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  1. BROCK

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2020

    Sorry wrong club. He has gone too Leicester. Hans Andersen.
  2. BROCK

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2020

    I heard your new signing might bring home the bacon!!!
  3. BROCK

    Wolves 2018

    That's good hope he is OK
  4. BROCK

    Wolves 2018

    Crikey nobody goes on this thread since yesterday, I put on a question with a mistake of rider , post it realise the mistake straight away, correct it , and Bald Bloke has already replied.
  5. BROCK

    Poole 2018

    Can anyone tell me what facility Wolves would have for Masters if he is not fit to ride in the early meetings?
  6. BROCK

    Wolves 2018

    Can anyone tell me what facility would Wolves have for Masters if he is unable to ride in the early meetings?
  7. BROCK

    Wolverhampton V Poole. Elb. 5/9/17

    Is this something you are familiar with ?
  8. Just heard unoficially, although nothing to do with KL that that Leicester want to postpone meeting with Poole because their footie team is on the telly that evening. if true that is another hotel cancelation
  9. As you say I may be older than you, I don't know about wealthier. I just find driving back for 5 hours after a meeting at night a bit too tiring on the old eyes, so tend to make the trips little mini breaks. We book Premier inns which you can cancel with no loss of money. As for work, you can tell I am retired. Have been supporting Poole for my sins since the mid fifties. By the way we normally share share trips with Baz who has replied just before me
  10. I was seeing my GGD on the original date in May on the Friday after the speedway as they live at RAF Marham not too far from KL. They will not be there next week, Really peed off
  11. What a bloody cock up. Just cancelled the hotel at BV, now I find I now have to cancel my hotel booking at KL which was for two nights so we could travel on to Leicester on the Saturday. Now have to rebook again, and make two separate trips to KL and Leicester and miss seeing my Great granddaughter. Not at all happy. We have half the meetings we used to have and they still can not organise it
  12. Gavan you omit to mention that Watt [a heat leader] due to injury was replaced by Grajczonek, who has a lower a average than Watt. This then made North [a second string] into a heat leader, giving him harder rides. If Schlein had replaced Watt would that have been Ok? But don't let that distract you from your moan about Poole.
  13. BROCK

    Posf2 Poole V Kings Lynn

    You could say people who disagree with you
  14. I don't know if its a case of sensible or not, just a difference of opinion. You seem to try and put Poole supporters into groups, Those that agree with you and those that don't.. For the record I think he should get a ban. Now where does that put me?

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