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  1. Scorpions 2018

    Still think Jake Knight would be best option, national league average of 8.83 but his away average was higher than his home average so Eastbourne might not have suited, he said this on twitter...... 'Gutted not to be back with Eastbourne next year but that’s speedway and have to move on to the next chapter and see what the next few months bring up.'
  2. Scorpions 2018

    Bickley will probably ride for Workington as that's where he's based also he rides for belle vue colts which would rule him out as they are Friday race night. Jake knight is best option imo.
  3. Scorpions 2018

    1 Steve Worrall 9.02 2 Thomas Jorgensen 7.10 3 Josh Auty 6.95 4 Jake Allen 6.08 5 Stefan Nielsen 5.53 6 Tero Aarnio 5.06 7 Josh Bailey 2.70 42.44
  4. Scorpions 2018

    Josh Auty is a granted a testimonial so he is probably back.
  5. Swc 2018

    Its a bit of myth that the racing is always good in Poland there are quite a few tracks that are crap.
  6. Swc 2018

    I think they should alternate between world cup and a best pairs event. People are going to get bored of seeing Poland winning every year, a best pairs event would be a more even competition.
  7. Polish Transfers 2018

    Is the only restriction to team building, 2 polish under 21 riders at reserve.
  8. 2018 Grand Prix Venues

    They host a SEC round, is that a lot cheaper to stage?
  9. 2018 Grand Prix Venues

    I would have thought Germany could find somewhere better than Teterow, Gustrow would at least have better racing.
  10. 2018 Grand Prix Venues

    Where are you getting the figures from, is there a financial report you can share?
  11. Dave Peat has given Bailey his 4 ride all season not ruthless enough IMO. Track was slick tonight but was consistent and well prepared, glad to hear its back to Friday nights next year. I thought the firework display really typified Scunny's season....hope nobody was hurt.
  12. I have suspected one or two have been taking it easy the last few weeks. Hopefully with it being KO Cup they will give it 100%.
  13. Can't believe that result, what happened to Vetlanda they looked like the away team, was the track different to normal?