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  1. Great job Woffy, pulled it out when he really needed to and that's why he's the best rider out there. Barring injury that should be that, too much of a gap for Polish interference to do it alone now...
  2. CUFC_Brummie

    Stoke v Brummies NL Sat 1st Sep

    Ugh, that's a shocking result.
  3. CUFC_Brummie

    Completing Fixtures

    Why does it matter if the league finishes in August? If it finishes in October then you still have an equal amount of off dates inbetween, stretches your cash flow out a bit but if you're not riding then are your fixed overheads really that much? Surely by running more summer matches you'll get a bigger crowd than when it's cold, grey and miserable in the later weeks of the season?
  4. 1. Auckland 2. Melbourne 3. Bydgoszcz 4. Manchester 5. Copenhagen 6. Czestochowa 7. Pardubice 8. Malilla 9. Torun 10. Cardiff 11. Buenos Aires 12. Los Angeles
  5. CUFC_Brummie

    Birmingham v Kent

    Very good meeting, ultimately a better result for Kent but that swing in points from heat 15 could be critical. First time I've seen Kemp, blimey, he is something else. Shanes outstanding, disappointing for Bacon with his bike issue, Greenwood is a good gater but is down in speed and probably worse is just riding completely the wrong line when he's been attacked, great ride from Davies to beat Hampshire and Embleton is definitely better than Sealey, but still not much to shout about from reserve. No doubt Hume and Flint back will help but we are still severely lacking at 2, 6 and 7 and that will ultimately cost us, either in not making the playoffs or losing to Mildy or Eastbourne in the semi final. Perks was a different beast last night, but just lost it at the wrong time in 15, Rowe deserved his haul, Thomas a little disappointing but I probably had too high expectations after his performance in the U21 semi earlier in the season. Spooner looked like a different person to the one who struggled to finish 2nd in a 2 man race last season, much improved. My last meeting at Perry Barr for a couple of years probably as I move to Canada before next week, hope to get to Leicester Sunday, but a good home farewell meeting for me.
  6. CUFC_Brummie

    Brummies v Plymouth NL Wed 25th July

    I mean, there's got to be someone better than Jamie Sealey, right?
  7. CUFC_Brummie

    Birmingham Brummies v Cradley heathens

    Shame to get so close, as said if only Greenwood had held off Edwards one of those times, but a draw is still a very credible result. Problems are still the same, there has to be someone better than Sealey right? And it's a shame to see Greenwood as he is, shadow of the rider he was when we first came into the NL. My first visit for a few months having been away, surprised no-one had mentioned how dusty it was? It was crazy that they didn't put more water on it in the second and third track grade, has this been the norm? Appreciate it's been hot on a frequent basis but has our access to water really been limited that much?
  8. CUFC_Brummie

    Birmingham Brummies v Cradley heathens

    Flint injured and Walker "ill", Brennan and R/R, should make it a bit closer at least.... Normally I would give this a swerve because of the farcical nature of it all, but having been away for 3 months and as I'm emigrating in 2 weeks time I better give it a go....
  9. CUFC_Brummie

    Torquay United FC new stadium!

    They've literally pasted the Torquay badge over the Grimsby badge from Grimsbt's proposed new stadium, bunch of absolute sh*tehawks.
  10. CUFC_Brummie

    Cardiff 2018 21st July

    Unbelievable decision!
  11. I don't have a problem with the plan being "win the race" as before the tapes go up then if you have one rider finishing first your chances if getting an advantage increase dramatically. However, surely they should have agreed tactics based on various different scenarios? This should have been done in these meetings they looked to be having before Belle Vue, but even if not we had enough time between our final qualifying heat and the final to get that nailed down. "What do we do if we gate on a 5-1?", "What do we do if we gate on a 3-3 with Robert in front?", " What if we gate on a 1-5?". I find it incredibly hard to believe that if they did have that conversation that the answer to the last one would be, "Get to the front Tai and do what you can Rob", and if it was, it was wrong.
  12. Gutted, great effort.
  14. Tell you what, we've got half a chance here....
  15. You can head back to the airport now Craig.

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