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  1. We hold our events all year, usually two a month. Although we moan about the state of our sport it is filled with very good people who are prepared to give up their time and usually at their cost, to entertain and educate us and in doing so raise funds to help Neil Vatcher and GB Youth Speedway. Our next evening at the NSSC (Thursday 25th October at 8pm) is with Peter Adams, who helped guide Tai Woffinden to his historic third World title. Peter has been a couple of times before and has vast knowledge of the sport and its characters. We all remember the smuggling of a passportless Bruce Penhall to Germany story! Everybody is welcome with non-members only charged £3. Our venue, the Brandon Club has a good bar serving everything you'd expect including hot drinks and light snacks. The venue is just down the hill from the stadium; Brandon Club, Main Street, Brandon, Coventry, CV8 3HW. Our next guests are; Tony Steele on 22nd November Scott Nicholls on 6th December For all details; https://www.nuneatonspeedwaysupportersclub.co.uk
  2. oleoleole

    Leicester Lions 2018

    If you fancy spending the evening with Danny King and helping the GB Young Lions at the same time then everybody is welcome at the NSSC this Thursday. "DANNY King, one of Speedway's nice guys, makes a welcome return visit to the NSSC on Thursday 13th September.Having had to sit out most of the 2018 season due to what is proving to be a long-term injury, we hope that Danny can update us on his progress and on his aim to make a full comeback in 2019."The event is at the Brandon Club on Thursday 13th September starts at 8pm.We hope to see you there.Venue: Brandon Club, Main Street, Brandon, CV8 3HWEntrance fee for members £1.00Entrance fee for non-members £3.00
  3. Rob Painter, head of the newly formed GB Speedway team, along with Performance Specialist, Chris Neville and Head of Communications Josh Gudgeon, will be the next guests at the NSSC on Thursday 12th July. A great opportunity to hear their thoughts about the recent Speedway of Nations tournament, and their plans for the future. Everybody is welcome. Non members are charged only £3 for entry with all profits going to the GB Young Lions.The event is at the Brandon Club on Thursday 12th July and starts at 8pm. We hope to see you there. Venue: Brandon Club, Main Street, Brandon, CV8 3HW (Just down the hill from the stadium)
  4. Just to let you know that we had an interesting, absorbing and emotional evening. Robbo picked up a late guest booking at Sheffield so our guests were Paul Ackroyd, Adam Roynon, Garry Stead and Ricky Ashworth. Bert Harkins also supported the event and joined the panel for the second half of the evening. After presenting Ricky and Garry with their 2006 British Final race jackets and framed photos from Jeff Davies the audience were informed and entertained by our guests. Most were surprised as to the lengths the SRBF goes to and the speed with which they offer support to the injured riders' families. The SRBF is unique in the speedway world and should be cherished and supported wherever possible. At the end of the evening we'd collected £410.10 for the Ben' Fund......Bert Harkins drew his own ticket in the raffle......and there was a standing ovation for Ricky Ashworth. The NSSC will round up the collection to £500 and donate it to the Speedway Riders' Benevolent Fund. A huge thank you to our guests and also the audience for giving so generously.
  5. Adam Roynon is still joining us on Thursday night (21st June) despite his recent serious arm and shoulder injuries. Come and join us and show your support for all injured riders who need a bit of financial help. All money raised on the night will be given to the Speedway Riders Benevolent Fund.
  6. The NSSC are holding a special evening to raise funds for the Speedway Riders Benevolent Fund. Our guests are; Paul Ackroyd, Garry Stead, Stuart Robson, Adam Roynon and hopefully Ricky Ashworth. The venue is the Brandon Club, Main Street, Brandon, Coventry CV8 3HW (Just down the hill from the stadium) The date is Thursday 21st June starting at 8pm. Free entry to all but we will be taking donations and holding a bumper raffle to raise funds for the SRBF. Bring plenty of money! We will also be 'returning' their 2006 British Final race jackets to Garry and Ricky. The SRBF needs your support. Come and enjoy an evening of speedway chatter and help the cause. Everybody welcome.
  7. I'm afraid we were never given a reason. This event took a lot of planning and was going to be one of our biggest events of the year so it has been very disappointing. However we do not want to fuel a witch hunt. In the end we had a great evening in the company of the ever professional Steve Brandon with an upbeat update from Jeff Davies on the latest situation at Brandon and a chat with Dan and Joe Thompson on the No Limits programme. For many years we have enjoyed great support from all walks of speedway life. Riders, team managers, referees, promoters and the media. They all give up their time to entertain and inform us and all proceeds from the events go to support Neil Vatcher and the GB Young Lions U16's. We are proud of what our little club achieves and the support we have. Our next event is a welcome return for Somerset's Debbie Hancock on 7th June (no pressure Debbie) We then have a special night on 21st June when all proceeds will be for the Speedway Riders Benevolent Fund. Our guests are Paul Ackroyd, Garry Stead, Stuart Robson and as Paul said one of his best customers, Adam Roynon. We have a couple of surprises planned and a raffle and auction to try and extract as much of your money as possible.
  8. ‪Unfortunately we understand that Keith Chapman is unable to attend tonight's meeting at the NSSC.‬ ‪At this very late notice we are doing our best to fill the guest void.‬ ‪Of course our host, Steve Brandon, will have plenty to say anyway so we will still have an enjoyable evening‬. We hope to see plenty of you there despite being let down so late in the day.
  9. Sorry. Just wanted to get this back to the top of the pile again. We are hoping for a good turnout for this event. It's very good of Keith to give up his evening and give us fans the opportunity to discuss the current state of British Speedway and its future. Everybody is welcome, only £3 entry and all money raised goes to help GB Youth speedway.
  10. For those of you who live within striking distance of Brandon you might want to make a note of this date in your diaries. Thursday 24th May, start time 7:45. Steve Brandon (BT Sport) will be hosting the evening and interviewing the BSPA Chairman, Keith Chapman. Everybody is welcome to attend with non-members only £3 and all proceeds to help Neil Vatcher and the GB Young Lions. The venue is The Brandon Club, Main Street, Brandon, Coventry, CV8 3HW (just down the hill from the stadium). It's a comfortable venue with a good bar (serving a particularly nice pint of Wye Valley's 'Butty Bach') and also serves hot drinks and light snacks. Here's your chance to hear the Chairman's thoughts and also an opportunity to put your questions directly to him. Everything you need to know is here; https://www.nuneatonspeedwaysupportersclub.co.uk Twitter @NSSCspeedway
  11. Peter Oakes visits the NSSC to talk about his association and friendship with the one and only Ivan Mauger.The event is at the Brandon Club on Thursday 3rd May. Tapes up 8pm. Everybody is welcome with all proceeds going to help Neil Vatcher's Young Lions U16's. We hope you can join us. Venue: Brandon Club, Main Street, Brandon, CV8 3HW (just down the road from the stadium) Entrance fee for non-members £3.00 Future dates for your diary; 24th May. BSPA Chairman Keith Chapman interviewed by Steve Brandon. 7th June. Debbie Hancock. A welcome return for the Somerset promoter.
  12. We had a great time with Nigel Pearson and thank him very much for giving up his evening to be our guest. Our next guest is the Poole co-promoter, Gordon Pairman on the 12th April. We are also very pleased to announce that Debbie Hancock, the Somerset promoter, has agreed to be our guest on Thursday 7th June. https://www.nuneatonspeedwaysupportersclub.co.uk
  13. oleoleole


    I hope you've got the location maps for the European leagues. I found them very helpful in the past.
  14. We've got some interesting evenings line up at the NSSC. Starting this Wednesday, 28th March, we turn the tables on Nigel Pearson. Asking him the questions and getting his thoughts on all things speedway. Our next event is on Thursday 12th April when we welcome Poole co-promoter, Gordon Pairman, for his first visit to the NSSC. Then on Thursday 24th May (Save the date!) we are proud to announce a very special evening with the BSPA Chairman Keith Chapman, hosted by Steve Brandon. Everybody is welcome at these events with entry only £3 for non-members. All money raised is for Neil Vatcher's GB Young Lions U16's. With thanks to our guests who very generously give up their time to help us and the Young Lions we recently presented Neil with £2000 for the 2018 season. So come along and support them and British speedway's future riders. All meetings are held at the Brandon Club (just down the road from the stadium) Main Street, Brandon, Coventry, CV8 3HW Start times are normally 8pm but may be earlier for the Brandon/Chapman meeting as there will be a lot to discuss! For all details and more information please visit our website; https://www.nuneatonspeedwaysupportersclub.co.uk
  15. oleoleole

    Coventry Bees Nl ?

    That would be great. I just get a Facebook page saying , "You must log-in to continue". Thanks.

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