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  1. No...Steve Gresham was my Childhood Speedway hero...him and Tormod Langli ;-) Did a bit of digging and there is a Bristol Bulldogs Speedway team facebook page that has all of 143 followers A guy named Shaun Honour bought the rights to have the Bulldogs name and get the team up and running again. Last post was December 25th 2017...saying...'Merry Christmas and a happy new year. 2018 we will be back on track.' Well that didn't happen...so none the wiser as to what's happened. As for sites...Best place would be just off Junction 18 of the M4 where there is already a couple of Moto X tracks.
  2. As someone who got addicted to Speedway with the Bulldogs in 77, I fear we will never see or hear the roar of a speedway bike in Bristol again. I have so many fond memories...it's under my skin and I keep logging back into this forum to keep up to date. However...after the demise of the Bulldogs and then following Swindon, Newport and Somerset around the Country...I'm left in despair. I haven't watched one single meeting this past season...either live or on TV. I'm so depressed with how this sport is run. I can't give it my time or effort...it's a complete farce. However...it feels like a son or daughter who has strayed...and you are still thir for them. You can't help the love...but you know deep down it's totally screwed. So sad...yet so simple to resolve. The sooner the old school promoter dies the better...bunch of clowns that only have the interest of their pockets. The sooner Speedway riders realise they aren't like any other Motorsport...the better. Apart from Poland...they are a Garden Shed product...yet they want to portray an F1 type status. It's total bullrubbish...smoke and mirrors. Speedway is followed by Lower working class people with very little disposable income...said with respect...it's run by Promoters that are no better than second hand car salesman, Circus Clowns, found out by TV and sponsorship. It's a total shambles. I just feel for the kid I was at 12yo age....who got addicted and wanted to ride a bike and have fun. And then got a bunch of speedway politics thrown at me. Same for riders....same for public....it's all complete bullrubbish...yet it's totally ingrained in our lives and hard to ignore. Totally punch drunk with the whole affair.
  3. According to the Somerset owners, it's down to the new shale not binding and breaking up. Riders walked the track and said it was fine...it wasn't until it was ridden that they found it wasn't binding and breaking up in places. Not sure what they can do about that, apart from get new shale that works for speedway. Didn't this happen at Kings Lynn last season as well?
  4. Wasn't there last night, but it's interesting to note that the winning times before grading were significantly faster than after.
  5. Gresham

    For or against team suits

    Imo, it would make more sense if teams supplied Race jackets, Fork covers and Bike covers, rather than team Kevlars. Have the team colours and emblem on the race jacket and covers, with club sponsers names. Have the riders wear and provide their own kevlars, with their sponsers names on. That way you get the best of both worlds. Crazy sport though...more worried about looks rather than running it properly. Team Kevlars aren't going to make the public come flocking back. As Gary May said in this weeks Star...'Crowds across the sport are dropping, yet costs are just the same'. That's got to be looked at, rather than focusing on team kevlars, because lets face it, it's just 'team' in name, not nature. As for the comments about looking professional in this thread...and regardless of what I've said before in this post...how do Speedway bikes look 'Professional' with bits of plastic bike covers flapping about on them? As Speedway fans, we've all got accustomed to them, but to the person outside the sport, you often get cries of derision on how stupid they look. How many other forms of motor sport have such like? Looks cheap and tacky.
  6. Gresham

    For or against team suits

    Team suits do look more professional in a photograph or for promotional work. However...for me, I find it harder to distinguish who is who in a race, unless I look at the helmet colours and remember who's in the programmed ride. I found it much easier to instantly work out which rider was who, when they wore individual leathers. The individual colours stood out more. Riding styles were also easier to see for some reason. For example riders like Simon Wigg and Leigh Adams instantly stood out because of their colours and style. I'd personally prefer to see riders in their own style and distinctive Kevlars/Leathers with Club race jacket. The Race Jacket being distinctive, and not a small symbol surrounded by massive sponser's name. Birminghams big red 'B' on yellow, and Belle Vue's Large 'Ace' really stand out. Swindons robin and somersets just get lost somehow. Perhaps instead of team kevlars, team bike covers and fork covers would be better?
  7. Gresham

    Bye bye Gate girls?

    Ok...I can compare them to a beautiful sunset, a beautiful flower. Why does a human being that can naturally see the beauty in a woman be called a 'Perv'? Are we not meant to be naturally attracted to one another...to pro create? Why fight those natural senses? There are just as many woman who want to work in this type of industry as those that feel it wrong. Men and woman have naturally been drawn to the other sex and have appreciated one another's form since time and memorial. Why does a few in this generation think they know best? The modern image you seem to want...craves everything unnatural. As for your adage regarding men in the role of woman....watch a programme called 'loose woman'...and tell me how if 4 men in a panel spoke about the same things as they do would be right. It's not about being equal anymore...it's about taking over and forcing it down peoples throats. Many a 'grid' girl has come out since and spoken about how ridiculous this situation is. Some saying 'how is any different to going out in a nice dress clubbing of a weekend? Why do woman do it?....To feel like a woman, feel attractive and good about themselves. Everything is so hypocritical....and so far removed from the majority of the rest of the world. It's complete madness...such companies like the BBC standing for such things, yet they show a cartoon pic of Piers Morgan;s head up Donald Trumps arse...imagine if they had done it with a female presenter or politician. One rule for one....etc,etc....there is no consistency and men are being absolutely hauled over the coals atm for everything. The Country it seems wants to ban looking at woman, yet has businesses building sex robots...how totally fecked up. You can see where this world is going....
  8. Gresham

    Bye bye Gate girls?

    The majority of the public have common sense. It is only a very small minority who have a very loud voice when it comes to 'Political correctness'...with many working in media and other types of outlets. Has anyone else considered what agenda is behind all of this. Why are we all being asked to conform and agree to it all? Men and woman are naturally attracted to the opposite sex. It's NATURAL and NORMAL...to admire the form of others. What is wrong to naturally look at the beautiful lines of a woman, in the same way we would look at the lines of a classic car, JAP/JAWA Speedway bike or say Spitfire. All are beautiful, easy on the eye and give natural pleasure. What's being forced on us, is everything unnatural imo.
  9. Yes...you are different to the norm. Because you promote with care and thought for your fans. And you provide entertainment and interaction. Even when your team is struggling to win...if the entertainment is right, and everyone feels part of the Club, fans will respond in a positive manner. Orions remarks about fans turning up only if you win is true to a certain extent in the current climate. However...if promoted well, and racing was good week in and week out, and fans felt part of the Club, and they were entertained weekly and the promoters didn't rest on their laurels, then fans will support...regardless.
  10. Gresham

    Somerset 2018

    I acknowledged it wasn't a new thing. It shot itself in the foot from day one imo. Back in the good old days it worked, as times were so different to today. It doesn't feel different now...it is different. Speedway from day one, should have decided to be either an individual or team sport...not both. If it were Individual...riders could race for prize money and do as they do now with their bikes and equipment and tuning. If we had gone Team/Club only, and run the sport as a normal Sports Club does, we would have standardised equipment from day one. Riders wouldn't have got used to having their own machines and everything that entails. They would have got used to slinging their leg over a 'standardised' bike, and thinking nothing wrong with that...and just getting on with it and racing. Everything would have been different...the sport run completely differently to how it is. The void between 'Individual' and 'Team' is becoming wider by the year. One of the most stupid ideas, was to create teams with riders who provide and maintain their own equipment. Imagine racing Ferrari in F1 or Racing for Honda in road racing, and taking your car or bike home yourself to maintain...which is what speedway does. How can you be a team/Club and rely on each individual in your team to maintain their own equipment when representing you? Madness...yet this is what speedway does and has always done. If we had gone down the team only route, I'm sure the thinking would have been different, and Club owners would have invested in their own tracks and facilities, instead of many sticking them around other grounds. Investment would have been better, and they would have had more control over their own destiny. Speedway is like the Magpie of sports...it begs, borrows and steals to survive. Tracks like we have at Belle Vue, should have been the norm for all City's and Clubs. Think about it...instead of thinking 'it's always been like this'...because it's always been like it, doesn't make it right.
  11. The people who do care...have stopped going to watch speedway. You have been left with a minority. More people have left, than watch. Speedway has slowly strangled itself. You can only have one winner in a league...and generally like Swindon last season, when doing well, crowds go up. You then have the majority of the rest of the league where crowds average out. Towards the bottom they may even go lower than average. True...all sports have 'glory hunters'...but in general people want to be entertained and enjoy good close racing. As Deanmachine said in a previous post...most fans wouldn't know whether the riders were on standardised equipment or not. And when you say 'best riders'...are they really? So much of todays riding is reliant on good and fast equipment. Stick many 'middle order riders on the best equipment and you would see some differences. Many riders are of similar ability...the quality of tuning and set up and equipment helps some rise to the top. Others don't have that opportunity. Put every rider on standardised equipment, and you will find the 'best riders' right now, may not be what you think they are.
  12. Gresham

    Somerset 2018

    With respect...my post wasn't pointed at you, rather what was said in the post. It was almost a comment without thought. Something that we've got accustomed too. Yes...you are right, it's not a new phenomenom, but as I suggested in my post...it doesn't make it right. Speedway shot itself in the foot many moons ago, by making it a sport that was both Individual and Team. Imo...it would be a bigger success nowadays, if it had chosen to be one or the other back in the day. Strangely it felt like it was more team biased in the past. Now, it definitely feels it's about Individuals. Preferably it would have been great if we had British World team Champions rather than Individual world champions imo. But...it won't change, and imo, will go further away from 'Team' glory in the future. Personally I can't get excited about following an individual speedway rider...I however can get excited into following a team of riders that represent either my area or Country.
  13. Gresham

    Somerset 2018

    This quote intrigues me, as it imo, proves what is wrong with Speedway. When you say 'better his career'...how so? Individually or as a team rider? What are speedway riders...individuals looking out for their individual glory, or team riders wanting to be the best rider they can for a team? For me...this is the biggest problem in speedway. How many riders early in their career, focus on being the best team rider for a Club? Or do they dream of individual glory, and doing their utmost to use teams and clubs, to further their career in Individual pursuits like the GP's. It's confused thinking, and tantamount to the downturn in Club speedway over the years imo...which after all is what most fans watch weekly. I personally wish Speedway never ever had Individual world Finals or the GP series. I'd prefer World team Cup finals and Test match series. The focus in speedway is too much on individuals rather than teams imo. It's all about teams and Clubs for me...either International or domestic.
  14. How refreshing to see a Promoter take time to come on here and make comments. I've watched IOW from afar and have always been impressed with their commitment and ethos. It just goes to show, you can follow your team, have a great night out, feel part of the club and involved, without it being the 'top riders' in the sport. I'd be happy to follow such a team and set up if it were local to me. We've lost our focus and direction...it's not all about having the 'GP type' riders at your club and all the costs and problems that brings. Great...he's got fast bikes and expensive gear...and can go 4 seconds faster around the track...big deal. I and many other fans would rather watch four riders of equal ability on lesser equipment, racing week in week out...and if they have other jobs like the rest of us to get by...so be it. Fantastic...we can relate.
  15. Fans and riders not singing off the same hymn sheet. Fans want teams...Riders want to be 'Individuals' Fans want continuity...not team changes every season. Costs to run the sport too high...riders wages, maintenance, track prep etc Facilities poor compared to other sports of similar entrance fee. Overpriced and poor quality food and beverages. Way too many rain offs. Never found a way to run a meeting in the rain or facilitate covers. Poor standard of entertainment before and between heats. Ever increasing priority on having to make the start. Not enough passing or strung out races. Ok in the past, but far more entertainment choices out there for the public these days. Bikes not compatible with many British tracks. Has become sanitised...sound, smell and sight all less than before. Viewing the 'action' in the pits should be visable to all fans. BSPA run like an amateur organisation. Should have a independent body. Riders and Promoters delusional...trying to run and impersonate a high end motorcycle sport, on a garden shed income. Speedway should have gone 'standardised' many years ago...instead of letting costs spiral on the never ending pursuit by riders to create a faster bike to the point of breaking.

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