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  1. 2018 Warsaw Gp

    Did you pay through the DotPay option?
  2. 2018 Warsaw Gp

    You would think it would be straight forward but there doesn't seem to be an option to pay by debit card.
  3. 2018 Warsaw Gp

    Anyone know the best way to pay for tickets there seems to be 3 options?
  4. 2018 Warsaw Gp

    Is the POLAND v DENMARK meeting definitely taking place, I would appreciate any links confirming so.
  5. Lublin at Home again for the 3rd time on tv?
  6. Do the reserves have to take 3 rides?
  7. What are the rules regarding the number 8 rider, can they replace any rider at any point in the meeting? Do the reserves have to take 3 rides?
  8. Scunthorpe Scorpions 2018

    Can we keep using guests indefinitely until Stevie is fit or is there a limit to how long we can use them.
  9. Scunthorpe Scorpions 2018

    Looks like Scunny are going to use guests to cover for Stevie, but what are the rules on guests, is there a time limit?
  10. Anyone know why Jordan Stewart was excluded for moving at the tapes? Seemed really harsh, when other riders were doing the same and getting away with it.
  11. I can't see nsport in the available channel list ........http://goldvod.tv/channels.html?show=all
  12. I noticed admission gone up a pound. I think Scunny can take this, I would line up like so...... Worral Nielsen Garrity Allen Auty Philips Gino