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  1. tmc

    AGM November 2018

    A basic shortage of quality riders (among other things) has led to the ridiculous over-use of guests and doubling-up. So wouldn't reducing teams from 7 to 6 riders help to ease the above two problems and at the same time reduce the promoters' wage overheads? If not in league matches, then at least adopt it for one of the other competitions. Or why not run a KO Cup using four-man teams, to achieve further wage reductions? Obviously, a tweak of the race format would be necessary but six-man teams were used in the 60s. Or am I being too simplistic?
  2. tmc

    90 Stars of British League DVD

    90 STARS OF BRITISH LEAGUE DOUBLE DISC (4-hour) SET . . . only £16 To commemorate 90 years of British speedway (1928-2018), we present 90 stars of the British League era from 1970 to 1990. Thrill again to classic action footage of many of the all-time greats who graced the top flight when the BL was universally recognised as the greatest league in world speedway. Featuring 17 past individual world champions: Ronnie Moore, Barry Briggs, Ivan Mauger, Ole Olsen, Anders Michanek, Peter Collins, Michael Lee, Bruce Penhall, Erik Gundersen, Hans Nielsen, Per Jonsson, Jan O. Pedersen, Gary Havelock, Sam Ermolenko, Greg Hancock, Billy Hamill and Mark Loram. Plus other track legends of England, Denmark, Sweden, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Poland, Scotland and Finland. 1 Andersson 2 Ashby 3 Autrey 4 Bastable 5 Beaton 6 Betts 7 Boocock E 8 Boocock N 9 Boulger 10 Briggs 11 Carter 12 Cartwright 13 Collins L 14 Collins N 15 Collins Pe 16 Collins Ph 17 Cook J 18 Correy 19 Courtney 20 Cox 21 Cross 22 Crump 23 Davey 24 Davis 25 Doncaster 26 Dugard 27 Ermolenko 28 Evitts 29 Grahame Al 30 Grahame An 31 Gundersen 32 Hamill 33 Hancock 34 Harkins 35 Havelock 36 Jancarz 37 Jansson B 38 Jansson T 39 Jessup 40 Jonsson 41 Jorgensen 42 Karger 43 Kennett G 44 Kilby 45 King 46 Knight 47 Knudsen 48 Lee 49 Lofqvist 50 Loram 51 Louis 52 Lovaas 53 Mauger 54 McMillan 55 Michanek 56 Moore 57 Moran K 58 Moran S 59 Morton C 60 Morton D 61 Nielsen 62 Niemi 63 Nilsen 64 Olsen 65 Owen J 66 Pedersen 67 Penhall 68 Persson 69 Petersen 70 Plech 71 Pusey 72 Ross 73 Sanders 74 Schwartz 75 Shirra 76 Sigalos 77 Simmons 78 Smith A 79 Tatum 80 Thomas 81 Thomsen 82 Thorp 83 Titman 84 Valentine 85 Wigg 86 Wilkinson 87 Wilson Ray 88 Wilson Reg 89 Wiltshire 90 Wyer Let the arguments begin . . .!
  3. tmc

    Simmo how is he remembered?

    You could say the same about Peter Collins and Dave Morton, to name just to who spring to mind (Mort admitted as much in his book). But it's always Simmo that gets singled out. As I say, he's made himself an easy target. Even Crumpie admitted Newport was a death-trap.
  4. tmc

    Simmo how is he remembered?

    He loved going there after he joined Poole, when it became a 'local derby'.
  5. tmc

    Simmo how is he remembered?

    Doubt you could defame Simmo more than he did himself. At least he had the balls to come out and admit his flaws and wrongdoings (well, most of them!) instead of trying to project a false image way beyond his racing days. The negative responses on this thread are virtually all of his own making, because those opinions are largely based on his own admissions. I'm sure people would think much less kindly on quite a few other big names if they had bared their souls with equal transparency but I don't blame them for not doing so. Believe me, there were other equally damning things Simmo wanted to put in his book but I advised him not to disclose. The mind boggles! I'm naturally biased, because he was always very good for Retro Speedway, but his genuine love for speedway and motorcycling in general never left him. When he became terminally ill, I suggested we drop his Backtrack column because he clearly had more important things to worry about. But he was indignant and insisted we carried on for as long as possible - one of his last pieces, I believe, was in support of the Iwade (Sittingbourne) training track. He cared deeply about how speedway has been mismanaged in the UK and expressed his very well founded fears in typical forthright fashion. Simmo earned a lot of money out of speedway (and wasted most of it) but he also gave a lot back and there are plenty of younger riders who benefited from his knowledge and experience. I will have nothing but fond memories of one of British speedway's all-time greats.
  6. tmc

    Simmo how is he remembered?

    Our new London Speedway Tracks & Teams DVD has footage of Simmo (and other Hammers and Dons) competing in this very meeting covered above in such depth...
  7. 2018 AUTUMN EDITION Welcome to issue 42 of our quarterly magazine MIRAC: Man of the People Following the death of New Zealand and Wimbledon legend Ronnie Moore, TONY McDONALD looks back on the life and times of a man many rate as the greatest speedway rider of all-time. We also present a list of the 42 UK tracks 'Mirac' rode at between 1950 and his final farewell in 1974. Plus, Ronnie's Timeline – from birth in Hobart, Tasmania in 1933, via two individual world titles, a host of other domestic success, Dons glory and the life-threatening crash that ended his career, up to his sad passing in August, 2018, aged 85. BOB ANDREWS – exclusive interview Former Cradley Heath, Hackney and Wimbledon star Bob Andrews on his quest to finally be reunited with the World Pairs trophy – nearly 50 years after he and Ivan Mauger won it for New Zealand in Sweden on the most glorious night of Bob's career. DICK BRADLEY – exclusive interview Former Bristol star and world finalist Dick Bradley was a reluctant hero when England came calling. But, as PHIL CHARD recalls, the 1952 Test against Australia at Harringay turned out to be the greatest night of his career. MIKE ERSKINE: Man of many parts JOHN CHAPLIN reflects on the multi-talented achievements of old Etonian Mike Erskine, a mechanical boffin whose engineering skills helped transform other riders into stars. MICK HANDLEY – exclusive interview Mick Handley had his local Black Country clubs Wolverhampton and Cradley Heath vying for his services but, as ROB PEASLEY explains, it was the chance to shine for Crayford's new second division Highwaymen that proved a shot in the arm . . . WHITE SPIRIT Coming up for 50 years since Glasgow White City staged its last speedway meeting, DOUG NICOLSON looks at the life and times of his spiritual home, where Tommy Miller, Junior Bainbridge, Ken McKinlay, Charlie Monk and Jim McMillan were among legends in stripes. BRADFORD: 50 Memorable Moments Bradford’s huge Odsal Stadium later became the venue of the 1985 and 1990 World Finals, after a million-pound investment from Bradford Council. ROB PEASLEY looks back at the origins of the sport in the city, when the likes of Arthur Forrest, Ron Clarke, Eddie Rigg and Jack Biggs were heroes. Plus . . . obits on Bob Dugard, Joe Weichlbauer and Kevin Hayden, crossword, your letters and full-page 1968 King's Lynn team photo. To order this single edition or subscribe for a year for a silly amount, please visit us at www.retro-speedway.com or phone Susie on 01708 734 502.
  8. ISSUE 88 (SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER, 2018) RONNIE MOORE – HUMBLE HERO MARTIN ROGERS leads the tributes to one of the greatest, a track giant always spoken about in reverential terms by his peers and supporters alike. The double World Champion and Wimbledon legend passed away in his native Christchurch, New Zealand on August 18, 2018, aged 85. Martin writes: "Statistics can be twisted and turned to prove or disprove anything, armchair pundits can believe whatever they want, but if you take the word of Ivan Mauger and Briggo, who won 10 individual world titles between them, there was nobody like Ronnie." BOB DUGARD – MISTER EASTBOURNE Bobby Dugard, the man who kept Eastbourne Eagles flying higher and longer than anyone, died, aged 76, on August 5, 2018. Former Eastbourne co-promoter and team manager RUSSELL LANNING pays tribute to his old mentor and inspiration and looks back on four meetings that encapsulate his memories of Bob. Readers also express their views on the irreplaceable Arlington legend. Russ writes: "Underneath that hard-as-nails exterior was the softest, most gentle generous guy who was happiest sitting in the background watching ‘his’ team take the plaudits. His passion to create successful sides also gelled with his love of producing a track surface that the majority of the current British circuit curators could only dream about. He knew every inch of every track he worked on." THAT WAS THE YEAR: 1981 Looking back on another momentous year with ANDREW SKEELS, who recalls the sudden decline in England's fortunes and the rise of the Danes, dominant Bruce Penhall in the last Wembley final, first championships for Cradley Heath and Middlesbrough, and the closure of Hull . . . REG LUCKHURST – Exclusive interview PHIL CHARD talks to a seasoned performer with Wimbledon, West Ham and Canterbury who was a hit on and off track. Reg reflects on his successful time as a recording artist, signing tunes such as Your Cheatin' Heart and In The Misty Moonlight. Reg says: “They promoted it on Housewives’ Choice (a popular BBC radio record request programme), Radio Luxembourg and Radio London and Colin asked: ‘Is there any other way you can promote it?’ “I said: ‘if you take a record to every speedway track in the country and say I’ll sign the disc for everyone who buys it at the speedway track, that’ll do for a start', and it did go down well. “We sold 11,000 records in a week. Decca couldn’t believe it. They hadn’t heard of anyone like me making a record for the first time selling 11,000 that fast before. “We got 6d a record (37 pence today) and the Decca sales director said: ‘Would you like to record another one?’" 'Lucky' also talks about building his own speedway practice track in his native Kent, shares his thoughts on the racing careers of his sons Jamie and Jeremy, and why he regretted managing Canterbury. CREWE: 50 Memorable Moments Speedway ran at Crewe for only eight seasons, from 1969 to 1976, but as ROB PEASLEY recalls, Kings were crowned league and cup double winners and featured second tier stars including Geoff Curtis, record-breaking Barry Meeks, Phil Crump, John Jackson, Dave Morton, Garry Flood, Jack Millen TONY LOMAS – Exclusive interview (Part 2) After earning international acclaim with his local club Coventry and winning the BL title with Exeter, Tony Lomas lost enthusiasm for the sport and ended up walking out on Leicester. But as he explains in the second and final part of his candid interview with TONY McDONALD, a spell back in the second tier with Stoke rekindled the flame before safety concerns convinced him to retire. Tony also explains the 'secrets' of his lightning gating technique, the effect the death of former team-mate Kevin Holden had on the Lomas family, how and why the Midland Riders' Championship was "fixed". Tony says: "I went to one or two of the other riders and told them: 'It's a death-trap and I'm not going to ride but if you choose to do so, it's up to you'. They said: 'Oh yeah, we'll back you up' but, of course, as it got closer to the start of the meeting, they were all putting their leathers on. "I had my leathers on too but then I thought, 'do I bloody well need this?'. I said to Kevin Ellery, my mechanic – he was a bricklayer from Rugby and in the close season I worked for him as a hod carrier: 'Go and get my bikes, we're going home'. "My leathers were down around my knees when Ron Wilson came rushing into the dressing room and said: 'What the hell are you doing?' I replied: 'I'm getting changed and then going home – I'm finished'. "I was just about to drive out of the car park when I met Ivan (Mauger), who was just arriving – Exeter were on second in the meeting. I told him what had happened and that I'd had enough, and he said: 'If you feel like that, it's probably the best thing to do, otherwise you could hurt yourself'." Here come the . . . CZECHS In the last of the series, MARTIN ROGERS looks back at the impact of the bouncing Czechs who invariably delivered high thrills and spills, if not always best results. Featured riders include Antonin Kasper, Jiri Stancl, Vaclav and Jan Verner, Zdenek Kudrna, Ales Dryml and Milan Spinka. Readers also remember their favourite Czechs, with mentions for Emil Sova and the touring team that rocked Romford. BEST & WORST DOUG NICOLSON trawled the record books for biggest wins and losses in the British League and National League years (1970-90) and figured out that Happiness Wasn't Always 40-38. THE WRITE STUFF – JOHN CHAPLIN TONY McDONALD talks to the prolific author, former magazine editor and publisher and, at 84, still a weekly columnist who made it his mission to preserve speedway's history. Defending himself over his controversial Ivan Mauger book, John says: "I sent a complete disk of the narrative of that book to Ivan well in advance of publication, so he had ample time to object to anything I had written. He didn’t. And I respected him even more for that. "Incidentally, I have had a good relationship with the Mauger family for many years and still do. And I regret not a single word that appears in that book and there has never been any adverse criticism of the content. There is far more positive comment favourable to Ivan than there is negative. It is a book I am intensely proud of." WHATEVER HAPPENED TO . . . STUART ULPH MARTIN NEAL catches up with the former Sheffield and Doncaster prospect whose short-lived racing career was effectively ended by a crash. Stuart says: “I once rode at Belle Vue in a bloody thunderstorm! It was tanking it down and by the time you’d got 100 yards out of the gate you couldn’t see where you were going and you had to take your goggles off. We didn’t worry about that, though – we weren’t bothered about getting our fancy leathers dirty! “You were all mates back then. If your bike broke down, before the two minutes were up there was somebody out there saying: ‘Here, take my bike’. I used to carry spare sprockets and if anyone wanted to borrow one, I used to lend them it. Now they hardly even talk to each other." To order this single issue or subscribe for £22 a year (UK), please visit www.retro-speedway.com
  9. tmc

    Ronnie Moore on UK tracks

    Update to the original list . . . Ronnie Moore's first appearance at Rye House was on Sunday August 28, 1960, the opening of the 'new' track. He appeared in a series of match-races v Mike Broadbank before watching the Ronnie Moore All Star Trophy, which was won by Tommy Sweetman (whose son, Chris, confirmed these details): Champions’ Match Race Ht1 Mike Broadbanks bt Ronnie Moore 70.4* Ht2 Ronnie Moore bt Mike Broadbanks 73.0 Ht3 Ronnie Moore bt Mike Broadbanks 73.2
  10. tmc

    Retro speedway DVD`s

    LONDON SPEEDWAY TRACKS & TEAMS IT'S RAW, IT'S RARE, IT'S RETRO! THANKS to very rare and previously unseen 8mm cine footage from the 60 and 70s, plus video film from the 80s, you can now relive magical memories of speedway at sadly defunct London venues Hackney, West Ham, Wimbledon, White City and Wembley on this unique double-disc set. Featuring more than 200 races from 40+ meetings, plus 90 London riders and many other opponents, including: HACKNEY HAWKS v HAMMERS (1968) WCQR (1968) England v Poland (1974) HAWKS v Oxford (1974 & 1975) Oxford v HAWKS (1974) GOLDEN JUBILEE (1978) Berwick v HACKNEY (1985 & 1986) Colin Pratt, Gerry Jackson, Roy Trigg, Les McGillivray, Malcolm Brown, Barry Thomas, Dag Lovaas, Dave Morton, Christer Lofqvist, Mike Broadbank, Dave Kennett, Steve Lomas, Laurie Etheridge, Ted Hubbard, Zenon Plech, Finn Thomsen, Bo Petersen, Vic Harding, Bent Rasmussen, Bobby McNeil, Jens Rasmussen, Toni Kasper, John Titman, Sean Willmott, Martin Hagon, Andy Galvin, Paul Bosley, Trevor Banks, Paul Whittaker. WEST HAM HAMMERS v Swindon (1966) Rye House v HAMMERS (1966) England v USSR (1966 & 1968) HAMMERS v Newcastle (1968) HAMMERS v Coatbridge (1969) HAMMERS v Belle Vue (1970) Ken McKinlay, Sverre Harrfeldt, Norman Hunter, Malcolm Simmons, Brian Leonard, Tony Clarke, Reg Trott, Ted Ede, Ray Wickett, Stan Stevens, George Barclay, Christer Lofqvist, Olle Nygren, Martyn Piddock, Garry Hay. WIMBLEDON DONS v Belle Vue (1960, starring Peter Craven) DONS v HAMMERS (1965 x 2 & 1966) DONS v HAWKS (1965 & 1982) WILLS INTERNATIONALE (1966, 1974 & 1975) Belle Vue v DONS (1977) Oxford v DONS (1974 & 1975) DONS v Poole (1983) Arena-Essex v DONS (1989) DONS v Ipswich (1989) DONS v Eastbourne (1989) Ronnie Moore, Olle Nygren, Reg Luckhurst, Trevor Hedge, Jim Tebby, Bob Dugard, Johnny Edwards, Barry Briggs, Tommy Jansson, Larry Ross, Bert Harkins, Graeme Stapleton, Barry Crowson, Mick Hines, Roger Johns, Colin Richardson, Stefan Salomonsson, Rudy Muts, Malcolm Simmons, Dave Jessup, Kai Niemi, Anders Eriksson, Brad Oxley, Kelvin Tatum, Mike Ferreira, Alan Mogridge, Ari Koponen, Todd Wiltshire, Ray Morton, Neville Tatum, Nathan Simpson, Rodney Payne, Scott Humphries, Paul Woods (guest). WHITE CITY World Team Cup Final (1976) REBELS v DONS (1977) Wolves v REBELS (1977 BL title decider) REBELS v HAWKS (1978) Mildenhall v REBELS (1978) Gordon Kennett, Steve Weatherley, Kai Niemi, Trevor Geer, Marek Cieslak, Mike Sampson, Paul Gachet, Dave Kennett, Andrzej Jurczynski. WEMBLEY LIONS away to Leicester (1971) England v Sweden (1973 inc Christer Lofqvist) World Final practice sessions (1967, 1969 & 1981) Bert Harkins, Sverre Harrfeldt, Brian Leonard, Brian Collins, Tony Clarke. If you can spare 5.30 mins, please check out this preview . . . and to order for just £16 (UK post-free) please visit www.retro-speedway.com
  11. Many thanks to BL65 for putting together this list of British tracks Ronnie appeared at, along with dates on which he paid his first visit. If there are any others that need to be added (perhaps Division Two venues where he may have appeared in unofficial match-races or open events, etc), then plse let us know. Cheers. Ronnie Moore – First Appearances at British Tracks Aldershot 21 July 1951 Match Races v Trevor Redmond and Geoff Mardon Belle Vue 15 April 1950 Belle Vue v WIMBLEDON (Spring Cup) Birmingham 2 June 1951 Birmingham v WIMBLEDON (National League Division 1) Bradford Odsal 17 June 1950 Bradford v WIMBLEDON (National League Division )) Bristol 21 April 1950 Bristol v WIMBLEDON (Spring Cup) Coatbridge 17 May 1969 World Championship Qualifying Round (Individual) Coventry 26 September 1950 Brandonapolis (Individual) Cradley Heath 21 April 1951 Midlands v KANGAROOS IChallenge) Edinburgh 18 August 1951 Match Races v Jack Young Exeter 21 April 1969 Exeter v WIMBLEDON (British League) Glasgow White City 4 July 1951 Scots v KIWIS (Challenge) Glasgow Hampden Park 3 July 1970 GREAT BRITAIN v Sweden (International) Hackney 4 July 1969 Hackney v WIMBLEDON (British League Division 1) Halifax 26 April 1969 The Dews Trophy (Individual) Harringay 26 May 1950 Harringay v WIMBLEDON (National League Division 1) Hull 7 August 1974 Hull v COVENTRY (British League Division 1) Ipswich 3 May 1956 Golden Helmet Match Races v Peter Craven King’s Lynn 10 May 1969 King’s Lynn v WIMBLEDON (British League Division 1) Leicester 12 October 1951 Leicester v WIMBLEDON (Challenge) Motherwell 21 May 1954 Motherwell v WIMBLEDON (Challenge) New Cross 12 April 1950 New Cross v WIMBLEDON (Spring Cup) Newcastle 14 July 1969 Newcastle v WIMBLEDON (British League Division 1) Newport 23 May 1969 World Championship Qualifying Round (Individual) Norwich 31 May 1952 Norwich v WIMBLEDON (National League Division 1) Oxford 21 June 1951 Match Races v Ernie Rawlins Plymouth 3 October 1952 Southern Stars v NEW ZEALAND (Challenge) Poole 16 June 1953 Scratch Races Rayleigh 2 July 1955 Rayleigh v WIMBLEDON (Challenge) Reading 29 March 1971 Reading v WIMBLEDON (Metropolitan Gold Cup) St Austell 9 October 1951 Scratch Races Sheffield 8 October 1969 Sheffield v WIMBLEDON (Division 1 KO Cup Final 1st Leg) Southampton 18 August 1953 Southampton v Oxford v WIMBLEDON (2nd Half Challenge) Stoke 1 August 1953 Stoke v WIMBLEDON (National Trophy) Swindon 2 October 1954 Swindon v WIMBLEDON (Challenge) Wembley 18 May 1950 Wembley v WIMBLEDON (National League Division 1) West Ham 27 June 1950 West Ham v WIMBLEDON (National League Division 1) White City London 25 May 1954 Match Races v Cyril Roger and Freddie Williams Wigan 20 June 1952 Wigan v NEW ZEALAND (Challenge) Wimbledon 27 March 1950 Junior Scratch Races Wolverhampton 26 September 1969 Pride of the Midlands Trophy (Individual) Yarmouth 18 August 1951 Match Races v Jack Young
  12. HERE COME THE . . . CZECHS In the next issue (88) of Backtrack, Martin Rogers will be looking back at the Czech Republic riders who competed in the British League between 1970 and 1990.in the 70s & 80s... Alongside the main piece will be a section of supporters' comments about the Czechs who raced in the UK during that era, so please either post your personal recollections, anecdotes, memories or opinions here or email us at: editorial@retro-speedway.com As well as the recognised big names, Antonin Kasper Snr and Jnr, Jiri Stancl, Vaclav and Jan Verner, Zdenek Kudrna, Ales Dryml and Petr Ondrasik, what do you recall of lesser lights such as Emil Sova, Ladislav Hradecky, Zdenek 'Sam' Tesar, Bo Brhel, etc? Or perhaps your most vivid memories relate to one of the many international tour matches raced in Britain at BL2/NL level, when the 'bouncing Czechs' were usually guaranteed to enliven proceedings? We look forward to hearing from you ASAP – respond and you might well get your name in Backtrack! Thanks, Tony Mac
  13. VERY sad news from New Zealand, where former double World Champion Ronnie Moore has been diagnosed with incurable lung cancer after seeing specialists in his home city of Christchurch. The Wimbledon legend, 85, recently spent three days in hospital and is now set to undergo radiotherapy treatment to ease his breathing, although not cure his terminal illness. Obviously, our thoughts go out to Ronnie - probably the most popular World Champion ever - and his family at this very difficult time.
  14. tmc

    Retro speedway DVD`s

    Our brand new DVD out this week.... all about a once top notch world event that the FIM diluted to nothing. Love the emotive line from Chris Morton: "A couple of scraggy-arsed kids from Partington beat the world." £20 for an epic 6 hours of action and candid interviews from www.retro-speedway.com

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