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  1. Silver Cheetah Snr

    Swedish Elitserien 2017 Round 6

    Not on Sky it isn't.
  2. Silver Cheetah Snr

    Swedish Elitserien 2017 Round 6

    If this is the case why has the speedway been missing from the planner all week or are Premier Sports physic? There has also been nothing on all this afternoon and the first programme is at 19:30 which is just a rerun of Brisca stocks.
  3. Silver Cheetah Snr

    Coventry 2017

    That is truly the support that we could have done with all along. Not some of the crass comments being made on here. Thank You.
  4. Silver Cheetah Snr

    Lakeside 2017

    Like you can buy AJ then.
  5. Silver Cheetah Snr

    Coventry 2017

    Riders didn't have to.
  6. Silver Cheetah Snr

    Elrc Coventry

    I am no fan of Holders but come on why is he getting all the stick Jason Doyle - Not riding before his injury. Matej Zagar - Not riding. Andreas Jonsson - Not riding Nor am I moaning about any of the above as most of their kit is packed up and being shipped to Australia.
  7. Silver Cheetah Snr

    Coventry Vs Kings Lynn 16/09/2016

    On the new averages Bomber will not be there. 3rd in our averages.
  8. Silver Cheetah Snr

    Lakeside V Swindon 16 Sept 2016

    Averages don't come into effect until the 19th.
  9. Silver Cheetah Snr

    Poole Sign Lindback

    But only because KK was a guest at home so you got Hans' average plus 5%
  10. Silver Cheetah Snr

    Wolves V Coventry 12/09.

    There were still more Coventry fans at Wolves tonight than there have been Wolves fans at Coventry this year
  11. Silver Cheetah Snr

    Poole Vs Belle Vue 1st September 2016

    Doesn't matter if you finish 2nd, 3rd, or 4th. As proved last year when you picked Coventry who had finished 2nd.
  12. Or it could all end up in a proper court of law and then heaven help the BSPA.
  13. Silver Cheetah Snr

    Coventry V Lakeside 26th August

    Well if you really think he uses the same bikes in England as in Poland then you need to think again
  14. Silver Cheetah Snr

    Coventry V Lakeside/lakeside V Coventry 19th & 20th August

    Wouldn't matter if you were on bend 1 or 2 because you wouldn't be able to hear them tell you anyway
  15. Silver Cheetah Snr

    Coventry V Lakeside/lakeside V Coventry 19th & 20th August

    Best of luck with a crowd then. Have the speakers been fixed yet?
  16. Silver Cheetah Snr

    Isn't It Funny

    So looking at King's Lynn's team for tonight does that mean that when KK is missing for Coventry against Lakeside we can go with a team of Chris Harris, Ben Barker, Jason Garrity, Kacper Woryna, Danny King, Josh Bates, James Sarjeant. If not why not as we will be using our No. 8 just as King's Lynn are and that seems to be allowed.
  17. Silver Cheetah Snr

    Coventry V Kings Lynn -monday 11th July - 7.30pm

    But surely you are only allowed to replace a an EDR rider with someone lower on the list than them or a rider with a lower Premier League average. Which is certainly not the case with Howarth.
  18. Silver Cheetah Snr

    Coventry V Swindon Friday 1st July

    So why is it R/R for Jason. Why on earth have we named Ben in a doubling up role.
  19. Silver Cheetah Snr

    Leicester V Coventry Mon 27th June

    Totally correct. Unable to make it to Leicester for 6:30 let alone the traffic at that time of night. Thats 3 less to start with.
  20. But he does sit still at the tapes, it is that sometimes he goes a little early.
  21. So you get a reserve who can have seven rides who has an average which should put him in the main team. Yet another brilliant Rule.
  22. Silver Cheetah Snr

    Leicester V Coventry Mon 27th June

    How do you think supporters could get there by 6 o'clock and anybody staying for the football would end up with a parking ticket.
  23. Silver Cheetah Snr

    Kent V Coventry 20th June

    In which case I applaud Scunthorpe for their actions. Maybe some other tracks could learn from them.
  24. Silver Cheetah Snr

    Mildenhall -v- Cradley Off

    Or possibly the one with the statement by the track announcer that he would bring you news of tonight's curfew.

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