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  1. eric i

    Leon Madsen

    I can confirm he didn't do the qualifiers. Leon needs to be in the GPs.
  2. eric i

    Leon Madsen

    It must be a recent introduction because in 2013 both Tai and Darcy Ward were given wildcards without doing the qualifiers and they were both not in the GPs.
  3. eric i

    Leon Madsen

    They give a wildcard to Chris Holder last year and he didn't do the qualifiers. He assumed he could qualify via the top 8 but didn't, surely that's unfair on the other gp riders that do the qualifiers.
  4. Could Lakeside be playing Peterborough at home 4 weeks on the bounce, that would be a record.
  5. When the clock hit 0.00 there were 3 riders not at the tapes.
  6. 20 active tracks in Germany, there must be one better than Teterow.
  7. Is Mark Baseby on a 2 point average?
  8. Drew Kemp what a prospect, hope the lad goes all the way.
  9. That's what I was thinking, hes getting on a bit but surely he can do 2 on the trot.
  10. He was replaced by Theo so surely that doesn't count as a ride.
  11. Think we should have whip round for a new engine for Gino at the next meeting, his bike looks slow still.
  12. eric i

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2018

    If we were going to change Gino it should have been a week ago when his average was over 5. Not worth changing him now, just hope he finds another engine from somewhere.
  13. If Holder doesn't make top 8, I am not sure they will give him a wild card again. Fricke must stand a good chance of getting one. Didn't make the challenge but for a few years now Leon Madsen's form on the continent has been right up there with the best, plus a second Dane would be welcomed by organisers.

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