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  1. It’s looking a little ominous in the Centre now...
  2. Jorgensen now pulled out too due to a chest infection - R/R in operation. (taken from facebook)
  3. hardtobeat

    Torun 2018

    I know its a fair way off yet, and lots could change - but... are there any meetings ear marked for the Sunday after Torun? Trying to work out whether to stay in Torun on the Sunday night too, as the last time we went we ended up staying in Gdansk and flying home on the Monday after the U21 Final. Thanks
  4. hardtobeat

    Peterborough V Workington C1 10/9/17

    What's the weather looking like in the Peterborough area? Thanks
  5. hardtobeat

    Cardiff 2017

    Theyre still all queuing to get in...
  6. Does anyone know if we can reserve tickets for the final round or is it unlikely to sell out and just turn up and buy on the day? Had a quick scan on Gdansk's website but cant see anything under the ticket options. Thanks
  7. hardtobeat

    Speedway Gp's 2017

    We too only ever used trams in Prague and prebooked airport transfers prior to going aswell - been for the last 3 years and not once used a taxi.
  8. Prague is great if youre looking to do cheapish - and cheap when youre there too, lots to see and do and so many places to stay that the prices arent hiked up for the one weekend.
  9. hardtobeat

    Cardiff Saturday 9th July 2016

    Just seen the Euro Fanzone has been moved to the stadium on Wednesday for the Welsh football game - how is that going to affect the track? Assuming its been laid by now?
  10. hardtobeat

    Prague 2016

    It's starting to get a little darker in the city center, but with how hot it has been the last few days it could be a god send for the track. And its just started raining....
  11. Would a rerun be on the Sunday if this is called off? Weather looking iffy on Saturday and there have been lots of heavy showers all week in Kings Lynn.
  12. hardtobeat

    Torun 2016

    Normally passport number works, i know the last few years you've needed it to buy tickets.
  13. hardtobeat

    Gp Rain Off

    Maybe thinking of flights on the sunday for a GP, we never risk it and just fly on the monday
  14. hardtobeat

    International Events Calendar 2016

    When roughly would the u21 round in Gdansk be confirmed? Day after Torun and within travel distance would be great on the Sunday!
  15. hardtobeat

    2016 Sgp Swc Calendar & Info's

    Anyone know roughly when the last few dates will be announced? Thought they would have probably been said with next years wildcards...

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