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  1. This was just too much today - had to leave after heat 12 to get a tyre changed for my journey home, usually would be really bugged at missing the meaningful races, but this was just awful and I was bored stiff, so actually pleased to leave early. Grading after every two heats? Surely if it needed that much work, the track was not fit for purpose? Re-run after re-run, that is just not entertainment I'm afraid. Feel sorry for the lads who tried to have a go - at least they should have a decent race track in Torun!
  2. glenantony

    Cardiff 2022

    I got that message too - when I clicked the link to say yes, there was no acknowledgement. Did you have the same?
  3. glenantony

    Speedway Fair at Cardiff 2022?

    Thanks bigdave
  4. glenantony

    Speedway Fair at Cardiff 2022?

    Not seen any merchandise for the GPs this season - just the sponsors bits and some T-shirts thrown out to the crowd by the 'Monster Girls' during one of the grading breaks
  5. Does anyone know if the Souvenir/Programme fair is happening at the Cardiff SGP this year?
  6. glenantony

    Killing the sport

    The last showing on Eurosport - British Speedway's shop window - had an interview at the end of the meeting with Ipswich captain Danny King - then, in the championship round-up, had an interview with Poole captain Danny King! Explain that to a casual sport fan, whilst retaining some credibility? It's been necessary due to lack of riders but the extent of the doubling up has to end
  7. glenantony

    Club Merchandise

    Just as an aside to the merchandise discussion - I've been to the last two SGPs and with all the promise of a new era and dynamic presentation, I've been really surprised at the lack of merchandise. Only 'licensed' products appear to T-Shirts thrown out to a lucky few by the Monster girls and the programmes. In Teterow the programme seemed to only be available very discreetly at the ticket booth, which meant I had to go back outside to get one and it was incorrectly printed! No independent stalls beyond food and drink. Seems really strange that the pinnacle of the sport hasn't got it's act together in this way?
  8. So with Qualifying on the day determining the draw, that will make scorecards and betting a bit more rushed this season!
  9. glenantony

    Ipswich v Lynn 28/4 LC

    With Pickering & Lawson not reaching their usual high standards last night I thought the two teams were very level and only a mistake by Doyle let Lynn hold on for the victory - yet the Ippo fans are tearing apart the team and we're riding high at the top of the group. Will be interesting to see how both teams go against the 'northern' teams
  10. glenantony

    Nigel Pearson RIP

    Really sad - loved his work and enthusiasm for the sport. A real advocate for speedway - RIP Nigel
  11. Really happy than Lewis had a reasonable turn-out and hope he is well rewarded for his efforts. I was just pleased to be back at speedway and didn't expect riders to put it all on the line for a testimonial so no real complaints about the racing, but when you have been there for an hour and seen more tractor laps than speedway thats not great. Why did we have to have so much track work after only five or so heats - I thought it didn't help the racing and was far too long. Saw lots of people leaving early but no reflection on Lewis or the riders, just a long time for some parents and kids to be out in the cold
  12. glenantony

    Conference/NDL Programmes wanted

    Thanks for looking - any luck?
  13. I'm trying to get together a home programme from every track or club represented since WW2 - Doing Ok but have a number of Conference level clubs missing, so I was wondering if anyone can help with any of these they might have available for sale:- Berwick Bullets 2021 Hackney Hawks 2011 M4 Raven Sprockets at Reading 1997 Owlerton Prowlers 1996 Shuttle Cubs at Wolverhampton 1997 Trelawny Pitbulls 2003 Welsh Western Warriors at Exeter 1997 Also, if you have any information that programmes were never issued in these seasons I'm also happy to learn more - thanks for looking
  14. glenantony

    Kent kings are no more ??

    Really hope this is an early ugly rumour - apart from losing another team/track, on a personal note I've really enjoyed my Tuesday trips from South London this season.

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