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  1. tmc

    Malcolm Ballard

    We'd be keen but first we need to track him down... can anyone offer any pointers, please?
  2. tmc

    Heathens Heroes - NEW!

    Yes, it's Jan O.
  3. tmc

    Heathens Heroes - NEW!

    Check out this review of our HEATHENS HEROES DVD just posted to the highly respected Speedway Plus site... http://www.speedwayplus.com/HeathensDVD.shtml
  4. tmc

    Memories of Hackney Speedway

    I know, sorry. But never say never...
  5. tmc

    Memories of Hackney Speedway

    We've been asked this question more than a few times on various media platforms. We certainly have the footage but I have serious doubts that demand will be there in sufficient numbers to make production worthwhile.
  6. tmc

    Memories of Hackney Speedway

    Fair comment. It was really too fast for its size (345 yards), which increased the risks and became more evident once four-valvers came in (1975 on). Also, in Len Silver's latter years, when his interest in Hackney was clearly waning, the track was nowhere near as consistently immaculate as it had been in previous seasons. Riders complained of an adverse camber developing on the turns, where they would reach a point (about three-quarters from the line) of no return. This discouraged high-risk overtaking and the type of thrilling round-the-boards exploits that were the trademark of Barry Thomas and Dave Morton in their heyday. But at the same time, because all the dirt progressively moved to the outside (where no-one really wanted to venture), and less attention was given to track preparation, racing became less exciting and more processional.
  7. tmc

    Memories of Hackney Speedway

    Without doubt, one of the finest race tracks in British speedway.
  8. We invite you to view the trailer for our Memories of Hackney DVD here: Only £16 (post-free in UK) from us at https://www.retro-speedway.com/homepage
  9. tmc

    Heathens Heroes - NEW!

    Please check out the trailer for our brand new HEATHENS HEROES DVD here: Or here: https://www.retro-speedway.com/homepage Here are the details: HEATHENS HEROES NEW ON DVD - ONLY £16 (post-free in UK) THIS double-disc DVD set is in honour of the famous CRADLEY HEATHENS, a speedway club that rose from humble beginnings as a Third Division outfit in 1947 to become the greatest force in British speedway by the early 80s. After a brief historical overview of their rags to riches success, we meet the superstars and many other heroes who wore the green-and-white and graced the acclaimed Dudley Wood track with pride and distinction. Enjoy breathtaking non-stop action featuring all the great riders doing thrilling battle against Black Country arch-rivals Wolverhampton, plus Coventry and many others from 1979 until Heathens' sad demise at the end of the 1995 season. *Featuring 120+ races, including the last-ever four laps at Cradley Heath. * Race action featuring: IVOR BROWN, BRUCE CRIBB, HOWARD COLE, JOHN BOULGER, MALCOLM CORRADINE, DAVE YOUNGHUSBAND, DAVE PERKS, BRUCE PENHALL, KRISTIAN PRAESTBRO, ERIK GUNDERSEN, PHIL COLLINS, ALAN GRAHAME, ILA TEROMAA, JOHN HACK, DAVID SHIELDS, BENT RASMUSSEN, PETER RAVN, JAN O. PEDERSEN, SIMON WIGG, LANCE KING, STEPHEN COLLINS, SIMON CROSS, PAUL FRY, DEAN BARKER, DAVID WALSH, GREG HANCOCK, BILLY HAMILL, MARK ROBINSON, WAYNE GARRATT, SCOTT SMITH, GERT HANDBERG, ANDY GRAHAME, ANDY PHILLIPS, MORTEN ANDERSEN, PETER NAHLIN, JONATHAN FORSGREN, JOHN WILSON and STEVE KNOTT. * Heathens racing at Dudley Wood and away at: Coventry, Wolverhampton, Belle Vue (Hyde Road & Kirky Lane), Leicester, King's Lynn, Halifax, Poole, Reading, Ipswich, Wimbledon, Arena-Essex, Eastbourne, Peterborough, Middlesbrough, Rye House and Exeter. * Rare, previously unseen colour 8mm cine footage. * Contemporary interviews with the club's five individual World Champions: BRUCE PENHALL, ERIK GUNDERSEN, JAN O. PEDERSEN, GREG HANCOCK and BILLY HAMILL, plus IVOR BROWN, ALAN GRAHAME, SIMON CROSS, GERT HANDBERG, SCOTT SMITH, ANDY GRAHAME, WAYNE GARRATT, MORTEN ANDERSEN and PETER NAHLIN. * Contemporary interviews with promoters DAN McCORMICK, PETER ADAMS and COLIN PRATT. * Running time: Four hours. RETRO SPEEDWAY . . . Keeping great memories alive
  10. MARTIN ROGERS is chomping to start answering your questions for his new BACKCHAT column in the next issue (92) of Backtrack. Got something to get off your chest, or a beef about something that happened in speedway during the 70s and 80s? What did the BSPA do (or fail to do) that gave you the hump and, all these years later, you'd like an explanation for? Well, fire of your questions to Martin via our email at editorial@retro-speedway.com
  11. tmc

    Simon Cross Racing DVD - NEW!

    SIMON CROSS is the 14th former star of the 70s & and 80s to feature in our popular 'Racing' DVD series and having produced them all, I can honestly say that this one gave me as much pleasure as any of them, and more than most. Firstly, of the 117 races crammed into the thrilling two-disc set, the vast majority were new to me, so I didn't know the outcome as I viewed each one for the first time. Most of the races you will see were filmed by local video companies, hardly any were covered by national television cameras. The other big factor that struck me watching 'Crossi' was his sheer determination, willpower and skill. About a third of the races we've captured he didn't actually win . . . but, typical of his honest endeavour and bravery, he invariably pushed those in front of him to the wire and never gave up until the chequered flag. We'll never know if Crossi would have gone all the way and fulfilled his potential to become World Champion if a series of nasty injuries hadn't set him back in his peak years between 1988 and 1991, when he was undoubtedly world class and among the top two Englishmen (mainly vying for that honour with Kelvin Tatum but also Simon Wigg and Jeremy Doncaster). The highlights for me were his brilliant victories from the back over then reigning world number ones Hans Nielsen and Sam Ermolenko, and holding the Dane at bay for four pulsating laps at Hans' home track, Oxford. Gating wasn't Simon's strong suit then but the hard knocks he suffered focused his mind on making sharper starts and reducing the risks in his latter seasons. I hope you will get as much pleasure from this DVD as I did putting it together. It should appeal not only to Cradley supporters who idolised and admired Simon, but speedway fans worldwide who know a real racer when they see one. Tony Mac
  12. SIMON CROSS RACING The ultimate DVD collection ONLY £16 (post-free in UK) Please view the trailer here: SIMON CROSS was one of the most exciting English riders of his generation. A teenage grasstrack star, he began his speedway career with Oxford (1982) and had a second season in the National League with Weymouth (1983) before steeping up into the big-time with reigning British League champions Cradley Heath. In his 12 seasons with the Heathens (1984-95), 'Crossi' played a prominent role in the Midlands outfit winning a host of domestic honours alongside fellow club legends Erik Gundersen, Alan Grahame, Jan O. Pedersen, Greg Hancock and Billy Hamill. Whenever and wherever Simon was on track, he set pulses racing with breathtaking manoeuvres that thrilled the crowds during speedway's last golden era. Even in the races he didn't quite manage to win, his courage and never-say-die determination earnt him many vital points from the back. This tenacity became the hallmark of his illustrious 15-year racing career. This highly collectable double-disc set of non-stop action and contemporary interviews with Simon, lasting almost four hours and featuring 117 races, includes: * Crossi in action home and away for Cradley Heathens. * Racing his heart out for England in Test matches against Denmark and USA. * Admire his courage and skill as he passes reigning World Champions Hans Nielsen and Sam Ermolenko in separate races at Dudley Wood. * Competing against the world's best in individual World Championship rounds. * Winning the 1988 Overseas Final – his biggest individual victory. * His horrific first race crash in the 1989 World Team Cup that tragically ended the career of his club-mate Erik Gundersen and totally overshadowed England's win. * His near career-ending spill in the 1990 World Pairs Final (when partnered with Kelvin Tatum) that almost left him paralysed. * How he bravely fought back to regain star status at Cradley and a return to the national team. * A race for his only Polish club, Start Gnieszno, in 1992. * Early National League rides as a teenager for Oxford Cheetahs and Weymouth Wildcats. * Still serving up a feast of thrills, Crossi in his final (1996) season with Coventry Bees. RETRO SPEEDWAY . . . Keeping great memories alive To view a 5-minute trailer and then hopefully order this DVD, please visit us at: https://www.retro-speedway.com/homepage
  13. 2019 SPRING EDITION Welcome to issue 44 of our quarterly retro magazine. Here's a taster of what's inside . . . MIKE POLUKARD – First Pole at Wembley ROMAN CHYLA looks back at the history-making exploits of his fellow countryman Mike Polukard, who literally sacrificed his life trying to help others achieve the stardom he earned at Bydgoszcz and for Poland on the international front. OXFORD: 50 Memorable Moments ROB PEASLEY looks back at the early years of Oxford Cheetahs, when the likes of Pat Clarke, Ronnie Genz, Arne Pander and Ron How were the Kings of Cowley and the National League championship came to Sandy Lane. DANNY TAYLOR – From fan to boss Nowadays most promoters have a main business outside the sport and treat their club as a glorified hobby. But it wasn’t always like that. Right up to the 90s, speedway was often the promoters’ only source of income. DOUG NICOLSON looks at the life and times of Danny Taylor, who, although he passed away 50 years ago, is still fondly remembered at Glasgow and Berwick. PETER LLOYD – exclusive interview PHIL CHARD talks to unsung rider Peter Lloyd, who had spells riding trials, grasstracks and even car racing as well as a multitude of speedway clubs, including Middlesbrough, Newcastle and Poole. STANISLAV KUBICEK – exclusive interview VITEK FORMANEK catches up with Stanislav Kubíček, one of the most outstanding Czech riders of his generation. He starred for the 1963 World Team Cup Final silver medalists who finished ahead of Great Britain in Vienna. YESTERDAY'S NEWS In our new series, TONY McDONALD raids Retro Speedway's vast archives and looks back at publications and what they were writing about. First up we've got extracts from 1953 and 1958 editions of Speedway World and one from a 1965 Speedway Pictorial. IVAN'S FINAL LAP Poignant family pictures from the a private ceremony in Woolston Cemetery, where Ivan Mauger's ashes were interned at his spiritual home in Christchurch, New Zealand. RONNIE'S WALL OF DEATH REVIVAL Chris Martin, a Weymouth rider in the early 80s, recalls the honour of riding Ronnie Moore's old Wall of Death fairground attraction in their native New Zealand. Plus . . . pictures from the annual Celebration of Speedway event, obits on Don Cuppleditch, Miroslav Verner and Jim Purdey, crossword, your letters and a full-page team photo of the 1969 Reading Racers. To order this issue, or to subscribe for as little as £16 a year in the UK, please visit us at www.retro-speedway.com/
  14. tmc

    John Chaplin

    Very sad to hear this - John has been a highly valued and dedicated contributor to our Classic Speedway magazine since its inception in 2008. A brief tribute appears here: https://www.retro-speedway.com/homepage
  15. One per issue would be fine, Steve. It's good that you take an interest and actively get involved.

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