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  1. potter2310

    Leicester 2014 . Elite

    Was 2 seasons ago, i belive that occasion he waited waited and waited to apply for the visa and were he took so long to apply he didn't leave enough time to have the application cleared which ment he missed the beginning part of the season for the Rebels
  2. potter2310

    Rebels 2014

    The thing is Ray never hit the fence, he wud just slide off mid bend. Was about to say causing mayhem for the guys behind but it was rare he was in front of anyone ;D
  3. potter2310

    Rebels 2014

    Am i right in saying Todd Kurtz came in on a 3? Unless they have different relations somewhere along the line Brady will be a 3 aswel.
  4. potter2310

    Rye House 2014

    No Mellgren or Lykke for the Rockets this year, according to there twitter they are looking for a new UK teams
  5. potter2310

    Pl Play-offs

    I'm a Rebels fan and i dont see why there's so much fuss about the Rebels leg, it's been said, the rule has always been been the senior club always gets first choice on the day they use. Also the Hancocks seemed to have people in the right places when it now comes to off race nights and there seems to be more scope with racing on a different night the Friday e.g Somerset v Ipswich or now with the 2nd leg being on a Monday so there was a lot of fuss about nothing
  6. Somerset – Jason Doyle [c] (9.73), Rider replacement for Nick Morris (8.63), Josh Grajczonek (7.93), Nicolai Klindt [g] (7.33), Kyle Newman (5.23), Charles Wright (4.05), Oliver Greenwood [g] (3.00); Team manager; Garry May Rye House – Oliver Allen (8.46, Anders Mellgren (6.94), Pontus Aspgren (6.77), rider replacement for Tyson Nelson (6.49), Jason Bunyan (5.77), Josh Bates [g] (5.45), Kasper Lykke-Nielsen (3.18); Team manager; John Sampford Taken from Rebels website. Morris, Davies and Nelson missing due to riding in U21 WTC on Saturday
  7. Incorrect, ALL British clubs need an air fence or foam fence, hence why a few NL teams are worrying, surely Garry told you this?
  8. 2.30 after i dropped Aron off, but well worth it after gaining that point
  9. potter2310

    Plymouth 2012

    such a nice guy
  10. potter2310

    Plymouth 2012

  11. potter2310

    Plymouth 2012

    Just need to hope that Boxall turns up
  12. Call me stupid then but if Wolbert can get a flight surely Linus would be able to
  13. Found on Sundstroms website Unfortunately Linus won't be riding in the Premier League pairs on Friday. He has the official practise for the World U21 Team cup in Germany on Saturday morning and there were no flights available to get out to Germany in time for the practice Is that the same Metting Wolberts in??
  14. Track inspection at 5. Take a look on the rebels forum about 5ish. http://rebelmike.proboards.com/index.cgi?

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