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  1. 2016, some good meetings, some bad meetings, shouty man Pearson and Kelvin will get very excited on occasion, and then Poole will win go and win it again........ Plus ca change
  2. RacerDon

    Poole Vs The Aces For The Title

    As always this time of year and (yes) still bitter 9 years on, may the best team win and may the tactical joker fiasco never again decide who lifts the crown.
  3. RacerDon

    Posf2 Poole V Kings Lynn

    Lost interest in the sport over the tactical joker decided final in 2006, which ironically Sky still show as if injustice was something special to be celebrated. League speedway is past its sell by date anyway, only the grand prix worth watching , at least you get more than one decent race every meeting.
  4. RacerDon

    World Cup Final 14th July

    Well done Denmark, best team won. Nice that Iversen has just realised how unfair the joker rule is - don 't remember him being so concerned about it in 2006 when Peterborough stole the final from Reading though.
  5. RacerDon

    Pawlicki And His Average Manipulation

    Indeed - Coventry would have been negligent had they not ensured their 6 point man continued at reserve. Every other team in the league would have done the same. However this just shows why so many sports fans refuse to take speedway seriously, although I suspect many Liverpool fans might take heart from where Coventry were early in the season and wonder if they could replace Lucas with Rooney.... (except of course football doesn't have riders averages than can be manipulated to suit.
  6. RacerDon

    Peterborough V Coventry 20/09/10

    Can I offer congratulations to the 3 man Peterborough team who managed to run a very strong Coventry team to within 6 points. The home team may have dropped a ricket with poor track preparation but at least three of the lower order gave it 100% nonetheless. Should be a great, close, final. My overiding wish is that neither side has to sully the occasion by getting the vile black and white helmet colour out.
  7. RacerDon

    Sky Sports Speedway Coverage

    Pearson would be alright if he would bloody well stop SHOUTING
  8. RacerDon

    Sky Sports Speedway Coverage

    Can somebody help me, as I haven't watched speedway since 2008? Do modern speedway bikes now have some sort of rubber band or perhaps big clockwork key that riders "wind on" whenever they want to go faster?
  9. RacerDon

    What Is Wrong With Speedway?

    Speedway is no better or worse than the "golden days" of 1970's and before. However in those days the sport wasn't competing against live football every night of the week plus umpteen satellite channels, and even speedway fans can see Crump and Adams regularily on Tv through the season, whereas if you wanted to watch the likes of Ole Olsen and Ivan Mauger in action even once a season you needed to actually go to a meeting. Nothing any track can do, bar the aforementioned resurgence of Swindon helped by the closure of other tracks and threat to their own, will change this basic fact. (In 1974 the Reading public were in uproar demanding speedway return to the town, in 2009 nobody gave a stuff)
  10. Clearly not enough of us, or we'd still have a speedway team to support.
  11. In truth the joker(s) has never once revived a one sided speedway meeting, but has been used on numerous occasions to allow almost evenly matched teams to produce a completely unjust result, often in critical matches. Yesterday was a clear example of this, with the most blatant of course being in 2006. All well within the rules, and I suppose it can be fairly said that, like Reading three years ago, Jason Crump rode honestly and fairly to win his heat, and in doing so naively played right into the opponent's hands.
  12. But was this the heat when Crump rode like an honorary Swede though, in shepherding Lindback home for the win? (possibly a tactical sub for Hansy, who usually fulfils that role) Then to be absolutely fair he did *perhaps* go to the British pits and wish us good luck, which was nice , if about as useful as a chocolate teapot.
  13. To be honest none of the team, with possible exception of Rico (who had the misfortune to come up against the only Aussie who was still trying) did well enough in the fifth, and crucial, round of heats. King got done up like a kipper by AJ otherwise he might have got 2 vital points, however after his excellent effort at peterborough was fully entitled to get his chance tonight, and very unfair to label either him or Bridger as wasters....
  14. RacerDon

    Charlie Webster

    With Nigel Shouty Man Pearson and Kelvin Tell You What Tatum I don't think she has anything to apologise for to be honest.
  15. Of course there should be reserves but straight like for like replacement after track injury only (sorry once meeting started no Walacekesque headaches brought on by two last places allowed).

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