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  1. eric i

    AGM November 2018

    When is the agm taking place?
  2. I wouldn't use Howarth, he hasn't been good this year. Jorgensen, charles wright or richie Worral would be better option.
  3. Fixed race nights have reduced the number of fixture clashes and therefore I am fairly sure there has been less guests than previous few years.
  4. eric i

    Torun 2018

    Anyone know if the trams are free with a ticket again?
  5. eric i

    Swedish play-offs 2018

    They bought them this week?
  6. eric i

    Swedish play-offs 2018

    That's an impressive attendance, hopefully they can afford some track covers.
  7. Not sure about Howarth, I know he has been good round Scunny but he doesn't look as good as last year. I would prefer Charles Wright.
  8. eric i

    polish tickets, Id number

    Can I use my passport number for all my friends tickets or do they need everyone's individual passport number?
  9. Trying to buy tickets for myself and few friends for a polish meeting but ID numbers are required to buy tickets. Is it ok to use my id number for all my friends tickets?
  10. why wasn't vaculik used instead of wozniak as tac sub?
  11. I am sure the pants get smaller every year....... thongs next season?
  12. eric i

    Torun 2018

    What happens if they are level on points?

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