a 2nd division club. Looking at the proposed strength of our team, surely our top five would be wanted in the 1st division.
  9. spanner47

    Ipswich 2018

    Thanks for that bruv. So last season we were guaranteed 19 home meetings, next season looks like 13. Nobody bothers with individual meetings these days, but some clubs will have to invent some meetings to fill the gaps. I'm sure we'll have a strong side that will progress in most competitions, but fans of some clubs will have a lot of blank weeks.
  10. spanner47

    Ipswich 2018

    Just read the BSPA statement. One whinge, the KOC draw, looks like all teams will be riding the same teams that they're riding in the league cup. I appreciate it's the luck of the draw, but couldn't they have put teams from the same area in different pots?
  11. spanner47

    Ipswich 2018

    Looks like we'll be in Div 2 and still riding Thursdays. With the 1st Division riding Mondays and Wednesdays. More than happy with that, just need to put together another good side and hope for less injuries.
  12. Some bloke from Colchester called Kevin Knights. Only get the SS once a year,and it was still on my "must chuck that out pile". His reasoning for backing Berwick was down to Gary Havelock being a "man motivator", might have helped if he'd actually looked at who they'd signed.
  13. spanner47

    Leicester Lions 2018

    No one knows yet, but if BT are going to show it, it's highly likely they won't be paying for the privilege.
  14. spanner47

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Leicester have always resisted moving to a another night, and have preferred to ride Saturdays with loads of guests. So seems strange they've gambled on signing an expensive rider with no TV money and the uncertainty of what crowd levels will be midweek. Hopefully their gamble will pay off.
  15. spanner47


    I can't see how two race nights can work, who wants to ride Monday except for Wolves? This could mean every team riding on the other night some weeks. So where do the guests come from? The top 5 riders of the div 2 clubs will be riding in the 1st Division, so teams will be replacing top div 1 riders with div 2 reserves. There are more Friday clubs in the 1st Division than the 2nd, so chuck some Fridays in when the Danes aren't riding, this would help Belle Vue and Somerset. Yes, it would upset Edinburgh, but better to upset one team than screw up a whole league.

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