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  1. marge

    Somerset 2018

    It’s a great idea to promote to the holiday makers, but there are still people living in Somerset who have no idea the track is there. Surely these are the people the promotion should be targeting.
  2. marge

    Somerset 2018

    Super happy Charles and Jason are back, excited for the new season to start.
  3. marge

    Somerset 2018

    I would like to see Charles Wright and Jason Doyle back, not sure about the 7th rider. Not too happy with Jack Holder but can't do anything about it now.
  4. marge

    Somerset 2018

    Think Charles is a popular choice. prefer him over both Holders. Hoping No1 spot is taken by Mr Doyle.
  5. marge

    Somerset 2018

    Excellent signing, hoping Charles Wright will be the next one.
  6. marge

    Somerset 2018

    Just a shame they don't recognise the supporters who go to away meetings, have been to many win lose or draw and nothing. See it at the OTA from visiting clubs, acknowledge the supporters who make the effort to attend. It's not just this year I might add, have been saying it for many seasons.
  7. marge

    Somerset 2018

    Probably the worse season ever, been following the rebels since day one and have attended more end of season dinners than not. This year I decided to give it a miss, extra 50p on the car park and £1.00 on the entrance fee for the same product we were watching the previous season. The promotion have no right to blame the supporters for not spending anymore of their hard earned cash, I'm having second thoughts about next season now.
  8. marge

    Somerset 2018

    Charles has to be back, my rider of the season 2017 also like to see Richard Lawson and Josh. A meeting with no guests maybe.
  9. Have to agree with you, unsure whether I am going to bother tonight. I have missed more home fixtures this season and to be honest I am completely losing interest.
  10. Wasn't really bothered about going this evening it's been such a long time since the last meeting I'm losing the buzz. But I went, there was some good racing but as a spectator I want to see 4 riders in a race, what a stupid rule in not allowing the reserves to take Rohan's rides. Ok rules are rules but it's only a matter of time before the paying public will get fed up of being mugged of. Was really impressed with Dan Bewley shame he took a while to get going.
  11. I'm not far from the OTA and to be fair when it was called off earlier I was a little surprised, it began raining when I was leaving work although not too hard. Think the right decision was made, nothing worse than standing around getting wet waiting for a decision to be made. Agree fixture planning not the best, as luck would have it I've not found anything else to do on a Friday evening. Roll on next week!!!!
  12. I've not been posting on here very long but have been quietly reading from the background, so if Starman says it was dusty at the Kings Lynn meeting then it must have been!!!!! I may need to visit specsavers....
  13. I'm aware of what Jake had to say, hes had a few good meetings on an "atrocious" track. So I was trying to say the track maybe inconsistent, what do I know?
  14. Have heard Jakes not been happy with the track prep all season. To be fair you would expect it to be prepared the same each week, I know weather can play a part but if you want to win at home!!!!! Just saying.
  15. Well done Craig Cook deserve it that's for sure. Didn't expect that from Ben Barker, so pleased for him. The guys all put on a good show, proud to be British.

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