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  1. It would have taken 5mins to wizz round with the bowser.
  2. The racing was average at best by Scunthorpe standards, track should be have been prepared for the home riders. All the Scunthorpe riders apart from Bailey love to race the outside line, Edinburgh only had Heeps and Pickering that were really prepared to stick it on the outside.
  3. I know it was cold but no track grading cost Scunny points, the dirt had gone too wide by about heat 10 and then it became a ride the white line track. With the riders Scunny have there should always be a wide line.
  4. eric i

    Scunthorpe 2019

    I thought we might have given him a few more meetings, although options might be limited when new averages come out.
  5. If this was in the uk it would have been abandoned, I thought polish tracks were supposed to be better prepared.
  6. The announcer in the box is not the clearest, I am not sure if he is holding the microphone too close to his mouth or he just mumbles.
  7. Can see Sheffield winning the league, Drew Kemp is going to put 2-3 points on his average and the rest of the team looks solid. Sheffield to win this by 20+
  8. Anyone got any track covers? Saturday looks wet but Sunday looks ok.
  9. eric i

    2019 Extraliga fixtures?

    I doubt they will do it but if they start in March that's going to be 1 home meeting a month, can you imagine the outcry if they did that in this country.
  10. eric i

    2019 Extraliga fixtures?

    I thought I read somewhere that the second division was starting in March this year, 24 weekends would take them to the beginning of September.
  11. eric i

    2019 Extraliga fixtures?

    12 home fixtures too many in Poland?
  12. eric i

    Workington 2019

    With 2 to 3 months before the start of the season, Is the club up for sale?
  13. eric i

    Rye House 2018

    Can someone explain to me whats going on at Rye House? All I know is they had money problems last year and they had to pull out of the league. Why haven't they been put up for sale?

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