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  1. DoncasterDragons

    Ole Olsen Interview

    I'm not one of Berry's psycophants, lets put it that way. As you mentioned in an earlier post, we are all entitled to our opinion. I have found out in just one post from you the less than endearing aspects of Olsen. I don't need John Berry to tell me.
  2. DoncasterDragons

    Ole Olsen Interview

    I'm never going to change your opinion of John Berry judging from his gush that ruins your brilliant magazine. It's the reason I don't buy it. All this nonsense that British speedway should have acted on his advice. He was there at the time. Now he's claiming that nobody would listen to him or involve him. He was part of it and now tries to detach himself from it. I think it's called selective memory. I'm not blaming Olsen for all of British speedway's ills. He was the one who has suggested British speedway closes down for two years - of course I'm going to be angry about that. Wouldn't you? This is nothing personal against you. I really think Backtrack is a good read, but is ruined by Berry overkill IMO.
  3. DoncasterDragons

    Ole Olsen Interview

    Yeah, yeah, and Olsen is quite happy to see British Speedway shut down for two years. That's how much he recognises British Speedway - the country which helped and trained him into becoming a world champion 30 years ago. He needed us then of course. I think British promoters leave a lot to be desired, but at least they're putting their money and life into trying to keep fans happy in this country. Now Olsen's out of British Speedway he doesn't give two hoots. Be careful to suggest they've "given up the ghost". Someone might just do it and spoil Olsen's little party.
  4. DoncasterDragons

    Ole Olsen Interview

    I do love all these supposed lovers of speedway like Ole Olsen and John Berry who have all got an opinion about how British speedway should be run - ie with Olsen saying British speedway should close down for two years. It's odd that these so called promotional geniuses seem to be able to knock the current British promoters from their ivory towers as though they have all the answers. We get knocked on the BSF for having a go at promoters, yet these people are treated like royalty, yet do more of a disservice to British speedway by giving their big-time opinions in print slagging British speedway off. If I were the BSPA, they should run their own British Grand Prix (like British superbikes), get a major sponsor and bigger prize money and run their own GP at Cardiff and nine other British venues like Sheffield, Birmingham, Poole, Belle Vue etc. Entice all the GP riders over and get them to sign contracts with bigger financial incentives so they cannot ride in both GP disciplines. See how Olsen likes it then. The GP has stolen Saturdays from British tracks, which was always a quality evening to travel and watch speedway. He is so smug about it too. As for Berry, he is full of so much wind. Why doesn't he come back and promote if he seems to be so much better than anyone else.
  5. DoncasterDragons

    An Ace Of A Lady

    What a wonderful lady and shows the great family spirit of speedway.
  6. DoncasterDragons

    Bryn Williams

    Hope all goes well Bryn. Your posts are always the tops on BSF. Get well soon - and get your opinions back on line for us all to read!
  7. DoncasterDragons

    Middleditchs Comments About Gb Team

    I just don't get this barrage of abuse for Neil Middleditch. What else could anyone have done with the same riders? As for Elite League riders only, clearly Middleditch sees the the likes of Eastbourne and Coventry providing all the riders for Team GB in 2008. What's wrong in that? They're going to be familiar if they are in the same club sides. To my mind, Middleditch is still as passionate to lead Team GB, all the riders have a great respect for him. I don't see what bringing anyone else in is going to do. I just think there are a few individuals here on the forum who have a dislike for the guy.
  8. DoncasterDragons

    Separated At Birth

    Hey, how about Tony Rickardsson and Bruce Willis?
  9. DoncasterDragons

    Separated At Birth

    Is it just me but is the new England football manager Fabio Cappello a dead ringer for Colin Meredith? And while we're on the subject how about Shane Ward and Scottie Nicholls? There's two for starters. Any more...
  10. DoncasterDragons

    John Berry.....hard Up For Money?

    I'm waiting here with the mistletoe!!! Tis the season to be jolly ... but wait until January!
  11. DoncasterDragons

    John Berry.....hard Up For Money?

    Yeah right. Three or four postings (possibly from John Berry's relatives) and you're proved right. You're a funny man, CS, a funny man. But please ... don't take it personally...
  12. DoncasterDragons

    John Berry.....hard Up For Money?

    Tony Millard is "The Muppet" - not John Berry. Canada Star's original post was questioning my dislike of John Berry and Tony Millard. Berry is certainly not The Muppet.
  13. DoncasterDragons

    John Berry.....hard Up For Money?

    CS - Why are you taking my comments so personally? The fact I don't care much for John Berry (or the Muppet) and you do is only a matter of opinion. It's a healthy debate. I happen to enjoy your postings and it would certainly not prevent me meeting you.
  14. DoncasterDragons

    John Berry.....hard Up For Money?

    CS. Thank you for your comments. I can't recall you admitting that you had ever been to ONE Doncaster meeting during our short stint in the Second Division. So for someone who wasn't there, you seem to be incredibly articulate.

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