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  1. Cliffeboy

    Somerset 2020

    I bet BWD is enjoying reading all these negative comments about him. I remember last season at this point when the knives were out for Anders, I posted a thing about watching new guys grow into the team. Sometimes it goes the other way as it did for Atkins. What you will get from Bradley is 100% , we all know Rory is the number one anyway. Number 1 or 5 not much difference, .06 between him and Rory, if it was the other way round Brad would probably start at 5 anyway. I said before if Berge hadn’t screwed us over we would have probably gone further in the league, we still won the fours. Get behind our team COYR.
  2. Cliffeboy

    Somerset 2020

    Nobody I would think as long as they are doing ok.
  3. Cliffeboy

    Somerset 2020

    If BWD comes in I think his converted average makes him numero uno. Isn’t it something like 8.7 not sure. Can’t see him achieving that.
  4. Cliffeboy

    Somerset 2020

    Always dodgy signing a rider coming back from a bad accident, good luck to the lad though.
  5. Cliffeboy

    Somerset 2020

    Jepperson would be a good shout I think, he appears to have come on bundles from two years ago.
  6. Cliffeboy

    Somerset 2020

    Would be great , but I doubt we will see any of these. Gary was saying he is not going to get caught out by poor reserves next time, so that will be Anders nailed on for a reserve spot. Berge really screwed us last season let’s hope we don’t have a repeat next year.
  7. Rebels need to be out of sight by heat 13 cos I don’t think they will get near Cook and Jensen. They were so impressive in the Pairs the other week, the perfect practice for tonight.
  8. Cliffeboy

    Somerset 2019

    I was by the gate for a bit. I saw Dave T and Ian but had to rush off to get a cab, but was in the bar till 10
  9. Cliffeboy

    Somerset 2019

    I was there for a bit
  10. Great meeting with lots of passing, only boring thing was Cook and Jensen head and shoulders above everyone else. Result was a bit of a forgone conclusion. Worst Somerset showing for a long time . Good crowd as well.
  11. Cliffeboy

    Somerset 2019

    Well done Somerset in the play offs again. I must admit I feared for us when Berge was a no show, but once again Gary has found a way. Definitely not a fan of the playoffs , especially this season where Leicester have been superb, whatever happens they are the true champs in my eyes even if we nick it. Looking forward to coming down next week for my now rare visits to the OTA for the Pairs. If you see me say hello .
  12. Strong field this year, should be a cracker.
  13. Cliffeboy

    Leicester 2019

    Congratulations to Leicester riders and staff for finishing top of the pile. You have been the best team right from the get go. Regardless of the ridiculous play offs you are the true champs , the best team.
  14. Lot of pressure on young Anders, a repeat of his score against Glasgow should swing it for the Rebels.
  15. Cliffeboy

    Somerset v Glasgow

    Could be very tight a Rebels heats 13 and 15 against Cook will be difficult. Massive pressure on Rory and Nico to bang in the 5-1’s
  16. Cliffeboy

    Somerset 2019

    Pontus Aspgren, Luke Becker not sure if they fit.
  17. Cliffeboy

    Birmingham v Somerset

    Once again the Rebels relying on the big three, Schlein owes us some away points repaying the faith Gary has in him. A must win match for us, can’t see us getting anything from Glasgow when they come down.
  18. Scorps top 3 shouldn’t really get anywhere near Rory or Chris tbf. It could go either way with for TJ, if it was Nico I’d say win by 10. I think Lambert could be a trump card if he is on it. Hopefully Todd’s new engine and impressive show in an otherwise forgettable performance at Sheffield will transfer to the OTA. On holiday at the moment so I will be secretly keeping up with Precedings.
  19. Cliffeboy

    Somerset 2019

    Well done Somerset on winning the Fours, another trophy for Somerset and Gary May.
  20. Cliffeboy

    Somerset 2019

    Hi JJ I’m a regular visitor to the OTA and stay over night. There are plenty of B and B ‘s in Burnham priced from about 60 to 80 for a room. All the ones I’ve stayed in have been fine. Being the summer season it may be a bit difficult. I shall be coming down for the Pairs and the GP in September. There is a Weatherspoons and plenty of other places to get food as well. Track is dead simple to get too, just off the M5. Ashbourne House is very good if they have a vacancy.
  21. Cliffeboy

    Championship fours

    Get in the Rebs
  22. Cliffeboy

    Somerset Vs Scunthorpe 29/5/19

    No mistakes tonight please, the next two are Massive, Leicester and Redcar. Not sure about Wrighty as a guest, I know he will give 100% for us. Don’t know that I want him getting too dialled in with this seasons track though.
  23. Saw his score , how did Valentin ride. One pretty swift time I see.
  24. Anyone having trouble loading the updates site ?
  25. Cliffeboy

    Somerset v Redcar 15th May

    Big performances req from all of the Rebels top 5 or we are out. The Germans bike has had major surgery apparently so hoping he can have a goodun tonight. Fancy a Rebels win but not by enough, double figure score coming from Wrighty who is in great nick atm.

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