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  1. Beeone

    Briggo On The Beeb

    I heard it this morning, I nearly fell over when they said he was on! Speedway mentioned on radio four, incredible, and judging by her comments presenter Libby Purves actually seems to have been a bit of a fan in her youth . Regards, Martin.
  2. I'm going, though to be honest if I had not already paid for the tickets I wouldn't be bothering. I am pretty down on speedway at the moment to be honest, the missus says she is not going even though she has a ticket, so I will probably have one spare if anyone wants it. Regards, Martin
  3. Beeone

    Official Club Websites

    Splendid, thanks very much for your help. Regards, Martin
  4. Beeone

    Official Club Websites

    Ok, that gets my list up, but I knew where the list was before, I just can't seem to add to the list, I don't see anything in the organise favourites pop out that lets me add a site to the list. Am I just being thick?? Regards, Martin
  5. Beeone

    Official Club Websites

    I know this is a little off topic, but I didn't want to start a new thread. Just out of curiosity does anyone know why I can no longer right click on many club sites now to add them to favourites list, I have just got a new laptop and was remaking a favourites list. Many of them now just give me a "copyright, ie.'Wolverhampton' speedway" message. I had lots of them on my list before, so have they changed something or is it me, I'm not exactly a tech guy I would think it a bit silly to deliberately stop people adding them to their lists, as this is an easy way for people to access them. Regards, Martin
  6. Yeah, but the trouble was he didn't like riding it, it was too stiff so he changed back to the soft type covers. Regards, Martin
  7. Beeone

    New Silencer Design

    I had been going to start a mew thread to ask if the "new" silencers were still going to be mandatory for the forthcoming season but I thought I had better have a look around first and found this one. So that's a yes then, or is it a yes until the Poles threaten to go on strike!? Regards, Martin
  8. Beeone

    Thanks Johnno!

    Nice one Johno, the last time I saw him I was wearing a t-shirt from his testimonial, quick as a flash he hit me with, "You didn't wash it yet then, the paint would have run", top bloke! Good luck with whatever you go on to do mate, Regards Martin
  9. Beeone

    Club Assets

    Having checked back through the Coventry news archive, I reckon you could add Rory Schlein BillyJanniro Jordan Frampton Martin Smolinski Adam Roynon Greg Hancock Ryan Fisher Filip Sitera To the Bees roster, I am pretty sure they should all be on the list, having checked signings and found no announcements of them being fully tranferred out. Regards, Martin
  10. Beeone

    British Pathe - Speedway Closes

    What an interesting site. I just had a look at a Belle Vue clip, featuring Eric Chitty among others, not sure what year this would be, but way before my time I have to add. I was struck by how deep the track was as people often bang on about the current trend towards slicker surfaces. The thing is I don't think the current machines would allow a track to keep that much dirt on it, watching the clip it was clear that the bikes at that time didn't throw the dirt off the track with anything like the power that the current machines do, they appear to rev much slower and even without deflectors, the dirt doesn't appear to fly as far from the back wheel. I just searched Belle Vue Speedway and got a clip subtitled Speedway Derby(Dublin Issue) Regards, Martin
  11. We came into the Poole area and won I recall! Happy new Year, Regards, Martin
  12. I just came back to this thread staight after leaving it, in the belief that I had previously been accidentally looking at the KL thread Not a joke, I really did Regards, Martin
  13. I should have put "last season" instead of last year, you make a good point but if it was Trump and Pratt who were the perceived problem then the sig would surely not have changed during last season (and it did) as those two gentlemen were still on the roster of promoters come the recent AGM. Indeed Colin Pratt was on hand I am told at the recent "show of support" at Brandon along with Sandhu. Still the possibility of Trump being the issue CC was referring to in his sig, but it changed way too early for that, as we all know he was still there. Regards, Martin P.S. I'm sure Colin Cooke will put us right

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