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  1. In his weeks Speedway Star Len Silver says that the World Speedway final should stay at Wembley and not be shared with other countries. Biggest mistake ever, the world finals should have stayed in this country and any British promoter who voted against this should hang their heads in shame. This was he beginning of the slippery slope that British Speedway has been on ever since. Could you imagine the PDO Darts saying we will give up the finals in England and share them out with other countries like the Netherlands. How could British speedway been so stupid

    You don't pay a pound a minute do you .Most meetings are around two hours. Unless using your stupid theory you would only see around 6 minutes horse racing in 3 hours around 14 minutes in 3 hours at greyhound racing. Then about 4 minutes action in around 4 hours around 18 holes of golf There is only about 12 minutes played in one hour of tennis. Even football in around 62 minutes per match.Even in darts only about a fifth of the match are darts being thrown. Nobody makes comparisms about time in other sports so why do some speedway pundits keep doing so
  3. Darcy Ward at Taunton

    There was a John Louis which won a couple of races but asking JL he had never heard of it
  4. Oldest Survivng World Finalists

    No it was to with the colour of their leathers . I think he died in a track crash around 1951. HE wore white leathers and was known as the White Ghost
  5. Oldest Survivng World Finalists

    there was also Newcastle/New Cross rider Ken Le Breton who rode in all white leathers . I saw him in the 1949 world final but he never troubled the top riders
  6. Betting in 2018

    APRIL 5TH 2017 KINGS LYNN V LEICESTER POOLE V BELLE VUE 10/11 +14 10/11 Bet 365 21/20 +12 4/5 1.93 +16.5 1.78 Betsafe 1.80 +14. 2.00 Expekt 1.95 +12 1.75 I've even put the odds in for you These were the only bookmakers laying odds on Speedway that day Want any more?
  7. Betting in 2018

    With the announcement that GVC are to take over Ladbrokes and Corals there be hardly any betting on Speedway in the future. GVC already own Sportingbet and BetWin . It will not be helped that League speedway might not be on TV and if it is there will be very few meetings. That will leave William Hill (also under pressure to a take over ) Betsafe, Betfair and Skybet. Of these four only Betsafe and Skybet will lay on a non TV meeting
  8. Betting in 2018

    what month do you want me to quote
  9. Betting in 2018

    Not one of those bookmakers offered odds on all matches.The nearest to laying odds on all matches are Bet 365.
  10. Best ever Spanish rider

    I was at this meeting and certainly do not remember Reg Luckhurst riding in the meeting. I can remember that there was a good crowd there around 5,000 and except Marshall Pugh who won the meeting in a canter most of the Spaniards were quite hopeless
  11. There is a world of difference between a Speedway meeting and a Stock Car meeting and that is the cost. Do stock drivers get paid anything?
  12. Who is the Greatest ?

    To me who has probably seen more Speedway riders than anybody else Ivan Mauger was the ultimate professional. He was simply great and all the other riders were playing catch up against him. That's why he was voted the Speedway rider of the millennium.
  13. Speedway Music

    How about "Another one bites the dust"
  14. Bt Sport Coverage

    There has to come sometime in the future that you can just pay for the programme you want to watch and not take programmes that you have no interest in .You already have Box Office for films which you can pay extra for . The same applies to WWE wrestling big events and pay to view fight nights. So why not for Speedway Grand Prix's I now have no interest in Football now due to the overkill Last night BT had the champions league on live. Not one match but three. After all you can only watch one of those matches.at a time When I cancel I will never renew again and will have no problem watching live streams on the internet or on Mobdro I found that many GP's are on YouTube almost as soon as they have finished Eventually Sky and BT will have to change their pricing policies otherwise they face very serious problems in the very near future Also BT offering a pittance of £3000 to televise a live Speedway match in UK is just a joke and should be chucked out without a second thought. That means for the cost of one live football match would be the same cost as showing live Speedway for the next ten years
  15. Bt Sport Coverage

    I phoned Bt today to cancel my subscription for their sports programmes as I do not think there will de much Speedway on their channels next year. They asked me why I wanted to cancel (£28.00 per month) and I said I only watched it for the Speedway. They told me that will be covering League speedway , The world cup and the Grand Prixs. When Sky were presenting Speedway 2 years ago there were 12 GP's around 18 league matches and 4 wtc meetings Now we are talking one less GP and no WTC and perhaps 11 league meetings which is a decline of around 30%. As my year 12 month contract is not up until 23 April I could not cancel it until February But why should I have to cancel a contract that will end on April. If a take out car insurance for one year it automatically ends on the last day of the contract .I do not have to phone then to say I wish to cancel This seems to be a complete con throughout the communication industry What right have they to charge you once your contract is up
  16. Bt Sport Coverage

    It was indeed and what was odd about it was they used to film Milton Keynes and Rye House neither of them were in the Anglia region
  17. Bt Sport Coverage

    The Anglia programme was originally just Speedway with meetings from Ipswich, Kings Lynn, Mildenhall Rye house, Milton Keynes and Peterborough. The programme Wheels was split between Speedway, Stock Car, Truck Racing and Scrambles and I think there was more also The original series was indeed compared by Steve Rider and when he left Richard Keyes took over and went on to host Sky sports football. I still have all their recordings on video from 1977 with riders like John Louis. Billy Sanders, etc
  18. What Is There To Stop....

    Only snag to this is Bookmakers do not offer odds on Championship matches Another rather big snag is bookmakers do not price up matches before they know what the teams are especially after they got badly bitten from the Ipswich v Reading a few years back I think in 1998 a bookmakers from Peterborough called S and D advertised speedway handicaps for the next week in the Speedway Star . They only did it for one season . They could not work out how well people were so well informed. You did not even have to pay them as they gave you a credit account. They must have lost a hellava' lot of money
  19. Bt Sport Coverage

    Sadly the deal in it's present form should be turned down. What an offer when they are paying £4million for a football match Not only holding a live meeting would lose the club more money than the £3000 it would be paid. As I would expect this would be a Monday night and three other matches would be taking place on that night it will affect their attendances as well. Getting the GP riders is impossible . When was the last time 7 GP riders rode in the league. Ever since Speedway has been regulary televised the attendances have gone down .and now they are getting less live TV each season Tell BT to come up with a better offer or they can get stuffed.
  20. The Bsi As Seen From Pl

    When the World Individual Championships first started at Wembley the profits of these meetings went back to the clubs promoting Speedway in his country, So how did they lose control of this, After all there was not a great competition to lose this yet they did. , Moving on how did BSI get control . Somebody must have sold out to them for a mess of potage. So we now have a company running Speedway and putting nothing back into the sport. So why do not the speedway clubs in Sweden, England ,Dennmark and Poland ban all their riders from taking part and starting their own world championship and the profits go back into Speedway before it falls completely
  21. Bt Sport Coverage

    THE biggest mistake will be if the Premier league go to only two nights of Monday and Thursday. This will surely finish Speedway off. If BT carry on televising on a Monday night why will anybody bother going to a live match on that night. Monday is the worst day of the week to promote speedway
  22. Beat The Bookie Gp Prize Competition 2017

    I know the Webb's very well and they are great supporters of Ipswich speedway and they have been home to many Polish speedway riders who they have boarded in their house including Kim Jansson, , Robert Miscowaik and Jaraslav Hampel
  23. Beat The Bookie Gp Prize Competition 2017

    Many thanks everyone for your kind wishes but you did not know how close I went to selecting Chris Holder on more than 9. I only changed my mind when I saw Martin Smolenski had two inside gates. Thanks to all the riders for making this a good competition and especially to Racers and Royals for running the competition .I would like to give my prize to the Kim Jansson fund and if anybody can tell me where to send a contribution I will double the prize money to that fund
  24. Ipswich 2018

    He was a great boxer. It was always said he had a lethal jab. Sometimes known as the old deer hunter
  25. Betting For Whole Season

    It would be interesting to say whether it was a fair bet or not. /if you can please reply before the match finishes Do you think Sargeant in a good bet or not