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  1. Happy retirement after such a long and successful career
  2. The verdict has been issued regarding the late TUE claim. This was rejected so then disciplinary procedure will follow. Though can appeal. Article on sportowefakty website.
  3. severnsider

    Who is financing speedway in Poland ?

    Was there a suggestion that part of the downturn as Bydgoszcz was due to the council putting money into athletics rather than speedway?
  4. severnsider

    Ice Speedway 2019-2020

    Excellent pictures. Koltakov's flying bike looked specatcular
  5. There was a report yesterday which did suggest it wasn't certain after previously suggesting One Sport were certain to be involved
  6. Thanks for all the hard work
  7. severnsider

    TV new deal?

    The Scandinavian countries tend to do the same with the TV programmes shown in English with subtitles. Do like some on the Swedish words as they seem quite descriptive like all hearts day for Valentines day and heart starter for defibrillator
  8. In Sweden in 2017 Smederna were massive underdogs against Vetlanda in the final. They lost home leg 41-49 then won away at Vetlanda the next night 54-36
  9. severnsider

    Torun 2019..

    As Miedzinski is said to be rejoining Torun I assume that the GP wildcard was part of the deal
  10. severnsider

    TV new deal?

    Though not often live Quest did have motogp yesterday and also has has British superbike highlights
  11. Awful decision to ex Doyle as he was knocked by Dudek
  12. Stunning skill by Freddie to lift his bike
  13. severnsider

    TV new deal?

    If that is correct would there be any likelihood on speedway being shown on Quest as Eurosport does sometimes show their sports on Quest?
  14. If you click play on either match on the Sportowe Fakty home page and then click the square for full screen you don't need vpn

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