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    Cradley V Eastbourne Tpnl 11 Sept 2017

    no bother with somerset on fridays next year , mondays and thursdays or drop back down so the m5 shouldn't be too bad , Like you and give us a b ,I have no team and I have had enough , I wont travel about to watch speedway because unless I'm watching my own team I'm not interested , Ill just read about speedway sinking further into the mire pandering to a few top riders and Poland , and spend the dosh on takeaways to enjoy ,while I watch the GP's use league speedways bread and butter earners to run their profit making circus
  2. speedibee

    In My View By Phil Rising

    yes they stuff them up their suits , they look like the airbags so non-one suspects
  3. speedibee

    In My View By Phil Rising

    originally the poles had a switch concealed . until martin smolinski revealed the magic button thinking he had done nothing wrong . but the new ignitions just have the advance and retard built in . I think it can be programmed with a laptop as well , It's the same system as fitted to trials bikes and Mx bikes
  4. speedibee

    2017 Wsra Dinner & Awards

    Done and it has been passed to the committee for appraisal ,
  5. speedibee

    2017 Wsra Dinner & Awards

    I would like to see some sort of award doled out to Alf Weedon , the bloke had a huge history in the background of speedway. and I think he deserves a bit of recognition
  6. speedibee

    In My View By Phil Rising

    british national championship MX events have far bigger paying crowds than most speedway and the admission is more ,but they don't get paid ,in fact some teams pay to enter , road racing Ducati Cup part of the BSB series , teams pay unbelievable entry fees ,and riders rent a place in those teams, riders don't get paid ,
  7. 50 Bikes and assorted trophies are up for sale at the Bonhams Auction ,at the Stafford bike show in october https://www.expressandstar.com/news/local-hubs/wolverhampton/2017/09/13/speedway-star-ivan-maugers-bikes-for-sale/
  8. speedibee

    In My View By Phil Rising

    But they all think anything they say and do Is 100% right especially the wannabees , offer an alternative opinion at your peril because every single one of them has a troop of of sycopants ready and armed with a keyboard
  9. I dont mind the Gps . but i think theres too many rounds , 6 would be enough to sort out who's the best ,and enough for the best to have a bad one and still not lose out overall , minimum disruption to league speedway , and leaves time for the European big open meetings ,like the gold bar etc ,
  10. teterow this year was unbelievable
  11. speedibee

    Ivan Maugers Bikes For Sale

    Ooops ,hot do you delete a whole thread
  12. speedibee

    Buxton 2017

    Free if you turn up and say you are fredbogge
  13. speedibee

    In My View By Phil Rising

    I wish I had gone to university , In the 70s full student grants , living with a house full of mates ,great bands on the uni circuit , the education side of it , just enough to keep me in for the 3 years ,, I , like Phillip Rising have just enough education to perform , Whoosh straight over his head
  14. No she's an Aussie , I think someone has been pulling your leg , me Sir ,nice as pie sir , how very dare you !!
  15. Your'e never alone with Scyzophrenia
  16. Gospeed have been given the budget for the trophies , after "expenses " were taken out ,this is the best they could afford
  17. cutting costs maybe . or put another way maximising profit
  18. Riders watch the magnets not the tapes and the ref presses the button to release , so when they misjudge a start as he did with Woffinden ,it's piss poor hand eye co-ordination on their part ,
  19. Doyle gets rollers all the time , and when Woffy beat him to the first turn the ref called it back and Woffy got warned ,,, rubbishe ref Why would he bother with an appeal ? he doesn't want to ride here anyway , or is he now rubbishting his pants because he's crap and the Poles might not want him .. never mind Holder you can stay home and earn a living from speedway there ..
  20. actually Imho zagar should have been excluded , sweeping from the outside straight across Dudek leaving him no option other than to turn in straight into freddie , if that had been Nicki he would have neenm out before freddie hit the floor I thought Woffindens warning was duff as well , and the subsequent restart cost him a win ,
  21. makes no odds whether I like him or not ,( I don't think theres an question about that ) In 1 year Hans Nielsen went a whole season without being beaten at Oxford and won almost every race at away tracks , he was far and away the best rider in the world , Didn't win the world championship theough ,because someone scored more points than he did , What Doyle has done in the last 18 months in speedway terms .counts for about the same as Woffinden collecting money for chariity ....Nothing ,
  22. There was a nice one in Gelsenkiirken , and they were all set to try a radical new approach to track building , getting the spectators to bring the shale in with them when they took their seats, sadly some idiot left the shale uncovered and there weren't enough polystyrene cups to go round to bring it in ,so it had to be abandoned last minute , I can , the rider who deserves to win will be the one with the most points after the last GP , not not because of any incident last year .. you don't get world titles because you deserve them otherwise whats the point of the series . there was another trophy ,but that was kept in case Doyle didn't choke at the last minute , a much bigger and better trophy because "He deserves it " sidecars would do and even better job , or even quads
  23. speedibee

    In My View By Phil Rising

    A Barry Hearn character should not be paid , If they are worth their salt then they will be confident enough in their own ability to get paid on results .. the SCB was set up to be an independent body .and Initialy it was ..SCB officials were not allowed contact with promoters or riders ,over the years the SCB has just become an offshoot of the BSPA , All riders have to buy an ACU permit to ride , and pay start fees to them to race abroad the promoters also have to pay to tun speedway under their auspices , THEY should provide an Independent jury to oversee disputes and penalties , otherwise what are we paying them for ?
  24. speedibee

    In My View By Phil Rising

    each weekend ,literally thousands go racing MX for nothing other than because they want to , not one of them gets paid , but they go out and take the same or even more risks as speedway riders , even some of the speedway riders who are always wanting more money ,will pay out of their speedway earnings to ride MX , you have to laugh ,
  25. But he can be British one minute and Aussie the next

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