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  1. Thank you Oh Wise One. Jolly good analysis old chum. Could do with you as team manager. Perhaps we might meet on the Ippo thread and have a jolly whizz bang on about your superb septet what! Tatty ho for now.
  2. There are no Relegation play-offs this year.....
  3. Poole 2018

    What, like last year's visit! ?
  4. Time for Josh to go. Let's not hang on for weeks and weeks to see if he gets any better. He ought to be riding better than this regularly. Another KK im afraid. Stefan is a breath of fresh air at reserve. James Shanes 1 point at Wolves. Good decision made there at least.
  5. http://nowwatchtvlive.org/british-eurosport-2-hd-live-stream-online-hdtv/
  6. http://v4.ustreamix.com/stream.php?id=eurosport-2
  7. PLRC @ Poole - 09/05/2018

    Message was deleted cos I was irate about other stuff not necessarily this thread......oh well.....onwards we march.
  8. Poole 2018

    Does anyone on here have any Poole programmes between 1992 and 2018 they might be able to do some cover s cans for me by any chance?
  9. Poole 2018

    Sounds ironic but I think its hilarious we are bottom. I didn't rate most of this team to start with. On paper they ought to be far better but its all gone Pete tong so far. Where on earth holder is is anyone's guess. Thought the jokes on earlier posts were funny too. Its no more than the team deserve. Its only a sport as my wife used to say and its true. Top or bottom we're all watching the same thing. Though we are bottom its gonna be interesting seeing us climb the league for a top 4 but I cannot see it happening and don't see too many home defeats this year bar us! Next weeks v RH will be the real tester. Ah well, Pirate fan all my life top or bottom. Makes no difference. I'll get me coat.
  10. Swindon vs Poole BH Mon 7th May

    Thing is Arthur, like a lot of us and other clubs...we're all speedway fans and loyal to our own clubs. Whereas a lot of riders are not as they are shifted around so much. Where the hell is Holder though. If this is some average play around I will not be happy for one and I know some on here won't be. I am seriously beginning to think it is.
  11. Swindon vs Poole BH Mon 7th May

    Only reason we finished 4th last year after 6 home defeats was cos we miraculously won away a lot. This year we got NO HOPE of an away win. I'll eat Gavans hat if we do.... Anyway where is the old crank with his analysis of tonight's lark?
  12. Swindon vs Poole BH Mon 7th May

    There used to be a tv programme called...Why don't you just switch off your tv set and go and do something else less boring instead...... FFS why don't you switch off and get a life outside speedway & Poole.... some of us don't give a damn about how this and that or who and what or when and where......now waits for pathetic bitchy infantile reply...
  13. Woryna was in Terenzano late last night...does he have a time machine...
  14. don't know what we would do without you....excellent work for us.
  15. Probably the most boring track in the world. Big but always produces dull racing. GP riders dont like going there. Somewhere like Buxton would have been better. Excellent quality video link though. Thanks for that. Beddy byes now after that marathon. hahah Actually another interesting issue is if there are 5 seeded from last year and the top 5 from this meeting...i now assume there will be 6 wildcards to choose...and NO POLES have qualified yet...(except Kasprzak as a seed)
  16. Because they're a load of bigoted complicated buffons who think it's all exciting when it's all a mess. Klindt was lucky he got to the Challenge cos even though he finished 3rd and really qualified for this meeting he DIDN'T qualify as the Walt Disney rules state that only 2 riders from any 1 country can qualify!!!! BEEH my brian hurts.
  17. So top 2 scores go to Final heat. and first 2 from last chance qualifier go to final heat but all 4 qualify anyway to the Euro Finals. 3rd in last chance, Kildemand, doesn't get to final heat but does qualify for the FINALS. 4th in that last chance qualifier, Huckenbeck is out. Easy isn't it!!!!! Just a simple top 5 would have done.
  18. How many qualify for the Euro Finals edit. I think it's 5. I cannot believe how complicated all these rounds are.
  19. Zzzzzzz for this meeting....
  20. Poole 2018

    ..and what they've got must be all rusty.....
  21. Poole 2018

    Oh my im all upset.....and I thought we wuz fwends Gavan.. Don't like it when you're own club comes under fire do you Gavan pet. Infantile reply coming.
  22. Poole 2018

    I SAY I SAY I SAY....what's got 14 legs, got bigged up just like Poole did in the Star and is utterly crap this season.... IPSWICH glug glug GAVAN.... got any ideas how to sort your mess out instead of ours? Oh sorry this isn't the Ipswich slag off thread????