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  1. Congratulations Chris Holder, an excellent World Champion.
  2. Due to the news today about the stadium being sold a decision has been made to cancel the meeting on Sunday. It's been a hard decision to call it off we have all so desperately wanted for it to continue but unfortunately it's been taken out of our hands now.
  3. It's next week Sunday Louise but thanks for the good wishes. Wasn't that long ago that we organised a massive Meet the Riders for the promotion over there a few years back.
  4. Meeting arranged Venue now arranged for Sunday 27th May at 3pm. Newport Rugby Club. Everybody is invited. We are hoping to get people to speak at the meeting who have been involved in the fight to keep the club alive.
  5. Consider this done. Anything to give a chance to saving our team and stadium.
  6. Well done Frankie, what a legend!
  7. tanya

    Neil Street

    Very sad. One of the gentlemen of the sport and a legend too. Remembered very fondly at Newport for all his help and advice he gave to all the riders home and away. My condolences to the family.
  8. tanya

    Newport V Hackney Nl

    Well done to the Hornets, thoroughly enjoyed this meeting. Some very good racing. These Hornets boys seem to be punching above their weight at the moment with wins over Hackney and Mildenhall recently.
  9. Just had a call from Steve Mallett from the stadium. The meeting is definately on and the track looks perfect.
  10. Some very talented riders on show today, good meeting and those 40+ heats were well pushed through. Very enjoyable to go over and watch the youngsters of the future making their way in the sport.
  11. I can see that Diesel has posted the names announced today for the New Year Classic. However, thought it deserved it's own thread. So names announced so far are Leigh Lanham Kevin Doolan Lewis Bridger David Howe Steve Boxall
  12. tanya

    Track Announcer/presenter

    Visiting the away tracks the Newport supporters had a few favourites they loved to hate. I know that Peter Yorke was a particular favourite of the Lager tourers at Birmingham, we had a very memorable visit there one meeting. Also the Somerset announcer was how would you say...very challenging. One of our favourites was Paul Hunsdon at Reading, always very professional in his approach even if he did take the mick out of his friends!!
  13. tanya

    Track Announcer/presenter

    Newport have good annoucers, Jason Harrold is clear and quite dry in his humour and is never biased in his presentation towards Newport riders. And our stand in announcer Shane Childs is always great entertainment, knows the riders so well we get lots of laughs with Childsy.
  14. tanya

    Rye V Newport

    I always enjoyed watching Marc when he rode for the Hornets last year he is a real young talent. Lets hope next season is much better for him injury wise than this and that he has a swift recovery.
  15. tanya

    Rye V Newport

    I guess its well done to the Hornets, but first of all I hope that both the lads are alright.

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