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    Married to the adorable Margaret for 56 years
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    Classical, brass, Lancs & Yorks folk, country
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    Reformed Inland Revenue official.

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    If I'm not here I'm somwhere else
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    Chamber Music, my family and friends, literature, speedway [not necessarily in that order!]
  1. Ron Butler

    Riders And Teams

    Twice nightly at 6.00 and 8.00 live on stage at the London Palladium?
  2. Ron Butler

    Riders And Teams

    It wouldn't be the first time that Jon has ridden for Belle Vue, Rami. Some years ago he regularly appeared in the Elite team.
  3. Ron Butler

    Confirmed Signings For 2011

    Can Belle Vue 'Colts' be added to the list, please. The promoters confirmed their intention to run at the recent National League AGM. I don't the names of any riders yet but there are a thriving bunch of eager lads who regularly ride second-halves at Manchester.
  4. Ron Butler

    Riders And Teams

    Belle Vue have now officially confirmed that they will be running a team - Belle Vue 'Colts' - in the 2011 National League. Whilst this primarily to aid the development of their present juniors it may be that they would need some men with greater experience to fill a gap or two.
  5. This is something I've advocated since the mid-sixties!
  6. Greetings Steve. I think you are in error by implying that Peterborough 'have a large wad in the bank'. Their stated reasons for withdrawing from competing in the Elite League were purely due to cost. It was further stated that they wished to continue presenting speedway in the town and were hoping to compete in the Premier League or even the National. Apparently it remains to be seen whether the masters of the sport will allow this. As for the conduct of Avtar Sandhu at Coventry. The man is a disgrace to the sport, I remember well what a great club the Bees were under the control of Charles Ochiltree. Sadly, those days are long gone and are just a distant memory. Regards, Ron.
  7. Ron Butler

    Nl Agm Cancelled?

    I fear that any further downturn could, to all intents and purposes, prove terminal.
  8. Ron Butler

    Nl Agm Cancelled?

    Could be rephrased as 'About time some had a clout behind them'? I jest! Ron.
  9. Ron Butler

    Nl Agm Cancelled?

    I haven't read or heard any reports that it has.
  10. Ron Butler

    The Real Matt Ford

    That would be a strange correlation even if were factual. Assuming you to be of sound mind; how can you relate the imminent death of a small child to any sport?
  11. Ron Butler

    Agm This Weekend

    Probably read club websites and subscribe to the Speedway Star. The latter would make Philip Rising an extremely happy man!
  12. Ron Butler

    Agm This Weekend

    Thanks for that, Jules. Maybe Belle Vue will throw at curveball to their loyal and devoted fans next season! Here's hoping. Regards, Ron.
  13. Ron Butler

    Agm This Weekend

    a 'curveball' Dogstar - what's that?. It's not in my oldie vocabulary! Might be worth adding it.
  14. Ron Butler

    Unofficial Fans Forums

    Belle Vue fans site is www.belle-vue-speedway.co.uk
  15. Ron Butler

    Henning Loof

    Thanks for the info, Shawn. I didn't know that. It's a really good rule though. Regards, Ron.

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