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  1. Roger MARTIN

    Plymouth 2016

    Pick your dummy up, because two people have a go, you throw your dummy out, I know what you have put into the club, and I would believe more what you say before a so called person in the club now, who should take up politic's, why didn't you buy the club, then sort it out and run it like it should be run, if you feel the way you do, I do think that the way the club has treated, after you have bailed them out, is a disgraced.
  2. Roger MARTIN

    Glasgow V Plymouth Play Off Qf

    Lewy I hope we are not going to bend the rules like Poole did this week with North lol
  3. Roger MARTIN

    Rockets V Devils 12 Sept - Play Off Decider

    Everybody knows you dick-head.
  4. Roger MARTIN

    Plymouth 2015

    He's living in his own little world lewy
  5. Roger MARTIN

    Plymouth 2015

    Ex Tigers skipper Theo Pijper in for Kyle Newman on Monday at Glasgow.
  6. Roger MARTIN

    Peterborough V Plymouth Pl 28th June

    Keyboard warrior Nick.
  7. To be honest you could have taken Risager out and it would have done the same, but saying that, by the time we get the next set of averages, Risager will be at reserve, and Simota will be back in the main body of the team again, so it's swings and roundabouts.
  8. His first two rides on Friday at Plymouth were shocking, when he came out for his last two heats, he was a complete different rider, won them both going away, used every inch of the track in doing so.
  9. Roger MARTIN

    Plymouth V Sheffield 15th May

    What a great little rider Jason Garrity is, his move to stop Ryan Fisher in heat 15 was the move of a much older rider, a rider for the future for sure.
  10. Very true Steve, that would only change if we get out of the EU, then what would happen.
  11. Stop putting money under them, there not the same when you put them back.
  12. Well I never, I didn't know that, so Somerset are not interested in Australians until they are proven in there own Country.
  13. So are you, you don't want Australians coming into this Country to make them better, but you don't mind them riding for Somerset to make them better, you're doing the same, your full of it.
  14. No you said something that's not true, when you said using the NL to make them better is an absolute no starter, when it did, we all know the league is designed to develop British riders, that's why Jon Armstrong and Tony Aitkin are still riding in it, do you mean all British riders, or young British riders.
  15. Says you, did you say that when they were allowed to ride in the NL, so it didn't make Ward, Dyer, Summers better. What rule is that.
  16. And you knew that was going to happen, they have been doing that for years, but not all have been good enough to do that, and what riders go to Europe and not stay in the British league, all riders want to ride in Europe, not just Australians, Kyle Newman will be riding in Europe this year, its not stopping him from riding in the British league, yes they do use the British league has a stepping stone, but who is to blame for that, and your not happy if an Australian uses Somerset has a training base, and get a 7 or 8 average on the way, and helping you win the league in doing so. I'm not against a standard for riders coming into this Country to ride in the British league, but this will just shift from Australia to the EU, and we will get overated riders coming into the league from there, and that's not going to help British speedway, I have been a critic of to many Australians coming into the league in the past, but you have to admit if it wasn't for them the league would I feel be less interesting, some of the best riders I have seen around the SBA at Plymouth, have been Aussies, Jason Doyle the best of them, but to just drop this on them, with no warning they were going to do it, is in my opinion is not helping anyone.
  17. Did I say he didn't have British Parentage, my question is why, the year you are talking about, when Australians were in the NL, was in my opinion a good year, since then the league has before a joke, i'm not saying that all Australians that want to come over should be allowed to ride in that league, but it would be a good league for some that want to come over with a lower cma, instead of saying to some that don't qualify, end of you cant come over.
  18. Tod Kurtz had three seasons at Newport, 2009, 2010, and 2011, now that was rare.
  19. Did I not say one season in the N.
  20. At least your giving an opinion Alan, your right you would think a promoter would work out the riders that he would want, and not waste 7 points in doing so on a rider the year before was on a much less cma, but some are so stupid, and like SCB said they will still take them on just the same, clubs take a chance on any rider when they come over for the first time, four of five years ago it was rare for a Australian rider to go straight into the PL before having at least a season in the CL has it was known then, and that's down to clubs thinking every Australian is another Chris Holder.
  21. If the lad hasn't been given a visa for this year, then I can't see him getting one in the near future.
  22. Good post, it is good to do well in your own championship, but knowing you will come over know matter what standard you are, because some British speedway clubs think you are the best thing since sliced bread, is a good fall back for them, but that looks to be a thing of the past now, and some may say the league will struggle for riders this year, and will depend on riders from the EU that would never be considered, and we will have to put up with that for this year, but that will make sure that we have only the best Australians coming over, and they will know that they will have do much better in there State Championships, in order to come over, and that in the long run, can only be better for British speedway, having good riders coming in the league, and not riders who have failed for years, but come back every year, just the same.
  23. Roger MARTIN

    Plymouth 2015

    Where's the link then, you say he failed before, when did he apply before for a work permit, or are you saying he didn't qualify before, i'm just asking Najjer, just wondering why Somerset were interested in him, if like you say he didn't qualify for a work visa to come to this. Country
  24. Roger MARTIN

    Plymouth 2015

    Great to see your not confused on that one, anymore gems you can enlighten us on
  25. Roger MARTIN

    Plymouth 2015

    Did I say he wasn't, i'm just sorry he's confused, can't be happy not knowing what everyone is doing.

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