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  1. severnsider

    Swindon 2019

    Car park it still good size so if you are there around half hour before you should have no problem getting it. Quite a few park over the dual carriageway on the old route of the road near the Cold Harbour
  2. There is also heat 13 where he is last going into the first bend before eventually passing Nicki for the win and heat 15 where he passes Vaculik, moving him out to help Magic through
  3. Nice picture and good to see it covered. Just a pity that the picture on the front is Daniil Ivanov on an ice speedway bike
  4. Also http://aliez.me/live/577566756756/
  5. Yes ZZ is rider replacement
  6. severnsider

    Just One Race (or maybe two!)

    The world cup race at Peterborough between Crump, Zagar & Miedzinski. Was an excellent meeting with a number of good races
  7. severnsider

    Warsaw 2019

    Usually gets ours from the transport desk in the airport before catching the train into the city
  8. severnsider

    Warsaw 2019

    Currently you can also get 5 person weekend ticket for 40 zloty which can be used on trains to and from airport and on trains, metro, trams and buses in the city. The ticket covers the period from 7pm on Fridays to 8am on Monday. Single tickets for same period is 24 zloty
  9. Good now the pictures are working but can't believe how long the grading breaks are. The whizz through the 4 races and junior race then have what seems live half hour breaks
  10. severnsider

    Warsaw 2019

    Fairly similar for fan zone Lots of merchandise sales around stadium area especially around roundabout and underpass
  11. severnsider

    Swedish GP 6th July 2019

    Last year i hired a car from Arlanda airport and stayed in Uppsala. Less than half an hour between airport and Uppsala. Pretty straight forward journey from Uppsala to track which took less than an hour There is a regular train service from Uppsala to Stockholm too
  12. severnsider

    Swedish 2018 Season (info On 1st Page)

    KK to Lejonen according to Sportowe Fakty
  13. severnsider

    CrazySue and Speedway Updates

    Agree. Thanks for all the efforts
  14. severnsider

    Tai Woffinden on the BBC.

    As well as BBC Breakfast he was also on Newsround https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/45834837

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