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  1. Don't give a sod about all the haters on here. Commiserations to KL we know what its like to be TOP twice and lose the title too. This one makes up for the Swindon loss. Up the Pirates. Up yours all you haters. Now it bedtime after that long trip home. Ooooh what a lovely feeling. And try not to be whinging on about it all still next March please!.
  3. He doesn't have a clue what Ipswich have done this season. He's too busy on Poole threads.
  4. Lovely to read Len Silver's comments about Mildenhall on the BSPA website. No bitterness, just respect. Need more of this.
  5. Good meeting. Now for the Poole Play-off on Monday..
  6. its a bit like the Paul Raymond Revue thingy...
  7. Funny how I hate womens ar2es shaking in front of the camera when I am watching speedway....
  8. Its getting hot in Leszno.....(apart from Kurtz) And that was a whopping move from Kolodziej.

    Swedish play-offs 2018

  10. NOBODY

    Swedish play-offs 2018

    What channel & time are we on tonight please. I dont want to end up starting watching at heat 10 again! DOH
  11. Now that Polish Championship is a TROPHY... compared to this dinky thing in the Premiership..!
  12. Great isn't it...Toilet rolls, a massive crowd, atmosphere, fans all together in club colours, chanting together....... Yes, its Polish speedway. Great.
  13. Does anyone have any one of the following 2018 programmes they could do a cover scan for me...thanks... Buxton, Coventry, Kent, Leicester, Mildenhall (preferably NT Final), Newcastle, Peterborough, Plymouth, Scunthorpe, Sheffield, Stoke.
  14. NOBODY

    Swedish play-offs 2018

    Its ok sorted now...only 10 heats late...DOH
  15. NOBODY

    Swedish play-offs 2018

    Is it on Freesports delayed coverage
  16. Always the cautious serpent aren't you Gavan protecting your own words....It's not for anyone to throw it away. Was a tough meeting and the second leg will be as tough. I'd imagine ALL Poole fans/management were surprised at this result. So did Somerset throw it away? No. It was a close tough meeting and this league this season has been close for all bar Leicester (don't know what went wrong for them). ps. Steve Shovlar has had a short ban thanks to ?????. He asked me to pass on my love to you all. X
  17. NOBODY

    NJL Fixtures

    Berwick v Edinburgh Carmarthen v Belle Vue Reading v IOW Reading v Weymouth Any results for these anyone?
  18. zzzzzzzzzz Think I'll be watching the racing rather than keeping an eye out for Matt and his business"!
  19. Typical Kurtz at the back when it matters most...zzzzz....doesnt give me any good vibes for tomorrow.
  20. come on...whose messing with my internet...
  21. See you tomorrow Steve at Somerset...
  22. What the hell did Karpov do wrong!!????

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