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  1. oleoleole


    Will the season preview edition have a guide/map for the main European leagues? Dont think there’s been one the last couple of years but they were a great point of reference a few years ago for initial planning of trips abroad.
  2. oleoleole

    Norden Stadium

    Peter Adams told us the tale when he was a guest at an NSSC meeting. Peter was driving Bruce and the World Championship trophy to Germany. When they arrived at the ferry Bruce realised he hadn’t got his passport. With no time to return to the Midlands to collect it, and the need to get the trophy to the final, they decided to hide Bruce in the boot and managed to get him through all the checks to Germany. As you can imagine that is a very short version of Peter’s long and very funny story.
  3. I suppose congratulations to Russia but what an awful weekend of speedway. If it's held at the same track next year I won't be wasting two weekend afternoons watching it.......
  4. oleoleole

    Poole 2019

    So Poole have reneged on their promise to stage a round of the British Youth Championships. (All Premiership clubs agreed to hold a round at the AGM). Does anybody know the reason or will there be a reason given? Nothing on the Poole website at the moment. British Youth Speedway statement; "It is with great regret that the Poole Promotion have informed the Young Lions Management that despite agreement at the 2018 AGM, that they will not be able to host a British Youth Championship round during the 2019 season. The Championship Round at Poole was booked in for Thursday 22nd August. Youth Co Ordinator Neil Vatcher said, I am really disappointed that the Poole round will now not be going ahead, as with all the rounds in 2019, I know that the riders were really looking forward to riding at the Premiership venue, but unfortunately this will now not be happening. I am currently in the process of speaking with another venue about possibly hosting a round somewhere else, and am awaiting details on that. I wanted to let all the riders know as soon as possible, as a lot of them were travelling from the North, and either have or were intending on making accommodation arrangements."
  5. oleoleole

    Tommy Knudsen Auction

    A total figure for the evening was £2620.21. This includes the raffle, collection and auction. A great effort from all concerned; Tommy Knudsen, Paul Ackroyd, Lawrence Hare, Joe Owen, Bruce Cribb, the host & auctioneer Peter York and especially the good speedway folk who dug deep in to their pockets to achieve such a great total for such a great cause. Peter York again hosts the next event at the NSSC on 11th July when Bruce Cribb returns to talk at length about his new book which of course will be available to purchase with all profits going to the Ben Fund. Proceeds from entrance fees and raffle on the evening will also be donated to the Ben Fund.
  6. What a great reply. A brilliant piece of information.
  7. A reminder that Gary Guglielmi will be back at Brandon next Thursday (23rd May, 8pm). Chris Durno interviews his boyhood hero in what promises to be a very interesting evening. There's a lot to discuss! Everybody is welcome at these events with a small charge for non-members of £3. All proceeds go to help Neil Vatcher and the Young Lions U16's. We start at 8pm at the Brandon Club, Main Street, Brandon, Coventry, CV8 3HW. The venue is just down the hill on the Rugby side of Brandon and apart from a good bar there's hot drinks and light snacks available. A warm welcome awaits. Come and catch up with familiar faces from the Brandon terraces. For all details please see our website; https://www.nuneatonspeedwaysupportersclub.co.uk
  8. oleoleole

    Plymouth 2019

    I realise it is possible that it could be raining 15 miles away in Plymouth but it's been dry here all day. In fact very warm and sunny and still no rain at 10:30pm. This morning the BBC forecast a band of rain coming in about 6pm. It hasn't happened. Very difficult for all concerned when the forecasts cannot be relied upon. Dissapointed to not have been able to add Plymouth to our list of tracks visited.
  9. oleoleole

    Plymouth 2019

    Down in Devon. Hoping to go tonight to see the Thompson Twins debut but weather looking very dodgy for later. Plymouth's website very underwhelming with mixed messages about Gladiators & Devils and no mention of tonight's meeting. Apologies if I'm missing something but not very impressive or informative.
  10. OK guys. I need some help. At the start of the meetings at Coventry we used to have the Flight of the Bumble Bee followed by a march. What is the piece of music that the track staff used to march out to?
  11. Just to add that Colin Pratt will be joining the ex-riders on the 2nd May and Peter York will be hosting the event. If you are/were a Bees fan come and give us a try. Only £3 entry and lots of familiar faces, from both sides of the safety fence.
  12. If you were a regular at Brandon in the 60's, 70's or 80's you might be interested in the next couple of events at the NSSC. On Thursday 2nd May we welcome some 'old' Bees to the Brandon Club. We are still adding to the list but confirmed starters are; Roy Carter, Cliff Emms, Frank Smith, John Harrhy and Col Smith for an evening of memories and nostalgia. We will also have a display of old bikes and race jackets. Then on Thursday 23rd May Chris Durno meets his boyhood hero Gary Guglielmi. Yes! Gary is back in the country on holiday and very kindly agreed to be our special guest for the evening. Chris will host what promises to be a very interesting evening! Everybody is welcome at these events with a small charge for non-members of £3. All proceeds go to help Neil Vatcher and the Young Lions U16's. Both events start at 8pm at the Brandon Club, Main Street, Brandon, Coventry, CV8 3HW. The venue is just down the hill on the Rugby side of Brandon and apart from a good bar there's hot drinks and light snacks available. A warm welcome awaits. Come and catch up with familiar faces from the Brandon pits and the terraces. For more information please take a look at our website; https://www.nuneatonspeedwaysupportersclub.co.uk
  13. We hold our events all year, usually two a month. Although we moan about the state of our sport it is filled with very good people who are prepared to give up their time and usually at their cost, to entertain and educate us and in doing so raise funds to help Neil Vatcher and GB Youth Speedway. Our next evening at the NSSC (Thursday 25th October at 8pm) is with Peter Adams, who helped guide Tai Woffinden to his historic third World title. Peter has been a couple of times before and has vast knowledge of the sport and its characters. We all remember the smuggling of a passportless Bruce Penhall to Germany story! Everybody is welcome with non-members only charged £3. Our venue, the Brandon Club has a good bar serving everything you'd expect including hot drinks and light snacks. The venue is just down the hill from the stadium; Brandon Club, Main Street, Brandon, Coventry, CV8 3HW. Our next guests are; Tony Steele on 22nd November Scott Nicholls on 6th December For all details; https://www.nuneatonspeedwaysupportersclub.co.uk
  14. oleoleole

    Leicester Lions 2018

    If you fancy spending the evening with Danny King and helping the GB Young Lions at the same time then everybody is welcome at the NSSC this Thursday. "DANNY King, one of Speedway's nice guys, makes a welcome return visit to the NSSC on Thursday 13th September.Having had to sit out most of the 2018 season due to what is proving to be a long-term injury, we hope that Danny can update us on his progress and on his aim to make a full comeback in 2019."The event is at the Brandon Club on Thursday 13th September starts at 8pm.We hope to see you there.Venue: Brandon Club, Main Street, Brandon, CV8 3HWEntrance fee for members £1.00Entrance fee for non-members £3.00
  15. Rob Painter, head of the newly formed GB Speedway team, along with Performance Specialist, Chris Neville and Head of Communications Josh Gudgeon, will be the next guests at the NSSC on Thursday 12th July. A great opportunity to hear their thoughts about the recent Speedway of Nations tournament, and their plans for the future. Everybody is welcome. Non members are charged only £3 for entry with all profits going to the GB Young Lions.The event is at the Brandon Club on Thursday 12th July and starts at 8pm. We hope to see you there. Venue: Brandon Club, Main Street, Brandon, CV8 3HW (Just down the hill from the stadium)

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