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  1. Kent Boy

    Who Would You Like To See An Article On?

    Does anybody take notice of this thread?
  2. Kent Boy

    Who Would You Like To See An Article On?

    Alan Sage and Robert Craven would be an interesting one
  3. Kent Boy


    Were Graham and Luke related and what are they up to hese days perhaps one for backtrack/
  4. Kent Boy


    Howard Hughes and Geoffrey Hughes?
  5. Kent Boy

    Keith Millard Footage Wanted

    Keith also rode for Peterborough and Rye House
  6. Kent Boy

    Garry May

    Where is his brother Kevin who also used to ride nowadays?
  7. Kent Boy

    Garry May

    What is he up to these days?
  8. Kent Boy

    Canterbury Juniors

    Never rode at Canterbury more of a Wimbledon legend
  9. Kent Boy

    Who Was The Tallest Ever Rider

    Poor old uglydave is very touchy
  10. Kent Boy

    Religion In Speedway

    Most Conference League sides use Rider Replacement and seems to be becoming a religion. Like Sittingbourne losing I hear you say.
  11. Kent Boy


    Anybody know which was the first year of a Speedway Yearbook with riders Birthplaces and Dates.
  12. Kent Boy

    Who Was The Tallest Ever Rider

    Just goes to show what UglyDave knows about speedway. Always gave his all for Wimbledon.
  13. Kent Boy

    Dave Jessup In Next Issue

    Didn't quite have the same rivalry as Eastbourne for some reason. Paul Woods would be good for an interviews as he rode for all three clubs.
  14. Kent Boy

    Who Was The Tallest Ever Rider

    Steve Sant of Stoke and Roland Tebbs at Middlesbrough and Mark Terry Canterbury.
  15. Kent Boy

    Keith Henderson

    There was a Paul Henderson who was a Berwick junior in 1979.

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