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  1. Gresham

    Speedway Promotion or Lack of it.

    I was at Somerset v Glasgow the other week, and ended up chatting and watching, with three lads from the press. Two localish, and one from a National. Seems one was working and the other two were invited along by the guy working. One of the Journos piped up...' I think I've covered every sport, including dog training classes...but I've never covered Speedway, it must be the last sport to tick off covering'... He then added...' how did I not know about this sport? It's great... I'd come every week'. Make of that what you will... At least it made a good impression.
  2. Gresham

    Somerset v Glasgow

    It's still good, but not as good imo.
  3. Gresham

    Somerset v Glasgow

    Going on last night's performance I think Somerset are stuffed. The Reserves are way off the pace. Lucky to get 3 points total from either in a meeting. Rowe whilst exciting to watch his progress won't score like he did every meeting. And the chances of the other 4 being on top of their game every meeting is very remote. Shame...some good racing last night and a very healthy crowd. What's going on with bend 3?.two holes both holding water, especially going into bend 3. Track has deteriorated over the past few seasons imo...less banking, less dirt and so much more drier. Heard some interesting comments re Valentine and May. Not as the party line would have us think it seems. Shame. As a neutral though...it was a good meeting.
  4. There are two great articles in this weeks Speedway Star that cover your Nice meeting at the IOW and another by Josh Auty about running costs and how modern speedway is going. It's not rocket Science when you read the quotes from riders about the meeting, and it's benefits and the positives that came out of it. Club Speedway has to go down this route...for every conceivable positive reason. Both for the benefit of fans and riders alike. The only recurring theme is riders saying what do they do with the engines they've already invested in. Just use them in Individual events...sell them to riders for Individual events. The maintenance and tuning costs will catch up over time....to their benefit. As Auty says...the only people benefiting are the tuners. £350 for labour alone to strip a bike before parts Quoted. Madness considering how often that has to happen. Unfortunately riders and promotors in general seem set in their ways...it's so ingrained. And riders are like lemmings...they just follow whoever is fastest and winning. Copy them in the hope of also winning. As Auty pointed out...however much he spent on fast engines, he came to the conclusion it was his technique that was lacking, regardless of how much money he spent. Which is pretty much what we witness now every meeting. Things have got to change...and the 'Nice' way is the way forward imo.
  5. I always found the Parade a little embarrassing...purely as the crowd are spread so thinly around the track. I guess it depends on where you are watching from. Going round bends 1 and 2 on a truck staring at an empty sweet hut and ice cream van can't do much for moral. That space is so wasted...viewing bends 1 and 2 is nigh on impossible at Somerset. However the view down back straight and bend 3 is superb. I thought the pace of the meeting was good last night. I just wish the viewing was better at bends 1 and 2 and that you could look into the pits, as that is also part of the experience imo.
  6. The crowd was decent, as was the racing. The scoreline doesn't do Brum justice, they kept it close for the majority of the meeting. The track had new shale added this week. No blue line. Times were quick. Track was smooth after grading. Took a few riders to get used to it...Henry Atkins was lucky to walk away after lifting whilst leading...smacked the air fence straight on at speed. All in all a good meeting, well presented and fluently. Worth the admission alone to watch Ben Barker team ride excellently with Rowe for four laps...just like the old days...was a pleasure to watch.
  7. Not sure how they didn't know when the interval was, as it was extended. The riders came around the crowd during the extended interval to do the collection. Think the Redcar manager just Ballsed it up as 3 riders were at gate and Wright was on track for at least 30 seconds but not at line. He should also have gone from 15m imo...far better chance of points.
  8. I guess it's inbred, as it's always been that way. Everyday thinking how to make the bike faster... Shame...probably down to the fact that Speedway has pretty much always been an Individual and Club sport. The two don't mix well imo. Would love Speedway in this country to buck the trend and go down the route suggested. One big league, engines sealed and supplied. Lots at meeting. Stick in rolling chassis...then go racing. No averages...wages not points per ride etc. Don't care if all the big riders leave. Would rather have a lower level and new riders develop under a new system. Surely there would be riders that would be happy to ride as Club riders on a wage, and forget about Individual events? No expensive engine tuning...just rolling chassis, keep fit and focus on track craft....
  9. Exactly my sentiments too...all of it. Shame it was so slick...riders were looking for dirt on the outside line, but lost ground when they tried more often than not. Harris tried on a couple times against Wright and then went back to the blue line...he even seemed to shake his head and gesticulate about it after the race. Haven't been a regular for a couple seasons now...has the track been altered? Looks completely flat with no banking at all on the corners now. Used to love watching Charles hit that outside line and ride the fence.
  10. The meeting being held on the Isle of White is exactly how I'd want all Clubs run. Standard engines, draw lots, stick in your own rolling chassis. Should of been introduced at the very start of Club Speedway...we then wouldn't have the farce of riders supplying their own engines to ride for a Club. And I should imagine a lot less expenditure on tuning. I personally couldn't give a stuff who has the best set up and fastest engine...I don't pay money to see that. I want four riders on equal machines, where their track craft and skill is more important. I can't get my head around why riders wouldn't want it like this anyway.
  11. Gresham

    Somerset 2019

    Yes... I'm one of them. I really think the Promotion missed big time this season. No problem dropping down a league, I personally prefer it, but not having any of those riders is a massive blow. Not on results...but the majority of fans had a ' connection' with those three. This year's team is 'meh'...there is just no connection imo. When a rider makes fans get excited to watch a race...run out of the bar etc, then the promotion imo should take notice. All three you mention had a positive effect on a meeting and it's enjoyment. All we want is a connection, excitement and good racing....otherwise it's just a bunch of blokes going round in circles.
  12. No...Steve Gresham was my Childhood Speedway hero...him and Tormod Langli ;-) Did a bit of digging and there is a Bristol Bulldogs Speedway team facebook page that has all of 143 followers A guy named Shaun Honour bought the rights to have the Bulldogs name and get the team up and running again. Last post was December 25th 2017...saying...'Merry Christmas and a happy new year. 2018 we will be back on track.' Well that didn't happen...so none the wiser as to what's happened. As for sites...Best place would be just off Junction 18 of the M4 where there is already a couple of Moto X tracks.
  13. As someone who got addicted to Speedway with the Bulldogs in 77, I fear we will never see or hear the roar of a speedway bike in Bristol again. I have so many fond memories...it's under my skin and I keep logging back into this forum to keep up to date. However...after the demise of the Bulldogs and then following Swindon, Newport and Somerset around the Country...I'm left in despair. I haven't watched one single meeting this past season...either live or on TV. I'm so depressed with how this sport is run. I can't give it my time or effort...it's a complete farce. However...it feels like a son or daughter who has strayed...and you are still thir for them. You can't help the love...but you know deep down it's totally screwed. So sad...yet so simple to resolve. The sooner the old school promoter dies the better...bunch of clowns that only have the interest of their pockets. The sooner Speedway riders realise they aren't like any other Motorsport...the better. Apart from Poland...they are a Garden Shed product...yet they want to portray an F1 type status. It's total bullrubbish...smoke and mirrors. Speedway is followed by Lower working class people with very little disposable income...said with respect...it's run by Promoters that are no better than second hand car salesman, Circus Clowns, found out by TV and sponsorship. It's a total shambles. I just feel for the kid I was at 12yo age....who got addicted and wanted to ride a bike and have fun. And then got a bunch of speedway politics thrown at me. Same for riders....same for public....it's all complete bullrubbish...yet it's totally ingrained in our lives and hard to ignore. Totally punch drunk with the whole affair.
  14. According to the Somerset owners, it's down to the new shale not binding and breaking up. Riders walked the track and said it was fine...it wasn't until it was ridden that they found it wasn't binding and breaking up in places. Not sure what they can do about that, apart from get new shale that works for speedway. Didn't this happen at Kings Lynn last season as well?
  15. Wasn't there last night, but it's interesting to note that the winning times before grading were significantly faster than after.

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