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  1. Supersub

    Poole 2022

    Just have to wonder whether Stadia Uk are in breach of any of the terms of their lease with BCP? Apart from car park what income do they receive to pay their rent?
  2. Supersub

    Poole 2022

    Disappointing to see Douglas & Nielsen riding elsewhere, particularly the latter who would have been on an attractive GSA. Also I think Douglas may have been a good 3rd HL allowing more points lower down
  3. Is anyone travelling from Boscombe or through Boscombe tonight to Poole Speedway as my son had his car stolen last night and would like to attend
  4. Agreed about Heat 2, terrible decision. It isn’t over yet as this is speedway! If or heat leaders ride as they normally do, we should be ok + Cook rides h & c at Poole normally. It should be a good meeting
  5. Glad you enjoyed it Steve and that you are optimistic for Thursday.thought our heat leaders were disappointing. Glasgow fans were whingeing about the basso Brennan incident but clearly there was no contact basso was ahead and therefore it was for Brennan to ease off. hope our track is similar to KO final-best it’s been for a while
  6. I don’t expect 5-1 or 4-2 every heat but look at the overall picture & have a little optimism & faith but there are riders who are inconsistent at Poole & you rate them too highly, e.g Nick Morris, Hans if he doesn’t gate !!
  7. B****x, you are always pessimistic-just ask the others, it’s not once or twice, it’s every time we look in danger!!!!
  8. I sit with Steve & Rob every week & SS is generally pessimistic & we find it very amusing or should I say frustrating.
  9. You clearly thought we would lose on Saturday & were very pessimistic about the outcome after our narrow win Wednesday. You must learn to be more positive & have faith!!!
  10. How are you feeling Mr Negative, Pessimist?
  11. IF Rory not fit, how about Scott N, Adam Ellis or Bjarne?
  12. Supersub

    Poole Pirates 2021

    I understood Hume has to stay at reserve all season
  13. No Lisa, the rain we’ve had was good for track-best preparation is flooding it then let it dry out on top

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