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  1. I don't have a problem with the plan being "win the race" as before the tapes go up then if you have one rider finishing first your chances if getting an advantage increase dramatically. However, surely they should have agreed tactics based on various different scenarios? This should have been done in these meetings they looked to be having before Belle Vue, but even if not we had enough time between our final qualifying heat and the final to get that nailed down. "What do we do if we gate on a 5-1?", "What do we do if we gate on a 3-3 with Robert in front?", " What if we gate on a 1-5?". I find it incredibly hard to believe that if they did have that conversation that the answer to the last one would be, "Get to the front Tai and do what you can Rob", and if it was, it was wrong.
  2. Gutted, great effort.
  4. Tell you what, we've got half a chance here....
  5. You can head back to the airport now Craig.
  6. Always liked Finland...
  7. This is absolute rubbish.
  8. CUFC_Brummie

    British Under 21

    This was the last approved planning application seemingly (although there was one at a later date that was withdrawn, looks like there was a bit on there about racenights but it was removed): https://eplanning.birmingham.gov.uk/Northgate/PlanningExplorer/Generic/StdDetails.aspx?PT=Planning Applications On-Line&TYPE=PL/PlanningPK.xml&PARAM0=493062&XSLT=/Northgate/PlanningExplorer/SiteFiles/Skins/Birmingham/xslt/PL/PLDetails.xslt&FT=Planning Application Details&PUBLIC=Y&XMLSIDE=/Northgate/PlanningExplorer/SiteFiles/Skins/Birmingham/Menus/PL.xml&DAURI=PLANNING With one before that in 2010 stating: Looks like an oversight from our promotion sadly, very disappointing.
  9. CUFC_Brummie

    NL Fantasy team (for fun)

    1. Davey 8.61 2. Kemp 3.00 3. Thomas 7.43 4. Bickley 6.67 5. Brennan 7.21 6. Flint 3.00 7. Edwards 3.00 Total 38.92
  10. CUFC_Brummie

    Brummies v Bees - 28/03/2018

    Was judging on outside only so maybe it was busier than normal inside because of the weather. Down the main straight was pretty normal, quiet in the two temp stands on turn 1 where I stand though.
  11. CUFC_Brummie

    Brummies v Bees - 28/03/2018

    Credit to the track staff for getting it on, looked bleak when we got in and it started raining again but after a tentative first couple of heats which cleared some of the surface water it held up pretty well. Promising for the Brummies, Davey's hot start for Swindon looks like no fluke and he was absolutely miles ahead of everyone, reminded me very much of Adam Ellis at #1 for us and Eastbourne a couple of years back, wouldn't shock me at all if he's got the highest average in the league come the end of the season. And he's going to be backed up very well by Danyon Hume who was also flying, he'll make an absolute mockery of his starting average if he stays fit. There's going to be some very good heat 13's (when Mitchell gets to #1) and 15's for us with those two. Bacon looked good too, had most of his success at #4 last year and not as a heat leader but hopefully with a couple of big hitters above him this year it'll take the pressure off a bit, hard to see a better HL trio in the league even at this early stage. Flint is definitely the real deal, going to be very exciting watching his progress this season. Cupitt looked like the rider from the first half of last season not the second, and 10 points from number 2 is very encouraging. Good to see them both get the outing in heat 15 whilst the rules allowed it. Walker a little disappointing, but plenty of leeway given for the tricky conditions and it being his debut, as long as he can chip in with 5 or 6 at home from that position then that'll be fine, and he'll probably end up at reserve once Flint's average goes up which will let him rack up a few more. Butcher unsurprisingly well off the pace (led Halder for a lap though) but that was all expected and we just need him to stay on his bike and pick up the pieces if anyone comes off, which he did to get his second place. Coventry were disappointing, Mountain will be a reliable high scorer, and Halder rode well, much like I expected him to when he guested for us last season and flattered to deceive. Armstrong and Harris the biggest disappointments though, Armstrong well off the pace and Harris has impressed me around PB before, so surprised for him to get 0 from 3 rides before winning a relatively low calibre heat 14. Not many Bees fans, not a fantastic turnout of Brummies either, not massively surprising with the weather I guess but hopefully now people have seen the Mason's will do everything to get the meeting on then it might encourage people to chance it a bit more in the future.
  12. CUFC_Brummie


    Mildenhall Eastbourne Birmingham Kent Coventry Stoke Belle Vue IOW Plymouth Buxton
  13. CUFC_Brummie

    Birmingham 2018

    Says it on the greensheets - http://speedwaygb.co/files/downloads/nl17_issue_33.pdf
  14. CUFC_Brummie

    Birmingham 2018

    Bacon signs for Peterborough, should be OK for home meetings but might miss a few away matches now?

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