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  1. 2019 SUMMER EDITION Welcome to issue 45 of our quarterly retro magazine. Here's a taster of what to expect . . . BROTHERS IN ARMS From the Langtons to the Boococks, PHIL CHARD considers the eight sets of siblings who rode together for the same England or Great Britain team in the pre-70s era. BIG NIGHTS: Capital Gold In the first of a regular new series recalling major domestic meetings, PHIL CHARD reviews one of the oldest classics on the calendar, the once much coveted LONDON RIDERS' CHAMPIONSHIP first staged in 1930. Double LRC winners include Tom Farndon, Ron Johnston, Jack Milne, Jack Young, Ronnie Moore, Norman Hunter, Colin Pratt, Trevor Hedge and Barry Thomas. ERIC WILLIAMS: From Wales to Wembley Freddie Williams wasn't the only Welsh star of the Wembley Lions. Here, in an edited extract from a new biography on the double World Champion, we look back at the considerable impact made by his younger brother ERIC WILLIAMS. PLYMOUTH: 50 Memorable Moments ROB PEASLEY reflects on the chequered past of Plymouth, with emphasis on the 22 seasons spent at Pennycross Stadium, where many all-time greats appeared. LES WHALEY: One of a kind DOUG NICOLSON looks at the life and times of the former Glasgow and Bradford promoter whose word was his bond. YESTERDAY'S NEWS TONY McDONALD scours Retro Speedway's library archives to see what various publications were writing about. This time we delve into a 1949 Speedway Gazette, 1953 Monthly Speedway World, 1961 Speedway World and the first edition of Speedway Echo in 1968. Plus . . . Obits on Charlie Barsby and John Chaplin, Romford team photo, Bob Andrews' football star cousin and crossword. To subscribe (we no longer sell single issues), please visit www.retro-speeday.com
  2. In Issue 94, our new 'Rivalry' feature will reflect on some of those classic East Anglian derby clashes from the 70s and 80s, so what are YOUR memories of battles between Ipswich and King's Lynn from that particular era? The infamous Kevin Jolly 'incident', when he 'fell' to force a rerun that went Witches' way, is one that no doubt springs to mind . . .
  3. ISSUE 93 (JULY-AUGUST, 2019) SON OF MY FATHER: TROY & COLIN PRATT Next year, on July 14, 2020, it will be the 50th anniversary of speedway’s darkest hour. A minibus, carrying the members of the West Ham team home from a representative meeting in Amsterdam, crashed at Lokeren, Belgium, resulting in the deaths of four young riders, the team’s manager and the driver. Among the survivors was a seriously-injured Colin Pratt, who had top-scored in the Amsterdam meeting with a 15-point maximum. But he never raced again. RICHARD BOTT interviews the former England team manager and, firstly, his son, Troy, who spent most of his career with Arena-Essex and featured in the BBC soap Eastenders . . . ARENA-ESSEX: 50 Memorable Moments British speedway lost yet another long-established venue last year following the closure of Arena-Essex/Lakeside after 35 years in operation. ROB PEASLEY looks back at Hammers' highs and lows, featuring the likes of Bob Humphreys, Alan Sage, Martin Goodwin, Neil Middleditch, Andrew Silver, Bo Petersen, Brian Karger, Alan Miogridge, Troy Pratt, Paul Hurry, Mark Loram, Lee Richardson, etc. ANDY CAMPBELL – Exclusive interview Born and raised near Surrey, Andy Campbell made his league debut for Glasgow but his nomadic career took him to Reading, Poole, Exeter, Belle Vue, King's Lynn and Wimbledon before he bowed out back in the far north at Berwick. ANDREW SKEELS caught up with a genuine nice guy. BIG NIGHTS: Daily Express Spring Classic In the first of a new series, PHIL CHARD reviews some of British speedway's most prestigious individual meetings. We start with the early season Wimbledon biggie that ran for nine seasons before ending in controversy, attracted the backing of a national newspaper and ITV coverage viewed by millions. RIVALS: Mildenhall v Rye House In the first of a regular new series revisiting club rivalries, ROB PEASLEY reflects on classic matches between two of the National League's fiercest opponents, including that epic 1979 title decider. BUSMAN'S HOLIDAYS DOUG NICOLSON recalls the times when riders and supporters booked a week’s summer holiday and set off to the other end of the country on a speedway tour. A time when clubs routinely embraced gruelling fixture schedules. BACKCHAT MARTIN RIOGERS answers more of your questions and picks his Dream Team from the riders who served under him at King's Lynn, Leicester and Peterborough. ON TWO MINUTES . . . with MARK CARLSON The Australian reflects on his UK career with Oxford and Milton Keynes and MARTIN NEAL finds out what he's been up to since he returned Down Under. THE WRITE STUFF – Andrew Edwards TONY McDONALD catches up with the man whose weekly speedway column for Motor Cycle News reached many thousands more readers than any other throughout speedway's last golden era. To subscribe (we no longer sell single issues), please visit www.retro-speedway.com
  4. Issue 92 is out now and here's a taste of what to expect . . . SON OF MY FATHER: CHRIS & JOHN LOUIS RICHARD BOTT talks to two of England's finest, both Ipswich legends, World Final medallists and the first father-and-son duo to be crowned British Champion. Chris Louis told Backtrack: "From a rider-adrenaline point of view, there is nothing like waking up on the morning of a one-off World Final knowing that if it all goes right that day, you will be World Champion at the end of it." “The British Final was as big as anything. There was nothing like travelling from Ipswich to Coventry passing loads of cars with Witches colours. Maybe it’s because I have retired from racing that it doesn’t seem to be the same these days." BACKCHAT Q&A with Martin Rogers The second in our new series where readers fire questions at our lead columnist. As one of the most respected promoters and administrators of the Backtrack era, no-one is better qualified to discuss the burning issues of the 70s and 80s. This time, MR responds to the controversy surrounding the 1984 Sunday People race-fixing 'scandal'; he has some colourful comments on King's Lynn's shift from their traditional gold and green; and debates the merits of women riders and their possible future role. BROTHERS IN ARMS – Exclusive interviews PHIL CHARD talks family pride to Peter Collins and Alan and Andy Grahame about making brotherly history on the international stage. BRETT SAUNDERS – Exclusive interview The former Berwick and Edinburgh star candidly reveals to MARTIN NEAL how his battle to recover from a stroke pushed him to the brink. THAT WAS THE YEAR: 1986 In the last of our season-by-season reviews, ANDREW SKEELS rewinds 33 years to a period when Denmark and Oxford dominated and the sport was stunned by a terrible tragedy. WEYMOUTH: 50 Memorable Moments Despite Weymouth's turbulent history and five different nicknames, ROB PEASLEY recalls highs as well as lows on the south coast, where Tony Lomas, Martin Yeates, Brian Woodward, Danny Kennedy, Simon Wigg and Simon Cross were all stars . THE WRITE STUFF – RICHARD CLARK (part 2) In this concluding part of his in-depth interview with the longest-serving Speedway Star editor, TONY McDONALD finds out (amid the obligatory beers and curry) more about this popular character with many friends in high places. NO PLACE LIKE HOME DOUG NICOLSON looks at venues that might have been worthy additions to the sport in the Backtrack era but, for whatever reason, never became speedway homes. WORLD LONGTRACK FINALS of the 80s In part two of our review of speedway's 'bigger brother', ROB PEASLEY looks back to the 80s, when two English speedway stars added their names to the illustrious roll of honour. We are no longer selling single issues, because we need new subscribers to commit to the magazine. You can subscribe at www.retro-speedway.com
  5. tmc

    Malcolm Ballard

    We'd be keen but first we need to track him down... can anyone offer any pointers, please?
  6. tmc

    Heathens Heroes - NEW!

    Yes, it's Jan O.
  7. tmc

    Heathens Heroes - NEW!

    Check out this review of our HEATHENS HEROES DVD just posted to the highly respected Speedway Plus site... http://www.speedwayplus.com/HeathensDVD.shtml
  8. tmc

    Memories of Hackney Speedway

    I know, sorry. But never say never...
  9. tmc

    Memories of Hackney Speedway

    We've been asked this question more than a few times on various media platforms. We certainly have the footage but I have serious doubts that demand will be there in sufficient numbers to make production worthwhile.
  10. tmc

    Memories of Hackney Speedway

    Fair comment. It was really too fast for its size (345 yards), which increased the risks and became more evident once four-valvers came in (1975 on). Also, in Len Silver's latter years, when his interest in Hackney was clearly waning, the track was nowhere near as consistently immaculate as it had been in previous seasons. Riders complained of an adverse camber developing on the turns, where they would reach a point (about three-quarters from the line) of no return. This discouraged high-risk overtaking and the type of thrilling round-the-boards exploits that were the trademark of Barry Thomas and Dave Morton in their heyday. But at the same time, because all the dirt progressively moved to the outside (where no-one really wanted to venture), and less attention was given to track preparation, racing became less exciting and more processional.
  11. tmc

    Memories of Hackney Speedway

    Without doubt, one of the finest race tracks in British speedway.
  12. We invite you to view the trailer for our Memories of Hackney DVD here: Only £16 (post-free in UK) from us at https://www.retro-speedway.com/homepage
  13. tmc

    Heathens Heroes - NEW!

    Please check out the trailer for our brand new HEATHENS HEROES DVD here: Or here: https://www.retro-speedway.com/homepage Here are the details: HEATHENS HEROES NEW ON DVD - ONLY £16 (post-free in UK) THIS double-disc DVD set is in honour of the famous CRADLEY HEATHENS, a speedway club that rose from humble beginnings as a Third Division outfit in 1947 to become the greatest force in British speedway by the early 80s. After a brief historical overview of their rags to riches success, we meet the superstars and many other heroes who wore the green-and-white and graced the acclaimed Dudley Wood track with pride and distinction. Enjoy breathtaking non-stop action featuring all the great riders doing thrilling battle against Black Country arch-rivals Wolverhampton, plus Coventry and many others from 1979 until Heathens' sad demise at the end of the 1995 season. *Featuring 120+ races, including the last-ever four laps at Cradley Heath. * Race action featuring: IVOR BROWN, BRUCE CRIBB, HOWARD COLE, JOHN BOULGER, MALCOLM CORRADINE, DAVE YOUNGHUSBAND, DAVE PERKS, BRUCE PENHALL, KRISTIAN PRAESTBRO, ERIK GUNDERSEN, PHIL COLLINS, ALAN GRAHAME, ILA TEROMAA, JOHN HACK, DAVID SHIELDS, BENT RASMUSSEN, PETER RAVN, JAN O. PEDERSEN, SIMON WIGG, LANCE KING, STEPHEN COLLINS, SIMON CROSS, PAUL FRY, DEAN BARKER, DAVID WALSH, GREG HANCOCK, BILLY HAMILL, MARK ROBINSON, WAYNE GARRATT, SCOTT SMITH, GERT HANDBERG, ANDY GRAHAME, ANDY PHILLIPS, MORTEN ANDERSEN, PETER NAHLIN, JONATHAN FORSGREN, JOHN WILSON and STEVE KNOTT. * Heathens racing at Dudley Wood and away at: Coventry, Wolverhampton, Belle Vue (Hyde Road & Kirky Lane), Leicester, King's Lynn, Halifax, Poole, Reading, Ipswich, Wimbledon, Arena-Essex, Eastbourne, Peterborough, Middlesbrough, Rye House and Exeter. * Rare, previously unseen colour 8mm cine footage. * Contemporary interviews with the club's five individual World Champions: BRUCE PENHALL, ERIK GUNDERSEN, JAN O. PEDERSEN, GREG HANCOCK and BILLY HAMILL, plus IVOR BROWN, ALAN GRAHAME, SIMON CROSS, GERT HANDBERG, SCOTT SMITH, ANDY GRAHAME, WAYNE GARRATT, MORTEN ANDERSEN and PETER NAHLIN. * Contemporary interviews with promoters DAN McCORMICK, PETER ADAMS and COLIN PRATT. * Running time: Four hours. RETRO SPEEDWAY . . . Keeping great memories alive
  14. MARTIN ROGERS is chomping to start answering your questions for his new BACKCHAT column in the next issue (92) of Backtrack. Got something to get off your chest, or a beef about something that happened in speedway during the 70s and 80s? What did the BSPA do (or fail to do) that gave you the hump and, all these years later, you'd like an explanation for? Well, fire of your questions to Martin via our email at editorial@retro-speedway.com
  15. tmc

    Simon Cross Racing DVD - NEW!

    SIMON CROSS is the 14th former star of the 70s & and 80s to feature in our popular 'Racing' DVD series and having produced them all, I can honestly say that this one gave me as much pleasure as any of them, and more than most. Firstly, of the 117 races crammed into the thrilling two-disc set, the vast majority were new to me, so I didn't know the outcome as I viewed each one for the first time. Most of the races you will see were filmed by local video companies, hardly any were covered by national television cameras. The other big factor that struck me watching 'Crossi' was his sheer determination, willpower and skill. About a third of the races we've captured he didn't actually win . . . but, typical of his honest endeavour and bravery, he invariably pushed those in front of him to the wire and never gave up until the chequered flag. We'll never know if Crossi would have gone all the way and fulfilled his potential to become World Champion if a series of nasty injuries hadn't set him back in his peak years between 1988 and 1991, when he was undoubtedly world class and among the top two Englishmen (mainly vying for that honour with Kelvin Tatum but also Simon Wigg and Jeremy Doncaster). The highlights for me were his brilliant victories from the back over then reigning world number ones Hans Nielsen and Sam Ermolenko, and holding the Dane at bay for four pulsating laps at Hans' home track, Oxford. Gating wasn't Simon's strong suit then but the hard knocks he suffered focused his mind on making sharper starts and reducing the risks in his latter seasons. I hope you will get as much pleasure from this DVD as I did putting it together. It should appeal not only to Cradley supporters who idolised and admired Simon, but speedway fans worldwide who know a real racer when they see one. Tony Mac

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