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  1. TBH didn't expect a win last night, and sure enough a sickening 1 point loss. That was a very good Lakeside team, and when you get Bowtell going, will be hard to beat anywhere. Think I found the Peterborough loss harder to take. I think we all know where the problems are at the moment, the lack of fixtures going forward is a worry if we go out of the other cup as well, so possibly if RH and CL can get a decent guest in for Nico who will back up Danny and Rory, it might take the pressure off a bit and get Cam, Connor and Danyon going. Our reserves are probably the weakest in the league so that doesn't help.
  2. Taken from Witches website https://ipswichwitches.co/preview-ipswich-v-lakeside-championship-shield-2/ Will we face another loss, or turn up to the party
  3. We've had to forego 2 Thursday night racing, (our reserved rain off nights) due to Swindon grabbing them first and as the fixtures would have been against lakeside, we've had to rearrange for Saturday night as half lakeside team rides for Swindon. So Rob I agree,
  4. And the high flying Nick Morris Adam Ellis rode last night, tonight and tomorrow night so really in the groove
  5. Poole 2018

    And this one
  6. Sorry but this made me chuckle
  7. Think he's a Norfolk Dumpling Baggy will probably confirm
  8. Can only see a massive home win sadly, unless CL can prime the riders how to successfully ride this track
  9. Indeed. Unfortunately it's the Swindon Lakeside tie up that's been the problem, most other teams it wouldn't have been so hard, but with the PL team riding several times on the off PL night, has caused this confusion.
  10. Don't forget to come to stadium via junction 58 tonight, to avoid roadworks. Ignore road ahead closed notice at bell lane
  11. Poole 2018

    On Twitter @SpeedwayGB
  12. Make sure you get your shots Scotty
  13. Got your wish, new date now April 21st
  14. The sun has got his hat on hip hip hooray. Think it'll be chilly tonight though so wrap up warm, and see you all there
  15. Unfortunately a precedent has been set over these rematches, think the idea was to run 12th April, now the PL has been allowed to encroach on our nights, the few that they were given permission to run on Thursdays will probably grow
  16. Sorry TBH I thought it was strange that Henry hadn't amended the website, should have known
  17. Just gone on SGB site, it seems this replay is on May 3rd and return May 4th
  18. Right on time, just started drizzling here in Ipswich
  19. You got your wish meeting postponed
  20. Well I for one wouldn't want to be in chris louis' shoes this morning, that's for sure.
  21. Not as far as I know, certainly gates open at 1.15
  22. You just have to look at the Poole v Somerset thread for your answer tbh. This morning calling for it to be off, then it was called off, now they are crying, forecast has changed so perhaps wrong to call off. By their very nature, it would appear speedway fans are weird. If a promoter calls off early, you will have conspiracy theories winging about, and if they try to get it on, but get defeated by the weather, they get it in the neck for putting money before fans. Can't win, springs to mind
  23. Dear God, we haven't even turned a wheel yet, and potential problems arising already!! Thought the fixed race nights, were supposed to nullify this sort of thing!!
  24. Lol no worries, that image just popped into my mind, you know like doubles tennis players, and now footballers