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    Jason Garrity

  2. Definitely was right decision to move from tonight's running, been foul here all day today. From a personal perspective am certainly glad I'm not going to be standing on the heath tonight, albeit in the pits.
  3. Now been moved to belle vue Monday 28th
  4. I understand several fans, from over the border, wanted to come and watch some decent football
  5. For what it's worth I've heard nothing yet.
  6. Not on our track, unless he's changed his mindset/equipment from the past
  7. Dear God, I know you are only replying Bwitcher, but please not on this thread too
  8. Think there will be a British final 2021, which will determine the 2021 Cardiff wildcard, this has no wildcard attached.
  9. Having made your feelings known elsewhere blu it's a good job you're not attending as the do's and don'ts to enable this "test event" to go ahead are massive and would definitely curtail proceedings if people don't do as asked. That's your choice and equally your opinion, but let others enjoy what's on offer if you will.
  10. Because that is the policy that has enabled this event to take place. Just remember this is a test event, and will be closely monitored, and if it's a success you never know we might just get speedway back next season. The hoops that Ipswich are having to jump through for this is unbelievable so please for the sake of the sport please abide by the rules.
  11. It was always going to be unlikely that anyone abroad would return here for one meeting
  12. No disrespect intended in your opinion, but when was the last time Tai and Robert took part, even with this year's current problem? Howarth missing through injury, Scott I suspect his age plus no riding this year, Cook is probably the venue, no idea on Wright. Cast your mind back to last year, who was the star of the meeting? Sadly he's not with us now, but a big name he wasn't but he lit up the meeting #Danny Ayres.
  13. Bit of a long way to come, from Australia, for one meeting but I agree he'd definitely enhance the lineup
  14. Howarth not fit enough after surgery, and cook not been riding so I'm assuming doesn't feel confident enough, plus foxhall is a hit and miss track for him
  15. Sadly it was over subscribed so several people will be having a refund.
  16. Badge

    Ipswich 2020

    Well I hope you strictly adhered to this
  17. Badge

    Poole 2020

    Lol perhaps he didn't need to, I expect he'd sorted everything to his liking beforehand

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