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  1. Not really, very strong BV home side
  2. Been in sheds for last 15 years and now need the space, I used at Hackney training schools in early 80's and last fired up before put in the shed. A few odd spares. Best offer can collect.
  3. norwichkev

    Birmingham Brummies 2015

    Yep worked for Scunny last year. WSorked so well they are repeating it this year. Can't see the problem while riders still want to race and give it 100%, always great to see the Atkins of the world & Deano when he was riding. Aaron Baseby when he is on his game is a good rider at 2 and the likes of Cockle usually entertaining Think its been done to death but without the riders you mention, and a few others, how would you propose the teams get balanced - more 3 pointers?
  4. Shouldn't be on this thread but name & shame the clubs
  5. norwichkev

    Coventry V Scunthorpe 4th April

    Don't think it is a question of knockers Malcolm but the results so far speak for themselves - in a time when the sport is struggling entertainment and value for money is paramount. Surely for season 1 it would have made far more sense to put either 1 or even 2 teams into the MDL, then next year cream of the crop into a NL side - I would suspect quite a few MDL riders are going to get a call up into NL with absentees / and regrettably injuries so will pick up experience whilst not getting beaten week in and week out. Scunny is a great setup with excellent behind the scene support, but as you yourself knows only too well when a team is not performing well fans vote with their feet. The points limit totally agree, but when does common sense and those in power appear in the same sentence? Like to see Mildy win by the same score as Boston tomorrow, I might even pay for your chips then Kev
  6. norwichkev

    Iow V Mildenhall Kocsf 8/10/13

    Agree, best wishes to all. Seems to have been a bad season all round on the injury front. Just wonder where the phrase "In the best interest of Speedway" fits into the NL.
  7. norwichkev

    Iow V Mildenhall Kocsf 8/10/13

    In the current regime that currently runs Speedway I believe between the pair of them they are both trying to find anybody who has a bike to make up a team. If this sport had any credibility left maybe the tw@t that co-ordinates the NL should look at the EL whereby teams can cancel meetings ad hoc if they do not have a line up that can win the meeting - daft but true this year and would have some consistency ( totally wrong of course ). Or have a solution that stops the nonsense that has 1 team with 3 x 3 pointers unattached + an r/r vs another with unattached 3 pointers in the mani body of a team & r/r. Option 2: Cancel the 2 legs and give it to Dudley - save what has now turned into a complete farce.
  8. Easy words. Perhaps you would like to give a few examples. As he immediately apologised would suggest to me that he acknowledged a mistake and that it was a genuine racing incident. It IS a dangerous sport - riding at top speed you are going to get drive, hit bumps etc, etc and accidents will happen if you take away riders racing hard you will take away the sport. In my view you will struggle to find a more honest rider in the sport. Kev
  9. Yep, shame Mr Morrish wasn't there, maybe would have got a different result :-)
  10. norwichkev

    Mildenhall V Heathens 08/09

    Agree GreyhoundP, Lewis, Ashley & Dan G must be scratching their heads after fighting to the last - Lewis highly delighted at winning Ht 15 is the way it should be - not sure that any of the others learned anything in taking the full quota of rides. Also not sure on the spin that it was to give riders track time, sure your large contingent of traveling supporters felt the same. Kev
  11. norwichkev

    Mildenhall V Heathens 08/09

    You over egg the pudding HT. No Josh Bates today and having to use r/r with a long tail is a big ask. I think will be more of a disappointment for Dudley if they do not top 50. Expect to see some good racing though, if the Top 3 can score well and Aaron pick up points like last week will keep it interesting. Good experience for the young un's as well. Kev
  12. You must have a personal grievance, that is your prerogative, deal with it. Michael Lee has done wrong and been dealt with, quite rightly, by the law of the land. If you do not agree then campaign your MP. End of.
  13. norwichkev

    Michael Lee

    You might have to take the may out of the statement Very good win Tony, a good meeting and a good crowd. Expected Stoke to run us closer, but suspect like us last week few riders have had track time to get up to speed. Kyle Hughes by far the pick of the bunch good to see him back, Ben Reade well deserved Ht 1 win and Lee Smart showed in Ht 13 what he can do. Reserves I think will struggle as there seem a few good reserves around the tracks this year but early days to be dismissive of them. For Mildy Jon Armstrong and Stefan superb, Danny & Nathan looked sharper, Josh either won at a canter or didn't compete a lap and "wildly" entertaining but he will come good when he learns to pace himself. Liam Rumsey won Ht 2 and if he can do that on a regular basis will be job done and Aaron on new equipment looking better with each race. Great to see a fair few from Ippo in the crowd too.
  14. Pray tell, surely as PL club Scunny have first call on him

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